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Manhattan FX
Everex Elite
Goldbull PRO
REV Trader PRO
Channel Trader PRO
Vortex Trader PRO
Broker Arbitrage
Einstein Trader
Pivot Trader Pro
Scalp Trader PRO
Inertia Trader
Forex Trend Detector
Forex Diamond
GPS Forex Robot
Hedge Track Trader
Forex Gold Investor
Volatility Factor
Forex Combo System
Forex Earth Robot
Dynamic Pro Scalper
Funnel Trader
Drive Gold
Forex Real Profit EA
Forex Warrior
Happy Market Hours
WallStreet Forex Robot
Benefit EA
Easy Walker FX
Forex RobinVOL
Forex Trend Hunter
Forex Megadroid
MineSweeper EA
Swing Trader PRO

Open BUY Position :

    Observe the price must touch first magnetic white line (150)
    Shown blue SEFC Indi at least 2 boxes
    Red candle become blue candle (change in trend)
    MA Yellow Colour
    Blue uni cross appeared

Confirm to BUY
When all the preparations are being match with the rule above
Then: Blue + aqua candle was already above the Blue MA Line. BUY position can be done. SL 50 TP 50-100 pips

Open SELL Position :

    Observe the price must touch first magnetic white line
    Shown RED SEFC Indi at least 2 boxes
    Blue candle become Gold candle (change in trend)
    MA Yellow Colour
    Red uni cross appeared

Confirm to SELL
When all the preparations are being match with the rule above
Then: Red + gold candle was already below the Blue MA Line. SELL position can be done. SL 50 TP 50-100 pips

If the price touches the line magnetic red / blue (Magnetis 300).
BUY and SELL can be taken with the same rules as above, the differences are we use larger TP, it is 100-150 pips.  Happy Trading smile

How simple is your trading process overall? Did you know that many traders choose to complicate their trading more so than simplifying it. It is a true flaw that many traders fall into and there are many reasons why we and many of us do it. Partly it is human nature. In this article and video I will focus on why it is so common.

First of all, I am not saying that everyone does this, just that many people fall into the belief that the more junk they put on their screen the more likely they will be right about a trade. The truth is the more stuff one puts on a chart the more likely they will get confused and be wrong about a trade. I firmly believe and like I said in many of my videos that I have brought out over the last few years is that keeping it simple in trading is always the best.

The Market is Not Complex..
Now, you maybe wondering why? Well, because the market really is not that complex, it is quite simple, it moves in three major ways, it trends, it respects major structure and it abides by price action. These three simple processes are simply all a trader needs to know. They do not need some complex stochastic cross formula or some complex macd cross formula or some moving line telling them the market is up. The chart can tell its complete story simply by looking at it and that is all you need overall. And that is the only skill set you need to know..

Keep It Simple
Well, I think you get my point here, many traders spend hours and hours, days in fact sometimes ridiculous amounts of time researching this and that or applying gosh knows what to their charts to get an edge but in the end it usually always ends the same, keep it simple, keep it real and keep it profitable and learn the skill set as a simple approach as I suggested above.

That is all anyone needs to know, the market repeats itself often and all a trader needs to do is look at those repetitions such as major structure  ( The Engulfing Trader as an Example ) and Trends and apply a strategy to that knowledge.

You see, here is the thing, the market kept saying for years over and over prices were going lower, in fact Gold was in a downward play for years. People were too busy learning aspects about that market that they thought they had an advantage with, but did they? The truth is a young kid with basic trend and major structure knowledge and having no complex formulas could of out performed CEO’s and all these hedge fund managers that thought they were right on this one just by looking at a simple price chart and looking at what exactly the market is saying right now and not what the news or some economic calender is suggesting.

Once again everyone, happy trading, keep it simple, keep to what works and speak again soon..

Popular MT4 Expert Advisors

Here is a list of popular MT4 Expert Advisors (EAs).

Black Belt EA
Forex Bling
Haru EA
Forex Cash Protector
Forex Minute Trader
RoboMiner Pro Forex Titan
Forex Cleaner
PipJet RoboMiner II
MiRobot EA Shark 7
Forex-AI AutoTrader
Forex Real Profit
FX Race to $100K
EuroKey EA
Forex NoNameBot
Probability EA
FX Phantom
Fx Solution EA
Forex Golem
Fast Forex Millions
Poison Robot Hacked
Forex Turbo Drive
Forex Godfather
Aeron EA
Forex Treasure EA
Million Dollar Pips (MDP)
Daxa Cash
IBT Auto
Packard Tresor
WallStreet Robot
Forex GridTrader
Yen Drive
Forex Growth Bot
Packard BB-ADX v2
Forex Megadroid
Forex Envy
PhiBase Synergy
Forex Flow
Forex Hercules
Forex Combo Syst. v3
Profits Compounder
Trend Hunter EA
Volatility Factor v4.0 HiRider
Reservoir Pips
Forex Shuffle
MapDel4x v2
Forex Pip Dragon
Packard VIVA
Forex Transporter
Forex SuperGeek
Forex Geek
FAP Ultra
Portfolio EA V4
Port. Double EA
Block Trading EA
Forex Shocker Pro
Forex Max. Adv.
Forex Hercules PE
Forex Hippo
Multitrader EA
FxPapa Orange Robot
Blooming Pips
Gold Robot
DNA FX Trading
Hyper EA v2.2
Fortuna EA
Fx Gold Trader 3.0
AI Forex Robot
FE-TrendFast v2
StatArb PRO
Forex Shocker
Complete Drive
Forex Hacked
Forex Over Drive
Gold EA V2
Forex Geek Adv.
Gold & Silver
Forex Proteon
CFX Global
Forex Derivative Pro
Smart EA
Chopper Premium
Fractals 4
FX SmartInvest
EA-Prof (v2)
Platinum Forex Bot
Forex IronBot
Forex Twister
Magic-Champ II
Forex Crescendo
Forex Lexxus PRO
Forex Cyclone
FX SpeedTrader
Pro Auto Trader
Forex G-Force
Forex Insider Pro
Forex Combo Syst. v4
Master Scalper
Brkout. Genius v7
FX Equity Builder v3
Forex Crusher
MetaPRO Ultima
FX Secret Signals
Forex Striker Pro
Forex Thor II
Forex Combo Syst.
Happy Forex
Ray Scalper
Forex Warrior
Forex Striker
LiveTraderEA v1.2
Range Trading
ReticoloFX Ring
ReticoloFX Basket
Forex Morning Trade
Forex Sigma USD Drive
Silver Robot
Forex Demolition
Breakout Hunter
B.O.R.N. Nt. Owl
Fuse Drive
Forex Megabot
Quantum EA
Forex Avalanche
Forex Eclipse
Silver EA
ParaSwing EA
E-B Turbo
Forex Accumulator
Forex Avatar v2
Furious Scalper
Forex Maximizer
Forex Harvester
Forex Pips Bag
FxVoodoo v5
Euro-Blaster 7.1
CaliberFX Pro
Trade Chimp
Forex Conquest
Forex Knight Rider
Forex Humanoid
Shuriken Gold
Fish Forex Robot
Cross Wind EA
MT4Kill EA
Forex Zombi v5
Forex Signal Safe
Instant Fx Profit.

Anyone has any of this EA?

Posts found: 4

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