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Topic: Automatic Trading Robot To 28 pair

What is DonForex BasketPips trading robot?
- DonForex BasketPips is an automated trading robot for Metatrader4
- 2 types are available: SEMI-AUTOMATED (it needs human interaction) and FULL-AUTOMATED (just turn it on and the robot does everything automatically)
- Intelligent basket trading (works with 28 pairs of majors)
- Unique and sophisticated analysis based on a high-quality, innovative and self-developed algorithm (near 10 years experience behind it)
  (personal note: we have never seen anything similar logic in the forex industry during this 10 years)
- Expected daily profit 2-4% (yes, it may double your account within 2-3 month!)
- No hedging, no martingale-ing, no averaging
- User friendly, easy to handle, clear and informative interface
- Professional coding, reliable implementation

How many trades are open in the basket at a time?
- Generally it can be between 5 and 15.

What are the minimal/recommended account conditions?
- Recommended account size is $1000 (minimal: $500) when leverage is 1:500.

How long does a trade take?
- Of course it is quite variable. Generally it takes between 1 and 3 hours.

Which is the best time period for trading?
- In our experience it is between 8 and 18 (GMT).

Is there any trial version available?
- One can try out our robot with very low investment purchasing the 1 month license. This is actually a "trial version". Because of this DonForex doesn't offer any trial version or refund. We have unpleasant experiences from earlier for the sake of abusive users. We apologize for this reason.

jI'll also use this robot if someone can teach me the settings

thank you

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Re: Automatic Trading Robot To 28 pair

It's easy friend. first of all, i thank u for sharing this good ea. just attach on eurusd chart and it will detact all 28 pairs automatically. make sure u have all pairs displayed on market watch


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