I tend to like trading the AUD/JPY. EUR/USD has a lot of liquidity, though to me, when it moves, it still has to move a seemingly large amount for profit, this is probably due to its value eg.(1.10856) vs AUD/JPY value eg.(84.500). The last digit being 1/10th of a pip.

When the AUD/JPY moves, the profit and loss changes more rapidly, though the pair itself seems to change price more smoothly with less whipsaw than EUR/USD.

In my experience, entering into a planned out position, a AUD/JPY position is easier to profit from with less of a chance of being stopped out by crazy whipsaw action. This is my opinion based on my personal observation, as well as a few of my friends I pointed this out too, they noticed as well after trading the AUD/JPY for a time.

Any thoughts or experiences with these two pairs that would lead you to prefer one over the other?