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Topic: FXSafeProfit-v1.1-5XX-EDU (free)

FX Safe Profit uses a unique trading method which helps gaining income steadily and gradually. It utilizes many technical indicators into trading decision. These comprises Super Trend Detection technology accompanied with RSI, CCI, PSAR, Stochastic, and Momentum indicators. Although most of trading decisions are pretty accuracy, there are sometimes trades go against the market due to high impacted news. In this scenario, FX Safe Profit adapts a small portion of martingale trading method into its trading strategy to quickly exit from bad positions.

Frequent Asked Questions
1. Does your EA allow backtest?
–> Yes. However as the EA uses too many different indicators, the backtest result might not reflect the real performance. We suggest to utilize our 30-day money-back guaranteed to do forward testing on your demo account to understand how the EA works.

2. Is your EA a real coded robot, or does it receive signals from your master account?
–> Yes, the FX Safe Profit (Steady Robot) EA is 100% automatic trading EA. It contains thousands of lines of codes and does not rely on any master EA. The EA trades with the real broker price feed, and depends on signal fired by technical indicators.

3. Do you provide me the set file for the EA so that it performs well as your real account?
–> The EA is optimized for the default setting. There is no additional cost for the “good” setting, so the optimal settings are placed as the default one. It means that after purchasing the EA, you can install it directly to your MT4 without the need of changing many setting parameters.

4. Does your EA fits for XXXXYYYYZZZZ broker only ?
–> The EA can work with every brokers, even with 4 or 5 digits. Of course it is suggested to go with good brokers who offer good execution, tight spread, and high leverage (recommend from 1:300). As you can see, the EA does not place order too frequently (only from 10 – 15 orders per week) as well as does not do scalping (please see the average pips for orders) so it will work perfectly with every brokers.

5. How long do you send EA after I make a purchase?
–> The EA and the license are delivered automatically after the purchase, so in most cases, you will receive the EA instantly after the payment. In case there is any problem receiving EA / license, just send us an email to info [AT]

6. What are your accepted payment methods?
–> We accept PayPal and Credit Card via PayPal by default. In case you cannot pay via PayPal, we can do payment manually via Skrill/Moneybookers. Please contact info [AT] to request this payment method.

7. Do you offer money-back guaranteed?
–> Yes, we do offer 30-days risk-free trading. In case you do not satisfy with our EA (due to too many lost trades in your account), drop us an email and we will issue refund. Please be noted that we only offer refund in case you pay directly via our website (by PayPal). All manual payments are final and cannot be refunded.

8. Is your EA compatible for MT4 from build 600?
–> Yes. Thanks to the hardworking of the development team, the EA now can work seamlessly in MT4 from build 600. We also add some improvement on risk management on the EA from version 1.1.

9. In the past, you sold the EA for $XXX but now it is $XXX+YYY, can I purchase the license at $XXX?
–> Sorry but no. We do have some promotion periods for the EA licenses and if the promotion period is over, we may increase the license price. The final price is the price that you see at our website.

10. I would start running on a demo account and after a short period would want to switch to a live account. Can it be done?
–> Yes, you can run the EA on the demo account and then change it to the live one later. In order to change the account number after activating the license, you can visit our online website to do it. The guide and the link can be found in your welcome email.

11. What is your risk management method for the EA?
–> With the EA setting parameters, you can control how much drawdown that you can afford, and can control maximum number of opened positions as well as maximum lotsize per order.

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Re: FXSafeProfit-v1.1-5XX-EDU (free)

This is the indicator that this EA need to run, but I didn't test it enought. The results weren't goods.

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