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Topic: How to earn foreign exchange?

we come to an important question: How do you earn money on currency trading? It is easy to understand what is required to make money on currency trading. Something else is there to try to make money in various currencies in practice. A currency pairs, such as USDNOK will never have a constant value. The exchange rate is constantly all the time. The challenge is thus to predict the exchange rate is going to appreciate within a given period of time. If you want to speculate about long-term USDNOK, you must have an idea about which of the two currencies (USD and NOK) is going to appreciate. Do you think the USD will be worth more than NOK in the future, so all you USD, NOK. As you can see, a foreign exchange transaction involves a simultaneous purchase and sale. You buy a currency, in exchange for another. ON the way is not unlike foreign exchange trading. Switching only two "things". In stock trading money exchanged for shares. In currency trading money replaced by a currency (eg NOK) against the money of another currency (eg USD). You earn money on currency trading that is by buying a currency that appreciates in value relative to another currency.


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