Topic: ProSLTP - Enter Trades with ONLY a Click and other Great MT4 Features


ProSLTP is a Great Tool for Any Trader. Check the Features it has:

- Enter a Market Order only by pressing ONLY a Button
- View your TP and SL levels on your chart BEFORE entering a Market or Pending Order
- Enter a Pending Order only by pressing a button
- Change your StopLoss and TakeProfit only by dragging the lines on your chart
- Customize the Risk% per trade, no need to compute manually anything, ProSLTP will adjust the lot size automatically based on your StopLoss and Risk Percent
- Change the SL and TP on your placed with one mouse click
- Close the trade by pressing only one button
- Check Real Time your potential profit and RiskReward Ratio
- Compatible with any MT4 platform
- Saves you a lot of time