i lose money this week . big risk this week no stop loss i increased my positions and made more mistakes

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hi do you know someone who is profitable with binary trading i used more strategies but only loss? Do you think is it worth it?

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i use xm and i can recommend this broker and also their 1000000 usd championschip. i thing the worse brokers are instaforex,ironfx and fx copy. slippage, problem with withdrawal and recotation.

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hi tried mirror trading but i have bad expierience because slippage+martingale+no stop loss=loss :-)

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I know that many of you are not familiar with MACD and I want to break it down today and provide you an insight for how this powerful technical analysis can assist you with predicting an accelerating Bullish Trend, since MACD in definition is a ‘short-term trend following, momentum indicator! It shows us the connection between two moving averages and let me explain.

MACD has 3 components

1) MACD line = the difference between two moving averages, set by default on 12 day – 26 day EMA)
2) A signal line =  9 day EMA. Important: This is our Buy/Sell Trigger or in reference to binary options, our CALL Signal!
3) The Histograph = represents the difference between those two lines. so for example when the two lines meet the histogram is at zero.

How do we recognize a bullish signal?

1) When the MACD line crosses over the signal line, it signals us to buy (call trade). In essence, the forumula that’s behind this indicator calculates the increasing upward momentum, and it’s presented to us visually with the MACD line crossing over the signal line..

2) another way to use MACD is with the centerline method where you’re basically observing the histogram and when it reaches ZERO you know that the MACD line is crossing over the Signal Line suggesting an accelerating bullish trend, signaling us of an opportunity to enter  call trade once the two lines intersect and the histogram at zero, as the MACD is about to climb above the signal line.

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Short-Term Reversal Strategy for Binary Options

Instructions For CALL trades:

We will trade the short-term reversal on the current trend of the asset. The first condition is that we need to see a clear downtrend during the last 2 hours on the 1-minute chart! Once founded, we’re going to place a CALL trade for up to 10 min expiry, on the lowest price of the current trend. See AUD/USD example below:

Instructions For PUT trades:

We will trade the short-term reversal on the current trend of the asset. The first condition is that we need to see a clear uptrend during the last 2 hours on the 1-minute chart! Once founded, we’re going to place a PUT trade for up to 10 min expiry, on the highest price of the current trend. See EUR/GBP example below:

For the most accurate results I recommend trading this strategy during the early London hours (07:00 – 10:00 GMT) and during the early New York hours (12:00 – 15:00 GMT). The reason is that during those hours you can take the market’s volume to your advantage. If you follow my short-term reversal strategy based on tips in this article, you can definitely reach over 70 percent ITM and ideally above 80 percent as I’ve been getting with my trades. I welcome questions by members who are planning to put this to the test

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Simple Strategy for everyone:

Chart System I used:

Chart Setup:
Simple strategy with MA (12,close) / AO / Stoch (12,3,3) 

Time Frames:
5M Chart
10-15M Expiry

1. Moving average MA (green color line) must pass through the body of the candle and be above the next candle
2. Awesome Oscillator indicate their movement to the level of 0
3. Stochastic at the overbought zone (70 to 100) with down direction
4. When all three signals coincided, we buy an option for long with expiration time 2-3 candles (10 - 15 minutes).

1. Moving average MA (green color line) must pass through the body of the candle and be under the next candle
2. Awesome Oscillator indicate their movement to the level 0
3. Stochastic at the oversold zone (0 to 30) with up direction
3. When all three signals coincided, we buy the option expiry time above with 2-3 candles (10 - 15 minutes).

Feed backs & Results Welcomed!

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Let us talk a little about Moving Averages before getting to discuss about the trading strategy. A widely used indicator in technical analysis that helps smooth out price action by filtering out the “noise” from random price fluctuations. A moving average (noted MA) it is a trend following indicator, or also known as lagging indicator. It is one of the most known and used indicator among technical analysts and not only.

There are many types of moving averages, but the most used are the simple moving average (SMA), which is actually the simple average of a security price (which could be open/high/low/close) over a defined number of time periods, and the exponential moving average (EMA), which gives bigger weight to more recent prices. The most common applications of MAs are to identify the trend direction and to determine support and resistance levels. While MAs are useful enough on their own, they also form the basis for other indicators such as the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD).

Now that all the terms are clear let us talk a little bit about the trading strategy. The system is based on a moving average (it doesn’t matter if it is SMA, EMA, WEMA, etc) which proved that acts like a very good mobile support and resistance. I could suggest here to try combinations around these number of periods: 7, 21, 30, 50, 100, and 200.

Once you have found a moving average that works best on a certain instrument (all instruments require fine tuning for Mas, meaning that a 200 EMA will not work as well on EURUSD and NZDUSD), you will just have to hunt for candlestick patterns which emerge around the moving average.

Let us take the following examples:

1. In the first example I have put a 200 periods EMA on the 60 minutes chart of the EUR/USD. The price has clearly broke the EMA and dropped to 1.3585. Here the demand grew for the Euro and pushed the price back to the EMA where we can see that a Shooting Star has been drawn. This is usually an important signal. Taking into consideration this setup a Short positions should have been taken at the opening of the next candle. The Stop Loss should have been set above the Candlestick Pattern and the Take Profit somewhere near the demand area. Of course with good position management the profit could have been even bigger.


2. In the second example I have used the same 200 EMA but as for support. A Bullish Engulfing has emerged right at the mobile support. The entry should have been on the opening of the third candle (to assure the fact that we have a candlestick pattern). The Stop Loss should have been set under the pattern and EMA, while the Take Profit could have been set at the closest supply area.

3. The third example is made on a 24 EMA of the closing price for the AUD/USD on a daily chart. After I have convinced myself that this is the proper moving average to use in this conditions I have started to look for candlestick pattern. As you can see on this chart I first encountered a Morning Star pattern which tested the EMA as a support. After a confirmed breakout under this moving average, a Bearish Engulfing signaled correctly a down move. Entries, Stops and Take Profits for the long trade example here are set like in the 1 and 2 examples, while for the short trade I have used a money management target, because I did not have any good support level.

Friendly Recommendation
This is a very simple strategy that can be used quickly. I would though recommend to test it on demo accounts and practice intense for better understanding. The moving averages that you will use in your trading should be tuned to offer better results and the candlestick pattern should meet the theoretical characteristics for higher probability of success.

Do not forget to use money management along with this relatively simple trading strategy. Stop Losses are required for protecting your account in case of losing trades. Do not underestimate the market, even though the probability might be in favor of the trader when using this strategy, it might happen to catch a false signal and find yourself in a losing trade.

And do not forget to trade what you see and not what you think you see!

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hi iam looking for vps....can you recommend cheap vps from europe?

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hi i thing you have to control tradings robot history for example i think this is very good robot http://www.myfxbook.com/members/keltner … red/964199 but i want a little more trades

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