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Is the fast entry/exit strategy, with S:/TP setup for good? or just scalper for short time trade? anyone have good result for reference.

Jeevu Githiga wrote:

Hey  there
What   do you mean by you can test your strategy live without the risk of losing your money? I can't guess unless they are giving out free money

There are many factors that you should consider when choosing a Forex broker but in this article we are going to focus on three that are of upmost importance when trying to work out the quality of their service.

Instant processing
Quick execution is crucial to any trader especially if they focus on lower time frames. Try and picture how fast the 1 min chart moves up and down when important news and data are released. Believe it or not some traders trade in this manner so it is essential that their orders are filled straight away at the price that is quoted by the Forex broker. Any delays will simply mean that their profit is lowered every second that they wait. One second can be a large amount as currency pairs can spike or drop over 100 pips within a second, depending on the importance or surprise of the news/data release. If the execution is not instant then we should be asking a lot of questions. The most logical answer is that your Forex broker is making money out of you through slippage. This is not an honest Forex broker. They should only make their money out of the spread or the commission they charge you for creating orders. Anything else can be viewed as cheating.

No dealing desk
You must ensure that your Forex broker does not have a dealing desk. If they have one, chances are that your trades could be placed into the ‘B’ book rather than the ‘A’ book. Traders that are left to trade in real market conditions (who are usually successful) are placed in the ‘A’ book and those that are not so successful are placed into the ‘B’ book. If you open a brand new Forex broker account, you may be put into the ‘B’ book simply because you are new. Then, you may need to prove yourself as a successful trader in order to be put into the ‘A’ book in order to trade in a fair environment. Why should you have to prove yourself? This is not fair.

Your trades should not be sectioned into brackets and your trading personality should not be concluded through a Forex broker account. You should be trading in real and un-manipulated market conditions from the start through to the closing of your account. Trading is not a privilege you need to work for, it is a business model. By automatically scanning your trades dealing desk Forex brokers know everything about it – your stop loss, profit target and your historical success rate. This is how they decide in which book to put you i.e. in the one where you will make them the most money.

It’s your money

Some dealing desk Forex brokers even go as far as banning a certain type of trader such as a scalper. They claim that their business model or trading platform does not allow people to scalp as it is an un-ethical way of trading. The truth is that all types of trading are ethical, as long as they don’t involve cheating practices such as having inside knowledge on a news/data release. If you don’t know this, then you should be good to go and if your Forex broker approaches you and bans you because of the way you trade, it is because you are good and you are costing them money. This is not a good company to partner up with.

In reality, this is your money and you should have the pleasure of deciding what to do with it at any time. You should be able to open and exit the trades whenever you want, even if it is losing you money. Your Forex broker should have nothing to do with your trading. All they should focus on is providing a good platform and market conditions that will not cheat their customers.


Misty Horivak wrote:
Verapan Ruampatanakit wrote:

Hi Misty 

Post your settings here and who is your broker ? What time frame have you got the EA's on ? Also show me your market watch with spread

Hi Misty, does the EA work on a REAL account or is this just meant for Demo accounts.

Beings a fast scalper, is M1 the ideal timeframe to use it?


I'm looking for a long time Fast Scalper. If someone is in possession of EA, please share the file.I will be grateful for sharing the file.

Ivan Di Battista wrote:

here there is a lot of ea...a ultimate scalper is the assar v10 that is a fast scalper you must use a good brokers with a low latency brokerECN/STP with low spread...

Hi I bought this EA when it was launched and not one trade.  I was told my the support team that I am "ignorant" even though I have experience trading forex.  Have you had any trades ?


(6 replies, posted in New Forex members start here!)

here there is a lot of ea...a ultimate scalper is the assar v10 that is a fast scalper you must use a good brokers with a low latency brokerECN/STP with low spread...

airloo74 wrote:
soulmysoul wrote:

iHi Guys,

hi chris.... i am very impressive.. you make it.. but i am so sorry where you get word ProfitLock? 

This are Ronz settings. The way to get this EA to work is you need 2 chart for each pair. 
For ex: Put Assar on a 15M(Best TF in my opinion) EURUSD chart and Ronz on a 1M EURUSD chart. LockProfitAfter=4 Pips and 
ProfitLock=2 pip means when the trade is 4Pips in profit, Ronz EA will lock 2 pip of profit. 

Misty has shared many times settings, screenshots of how to get this EA working, you just need to do some research on your end as this EA is very broker sensitive. This EA needs a broker with low spreads, fast executions and low possible slippage.

Changing TF's is not recommended as this is a Tick scalper EA and it accumulates ticks and is based on volatility. As soon as it reaches the tick volatility it opens orders. So if there is not enough volatility you won't see this EA opening any orders. 



Five tips to make optimal Scalping in Forex:

Operating with the most liquid currencies.
Remember that the most liquid currency pairs are: EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, EUR / GBP, EUR / JPY and GBP / JPY.

Use EA'S for fast order entry.
Those operators that make Forex Scalping should be able to enter and exit trades with the least possible delay. Therefore, any delay decreases the degree of control of the scalper and therefore increases its market risk.

Initially focus on a single pair.
Operate only during the busiest hours on the market.
Consider the Spread.

Which is the best scalper broker?
Which do you offer for scalping? small spread, fast excution of order, and so on.

K - L - M - N - O :

- Keltner-SMA EA : entry based on keltner channels filter and sma filters.
- Kicker EA : expert based on the kicker strategy that involves bar patterns, sl, tp and trailing stop.
- Korharmonics EA : entry on koharmonics pattern, gartley, abcd, crab, butterfly, triangle, ... filtered with three ma.
- Kolachi EA,
- LabTrendv4 EA : entry based on labtrend, filtered with stepma, exit on bbands stops.
- Last X Bars EA : we enter if the previous bar has broken the highest/lowest high/low of the last x bars, and according to an adx filter.
- Lehman Bank Traders Algorithm EA : we buy if the price is over a certain level, we sell if it is under this same level.
- LinearWeightedMA_Crossover EA,
- Lindencourt EA : entry on stochastics cross between 20 and 80, filtered with ema, exit on opposite stochactics cross.
- Lindencourt Signals EA : entry based on lcsignal_walertfixed, possible reentry on current signal, time filter available.
- London Breakout System EA : enter long on breakout of the highest value between 4 and 8 am, short on breakout of the lowest one.
- Long and Short EA : entry on manual "long" and "short" horizontal lines, sl and tp set on other lines.
- LSMA in Color EA,
- LWMA Cross EA,
- M1 Scalper : entry on cci-alert_mtf2 signal and exit on opposite signal, possible filter with smootrend.
- M15 System FX EA,
- MA Accelerator EA : we have one moving average for each timeframe, with different periods; we enter when all the mas are pointing in the same direction.
- MA Basket EA : we go long/short on new ma direction filtered with a second ma. We are trailing the profit through a virtual equity basket.
- MA CCI EA : entry on two ema cross, filtered with a cross of cci with its zero level on the last x bars.
- MA Channels EA : we have one ma channel that is acting as a filter, and two ma with different settings for long and short entries.
- MA Consolidation EA : entry based on two moving averages crosses, filtered with x last bar high low breakout; with partial close.
- MA Crossover EA : entry based on ma crossover indicator signals, filtered with hama step histo with levels, as exit.
- MA Levels EA : entry on moving average +/- levels, exit on opposite signal.
- MA MACD EA : we enter on price and ma cross, filtered with macd (macd comparing to 0 level, signal and direction).
- MA Range EA : we enter when the last ma evolution is more than the evolution average * factor of the last x bars.
- MA Rounding EA,
- MA Stoch Trader,
- MA Trail EA : entry on ma, tailing stop set on ma, and updated on new value.
- MA TSI EA : ma tsi arrow, ma tsi is based on close price, fast and slow moving averages.
- MA Weighted EA : we enter when ma1 goes over/under ma2 considering ma shift, filtered with stochastic.
- MA WPR EA : entry based on wpr cross, with a ma filter, a time filter and a specific mm; exit on wpr cross.
- MA Zone EA : we enter on macd cross, filtered with ma levels, the previous close has to be inside the ma zone.
- MA-Hector EA : we buy/sell if ma1 is over/under ma2 and ma3, if each ma is going up/down.
- MA-Rev MACD EA : entry on macd signals, filtered with ma fast under ma slow for long, ma fast over ma slow for long.
- MA-Trend EA : we go long/short when fast and slow ma are going up/down, exit done on second fast ma trend.
- MA20 H4-H1 EA : entry when price closes over ema 20 on timeframe 60 and timeframe 240.
- MACD Cross EA : entry on macd cross, addpositions on trend confirmation, and basketpips available.
- MACD Cross Zero EA,
- MACD Divergence EA,
- MACD Fractals EA,
- MACD Hour EA : we go long/short if macd is under/over 0 and if hour is equal to openhour, trades are closed at closehour.
- MACD Lines EA : we go long/short when macd is crossing up/down long and short levels.
- MACD_Not_So_Sample Modified : modified version of macd not so sample, with more paramter for optimization.
- Macd Stoch MA Scalper : entry based on macd and soch, with a ma and a time filter.
- MACD TL Breakout EA,
- MACD Wave EA : we enter long/short when an upper wave (macd>0) is smaller/bigger than the previous upper wave.
- MACD+CCI Strategy EA,
- MACD2Line EA : we enter on the second blue/red histogram, filtered with the black line vs the red line of the macd2line indicator.
- Madden MTF EA : entry based on madden mtf indicator that is a mtf version of nonlagma v7.1.
- Maddentrend Simple EMA EA : two ema cross signals filtered with supertrendbars, sl based on i-fractalsex, partial close and martingale.
- MADev EA : we enter when the difference between the price and the moving average is bigger than a certain value.
- MAFractal EA : entry on mafractal blue and red signals, an indicator based on moving averages.
- Magic Scalper : entry on new m1_scalp_filter histogram and m1_scalp_signal dots color.
- Management EA,
- Manual Trader : manual order with magic number, stoploss, takeprofit, trailing stop, lots and comments.
- MAProfitSingle EA : we go long when price is over maprofitsingle yellow line, short when price is under aqua line.
- Marney Indicators EA : entry on high low breakout, filtered with marney indicators.
- MartGreg Modified : modified version of martgreg, a martingale expert advisor based on two macd.
- MartingailExpert Modified,
- Martingala EA : we open a buy and a sell order, we add position at pipsteps and we close them when we read target profit or loss.
- Martingale : we open one trade at a certain level and we add then several positions with an open martingale if the trend goes against us.
- Martingale Pyramid EA,
- Martingale Trade Manager : manages your current trades and add multiply lots size if price over/under the last order +/- x pips.
- MartinMA,
- Master Candle EA : pending orders on the bigger candle of an inside bar signal, exit on opposite low/high of the master candle.
- Mathematical_Analysis EA : entry outside the bollinger bands, automated stops, exit on specific profit.
- Matrix VCS EA,
- MBKAAsctrend3times EA : based on MBKAAsctrend3times, an arrow indicator that uses williams percent range and high low range.
- MessageBox EA : this code will ask a confirmation to open order with a message box, the trader will be able to click on yes or no.
- MFI ZigZag EA : entry based on the money flow index, filtered with zigzag pointer, exit on nonlagzigzag.
- Middle Day Range EA : we enter on the highest and lowest of the range generated by the hours 0 and 12,
- MMR EA : entry based on mmr histogram, exit based on mmr line cross with zero line, traditional trailingstop available.
- Mod Appaloosa 2 Pairs EA : correlation trading system based on 2 pairs and the w-rvim appaloosa indicator modded.
- Monday Channel Breakout EA,
- Montana EA,
- Move_v1_by_Vlad123 Modified : we trade depending on the range of the market, if the price is over or under the previous range.
- Moving Average EA,
- Mouteki EA Modified,
- MSM Scalper : entry based on two moving averages cross, filtered with a parabolic sar and a macd.
- MSR Scalper : we enter when we have x consecutive up/down ma values, filtered with stoch and rsi under/over oversold/overbought.
- MT TrendLine EA,
- MTF Macd Strategy EA : we enter when macd timeframe h4 direction is changing on timeframe m30.
- MTF PSAR+BB EA : we enter on psar signal, filtered with two other psar, two bb on two different timeframe with channel and direction.
- Multi Time Frame EA : we open pending orders depending on the nonlagma indicator and 4 different periods.
- Multi Time-Frame Trader Modified,
- Multi-Channel RSI Scalper : we go long/short if the price is under/over the lower/higher level of a channel.
- Multi-MA EA : we use three moving averaged for the signal and two other for the exit with a time filter, a close hour and a min profit.
- MultiNLMA-Alpha EA : entry based on 4bars-mtf-nlma, filtered with the alpha indicator.
- Murrey Math EA : entry on certain levels of the murrey math, exit on 4/8.
- Mylover Modified : martingale strategy with 4 different settings, enabled after pipstep pips between the different sets, all in once.
- My Simple RSI System,
- Naked Trader EA : entry after a bull/bear candle, that follows a bear/bull candle, with lower/high low/high and higher/lower close vs previous open.
- Nameless EA,
- Neg Correlation EA,
- New Candle EA : we enter long/short if the previous candle is green/red.
- Neutral Trading EA,
- NFP EA : an expert advisor to test trading strategies on news.
- NinaCat EA,
- NL_ZigZag EA : entry on nl zigzag arrows, a second nl zigzag is used as a filter.
- NLMA+SSL EA : we enter on nonlagma signals filtered with ssl color on a different timeframe.
- Nonlagdot Smoothed EA,
- NonLagMa_EA : we follow the signals generated by the nonlagma indicator and we apply two time filters.
- NonLagMA_v6 EA : expert advisor based on the signals generated by nonlagma_v6 indicator.
- NonLagMA V7 ColourMatch EA : signal based on nonlagma v7, filtered by the same indicator with a different period.
- Number Breakout & Chaos EA : we enter long/short on the number five and seven of the indonesia pattern indicator.
- Opening Action EA : entry on higest lowest breakout of a specifid time range from market opening time.
- Open Hour EA : entry at a specific hour if the difference between the last open and the open from x bars ago is higher a certain value.
- Optimus Channel EA : we draw up and down trendlines on trading range between hour x and hour y, then we enter one trade per day on trendline breakout.
- OverFlow Trader : we have an histogram based on difference between high and body, and another one between body and low.
- Oxigenica EA : entry on ma breakout higher timeframe, filtered with macd, exit on two ma cross.

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