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A good Renko indicator for your trading strategy.
You may combine it with MTF Trix meter to give a
better entry and exit level.

P - Q - R - S - T :

- PA Signal EA : entry based on pa signal indicator's arrows, filtered with lsma in color direction.
- PA with Indicators EA : entry on failed pivots breakout, filtered with 3 level zz semafor, heiken ashi and stochastics.
- PAMA GannGrid EA : we enter orders based on the signlas generated by the pama ganngrid indicator.
- Pallada EA v2 : an expert advisor based on the famous commercial manual trading system pallada.
- Papa EA : entry and exit based on slope danny, signals filtered with parabolic sar and adx with adxlevel.
- Parabolic & Fibo EA : we go long when price is over ema high and parabolic, we go short when price is under ema low and parabolic.
- Petar3BarPattern-v1 EA : ea based on petar3barpattern-v1, signals filtered with macd and rvi comparing to 0 level.
- PIP Pullback EA : entry on macd/demarker, filtered with stochastics, positions added every x pips, exit on y pips of profit.
- Pipmaker Strategy EA : cci, laguerre with levels, stochactics with levels, support and resistance.
- PipsHunter Scalper EA,
- Pivot Hedger : buy and sell usd pairs, exit on global profit or loss, closeall and trade options available.
- Polski Napierdalacz EA : entry on m1 scalp filter signals, lots increased after a loss, same lots after a profit at initial lots size.
- Power Trend EA,
- Premier Stochastic EA : entry on premier stochastic cross with its zero level, filtered with a second premier stochastic over/under zero on a higher timeframe.
- Price Accelerator EA : entry when the price moves more than x pips within y seconds.
- Price Action Scalper,
- Price and MA Cross EA : go long/short when price breaks up/down moving average plus/minus x pips.
- Price and MA Cross Supertrend EA : price and moving average breakout, with heiken ashi ma exit.
- PriceChannel_Stop EA : we follow the signals generated by the pricechannel_stop indicator.
- PriceChannelZigZag EA : entry based on pricechannelzigzag_v3.2, filtered with the same indicator and different parameters.
- PriceChaserEA : we enter buy and sell orders, we continue with the type that generates profit and with a higher lots size.
- Price Cross Shift EA : enter on ma price cross and go in the opposite direction if the target is not reached.
- Price Trend EA : entry based on price trend gold, blue and red lines cross.
- Probability Trade EA : we enter five long and short pending orders, with a stoploss on the two first orders, basketdollars option available.
- Profitable M30 System EA,
- ProFx EA,
- PSAR RSI EA : we follow parabolic sar signals, filtered by bollinger bands; the exit is done on rsi levels.
- Psychological Levels EA : entry on 00/25/75/00 levels cross, filtered with H1 candle, maximum of 2 trades per H1 candle.
- PullBack Manager : new order on new ma direction, lot multiplied at each new order.
- PWO_SVS EA : we enter when the green histogram is above/under the other colors +/- a minimum of pips.
- QQE EA : entry based on qqe, with different filters as goldminer, xoah, and varianttrend.
- QQE ADV EA : entry based on ema crossover, filtered with qqe and a moving average.
- QQE MTF EA : entry on regular cross and level cross, exit on opposite signal.
- QQE Histo EA : entry on gray and green qqe histo indicator lines.
- QQE20v3 EA : signals based on qqe20alertv23 indicator arrows, basketpercent available.
- Quantile Bands Cross EA : entry on quantile bands upper, middle and lower bands cross with price.
- Quantum EA Modified,
- Random Flow EA,
- Range-Expansion Reversal EA : expert based on the range-expansion reversal trading strategy.
- RangeOscillator EA : entry long on red signal, short on green signal, exit on zero level of the rangeoscillator indicator.
- Real Oscillator EA : expert based on fisher transform, filter with waddah attar explosion.
- Red Green EA : we follow the bars, if green we go long, if red we go short.
- RedBull Trading System EA : expert based on the signals generated by 3lines break and stepsto indicators.
- Regression Analysis EA : entry on upper/lower regression analysis line cross, exit on opposite signal.
- Renko Ashi System 2 EA,
- Retrace Breakout EA : limit long/short order at trigger x pips over/under the box, y pips over/under the heighest/lowest of the box, y<x.
- Retracement EA : we enter long and short on macd/0 line cross, we apply tp and breakeven depending on the trend and the type of trade.
- Return Modified : we enter limit orders at a certain hour, when there are no pending orders opened and depending on a ma filter.
- Returns Teory EA : entry based on fractals breakout, filtered with ar, ivar and fft indi color.
- RG Daily Candles EA : entry after a serie of red, green, red and green candles, exit on timeout and martingale enabled.
- Rita EA : expert based on the rita indicator signals, email alert option available.
- ROCEMA Trader : we enter on rocema zero line cross, rocema color change or both kind of signal.
- RS Group JPY EA : expert based on the relative strength basket trading system, with xjpy pairs, basketpips for target.
- RSI Cross Signal EA : entry on rsi cross signals, filtered with heiken ashi ma and slope direction line modified.
- RSI Envelopes EA : we go long/short when price is over/under upper/lower envelope and rsi is over/under 50.
- RSI Expert M1-M5 : we enter orders based on rsi signal, then we go martingale between certain hours.
- RSI MA Scalper : We buy/sell when the rsi1+rsi2+rsi3 is under/over rsilevel1 and when the price is under/over MA1.
- RSI Overbought-Oversold EA : entry pending order when rsi is in oversold/overbought and the previous candle is bear/bull.
- RSI PinBar Divergence EA Modified,
- RSI Power Maximum v2,
- RSI WPR and SAR EA : entry on hi/lo breakout, filtered with rsi, wpr and parabolic sar, exit on new profitable open, or previous lo/hi.
- RSI X Candles EA : entry based on rsi cross with level1/2, x prior short/long candles before long/short signal, and a second rsi as filter.
- RSI+GG+Waddah EA,
- RSX Trader : rsx cross with it respective levels, levelup for long, leveldn for short.
- RVI MA Scalper : we enter when the price is over/under the moving average * mafactor and when the relative vigor index goes up/down.
- S_GridTrader_EA Modified,
- SAR Hedge EA : entry on new parabolic signal, with a hedge order, which we delete if the instant order has reached its target.
- Scalping and Breakout EA : we have two strategies in one EA, a scalping trading system (ma with wpr) and a simple breakout system (envelopes).
- Schaff Trend Cycle EA v1.1_mod : signal based on scaff trend cycle and filtered with average true range.
- Second Stochs EA,
- SEFC EA : entry based on the symphonie system, entry on signals with sentiment, emotions, trendline, extreme spikes.
- Semi Automatic PA EA : we enter an order in the opposite direction of a moving average.
- Serfer_v1 modified,
- SHI_SilverTrendSig EA : expert advisor based on shi_silvertrendsig indicator's blue and red dots.
- Sidus V3 EA : we enter on sidus v3 or safe indicator arrows, filtered with hist stepma stoch kv1 and tudorgirl vorticity.
- Sig_CCI EA,
- Simple 14 SMA EA : we enter when the price is crossing up/down SMA 14 and the moving average is going up/down.
- Simple Awesome EA : based on awesome signal alert and filtered with slope direction line modified.
- Simple Buy Sell EA : entry based on buy sell indicator, filtered with gptrend and rsi with its respective levels.
- Simple Hedger : we buy eu and uch and we add new orders with cumulative lots each usd10 of loss until target is reached.
- Simple High and Low EA : another breakout strategy based on box, with max loss and max profit per day, close hour.
- Simple MA Scalper : we go long/short if current open is over/under previous close and under/over MA.
- Simple Multipair EA : we open positions on 6 different pairs and we close the order when we reach sl/tp.
- Simple Pips EA : we multiply the lots size by multiplytp if we hit the tp, and multiplysl if we hit the sl.
- Simple Price Action EA : signal based on priceactionind, filtered with ma and trend magic.
- Simple Scalper EA : entry on specific price value (manually entered), exit on profit or loss in pips.
- Simple Scalping and Heavy Trading EA,
- Simple Scalping System EA : we enter long/short after two bull/bear candles, exit on opposite signal or take profit 10.
- Simple Strategy EA : entry based on macd cross, filtered with force index, ma, sar, exit on macd and sar.
- Simple Trading T101 EA,
- Simple ZigZag EA : we enter long and short pending orders 10 pips over/under the previous high/low of the zigzag pointer signal.
- SimplePriceAction EA : we enter when we have 3 long/short candles on the last 5 candles and if all the closes are over/under the first open.
- Six MA Trader,
- Sixth Screen EA : entry on upper/lower green line, tp on upper/lower yellow line, sl on white line.
- Size Candle EA : if the prebious candle size is more than x pips up/down, we go short/long for y pips.
- SL-TP-TS : simple ea to erase or add stoploss, takeprofit and apply trailing stop.
- Sliding Channel EA : we enter at specific time, short when price is over current daily high - x% of the range, long under daily low + x% of the range.
- Slope Direction EA : entry on cross with a simple moving average and a slope direction line indicator.
- Slope Direction Line EA v2 : we follow the signals generated by the slope direction line indicator and we use different filters.
- Slope Reversal Scalper,
- SMA Basket EA : entry on an offline chart, opening of several pairs, close on basket profit.
- Small Pips EA : pending orders, one cancel other, lots multiplied when an order is triggered.
- Smart BE EA : ea with a smart breakeven, when the breakeven is reached we directly open a new order in the same direction.
- Smokey EA : entry based on cci cross, filtered with td2 and td3 histograms.
- SnakeForce EA,
- SnakeInBorders EA : expert based on snakeinborders color change, the indicator involves price and moving average.
- Snaike EA : entry based on the snaike indicator, when there is only one color of a kind.
- Sniper Forex EA v3,
- Sniper XOAH EA : expert advisor based on signal trend b signals, xo and xoah filter, exit are done on booster mp2009.
- So Easy System EA,
- Solar Wind EA : we go long/short on solar wind mod1 indicator's signals, red to lime, lime to red.
- Sonic Slope Directional - TrendFollower EA,
- Square Breakout EA,
- SR Method EA : entry on support and resistance cross, auto trailing stop on supres.
- SR-MACD EA : we enter long/short on previous support/resistance breakout filtered with macd.
- SSL Channel EA v2 : we enter long/short on the ssl channel chart indicator lines's up/down cross.
- SSL Stoch EA,
- ST MA Cross EA,
- Standard Slope Direction Line EA,
- STC Color EA : entry on colored schaff trend new color with level filter, 10 for long, 90 for short.
- Step By Step EA : we enter pending long and short, we open new pending orders once one of the stop orders is filled, and with different gap.
- StepChart EA : entry on new stepchart_v1 color, possibility to enter as long as.
- StepMA Color EA,
- StepMA EA,
- STeve3-55 System EA : expert based on steve3-55 for the signal and signal indicator for the filter.
- Steve-FXSignals EA : ea based on steve-fxsignals, an indicator with trend strength according to ichimoku trading rules.
- StDev Trend EA : we have a prior stdev cross that we use for the trend, and a second stdev cross for the signal.
- Stoch EA,
- Stoch On MACD EA : we enter on MACD cross with level 20/80, filtered with stochastic over/under level 20/80.
- Stochastic Scalper,
- StochHistogram EA : entry based on stochhitogram indicator, darkgreen line and zero level cross.
- Stop Reversal Bluestops EA : signals based on the stop_reversal_bluestops indicators arrows.
- Storm EA : entry based on "oracle direction", filtered with "m1 scalper filter", lot multiplied is loss bigger than x pips.
- Strange Pyramid EA,
- Super_3Level_Z1 EA,
- Super-signals-channel.EA : expert advisor based on super signals channel and kagi trading system.
- SuperGain Indicator EA : based on the commercial supergain indicator.
- SuperScalper : entry based on superscalper indicator, a slope line indicator.
- SuperSimple Daily EA : long/short on aqua/magenta bar of supersimple daily indicator, filtered with blue/red bar of bykovtrend.
- SuperTrend EA : based on the signals generated by nonlagdot indicator and supertrend indicator.
- SuperTrend MTF Bars EA : we enter on the green and red bars of the supertrend mtf bars indicator.
- SuperTrendLines EA : entry on trendlines breakout, it can be automated trendlines or manual trendlines.
- Supply and Demand MTF EA : entry on box breakout, the price has to be inside a box on a higher timeframe.
- Support and Resistance EA : we enter pending orders on the support and resistance, we have a beginhour, deletehour, reversehour.
- SV v4.2.5 Modified : this ea involves moving averages, support and resistance and a time filter.
- SVS_Oscillator EA : based on the SVS_Oscillator indicator, we buy/sell when it goes over/under 0.
- Switch Strategy EA : we switch to a different strategy when the first one start to lose.
- SW FastAlert EA,
- swb grid 4 Modified,
- swb-GRID Modified,
- Synergy Indy EA : entry based on synergy indicator that uses the famous synergy tading system, exit based on this same indicator.
- System Profit EA : based on gpmacd, gpstoch, 4bars nlma and maangle indicators.
- TCF Smoothed T3 EA : entry on tcf smoothed t3 cross, this indicator presents a trend continuation factor based on ma.
- TD moving average I EA,
- Td Sequential EA,
- TDI-MA Stoch EA : entry on tdi and ma cross, filtered with stochastics oversold and overbought levels.
- TDI-With_Alerts EA : entre based on green and red line cross, filtered with yellow line and 50 line.
- TDTL EA : entry on tdtl trendline price cross, exit on opposite signal
- TereshSuperMegaWinner Like EA : entries based on an indicator inspired by tereshsupermegawinner (close comparing to candle high/low on x bars).
- The Alternating MA EA : we use 5 ema open close cross, we switch to 10 ema open close cross if we are losing.
- The Channel Scalper : we scalp long/short if the price goes under/over the lower ma.
- The Donchian Scalper : signals based on highest and lowest bars of the x last periods and filtered with bollinger bands.
- TheMasterMind Optimized : signals based on wpr, bollinger bands, ma, stochastics, bears, bull, obv and atr.
- Three Moving Averages EA v4,
- Tick Scalper : we enter long/short after x consecutive up/down movements of the price.
- Tidane Trend EA : We have one signal, a filter based on tidane trend indicator and a volatility filter with atr.
- Time and Price Action Flexible EA : entry on specific hour, exit on highest/lowest high/low of the x previous bar.
- Time Triggered EA : we open a buy and a sell order every day at hour 8, then the trades are managed manually.
- Tom DeMark TD Sequential EA,
- TR Terminator A : we buy and sell on macd signal with a cumulative money management + martingale.
- Trade Hedge EA : we buy/sell certain currency on monday 1 AM and we close the order on friday 9 PM.
- Trade the Line EA : entry around a level, close on opposite signal or when the current profit is higher than the previous losses.
- Trading Hour EA : we enter long and short limit orders at specific time, delete on expiration, exit on particular time.
- Trading Made Simple EA : we enter on the traders dynamic index cross on the current bar,
- Trailing Entry EA : entry based on doda donchian, positions added, exit on round numbers.
- Trailing Pending EA : we trail pending orders after the price has moved step pips away from its initial level.
- Trend Catching EA : signals based on simple ma, lwma, price, bbands indicator and macd.
- Trend EA : we enter pending orders on daily inside bar, disregarding sunday bars.
- Trend Envelope EA : entry based on trendenvelope indicator, upper green for long, lower red for short.
- Trend Follower EA : expert advisor based on the famous 5 minutes trend following strategy.
- Trend Indi EA : an ea based on the atr to determine the sl and tp, and on two trend indicators for the signal and filter.
- Trend Indicators EA : easy trend indicators combinations for optimization, possibility to reverse the individual logics.
- Trend Line Breakout EA : entry on trendline breakout, the trendline are drawn by the trader.
- Trend Reverse Capture EA : entry after 4 consecutive down/up candles and one bull/bear candle, over/under two ma.
- Trend RSI EA : signal based on trendrsi_v3, filtered with xb4d, #zeron and x0diagram1 indicators.
- Trendalt EA : entry when three trendalt lines are crossing the zero line at the same time, exit on any opposite cross.
- Trendline Trade Manager : we close long/short manual trades when the price is over/under long/short trendline.
- TrendMaster EA : entry based on trendmaster yellow lines price cross, exit on blue line.
- TrendBars v2 EA,
- TrendLine Breakout EA,
- TrendWave EA : entry based on trendwave indicator, martingale available.
- Triggerlines EA : entry on triggerlines cross and exit on opposite signal.
- Trix v4.01 Div EA : entry on trix arrows, exit on new trix line color.
- Trix-MTF EA,
- TRO Rat Zone EA : we enter on high/low breakouts when the price is withing 20 pips under/above daily high/low.
- TRW Scalper : entry based on the ind-trwscalper indicator lime and red dots.
- TS KS Cross EA : ichimoku cross, with strong, neutral and weak signal depending on the kumo.
- TSI Signals EA : entry based on tsi signals, with pending orders, delete on new entries.
- TSI MACD EA : we enter on tsi divergence v2 histogram cross with level 20 or level -20.
- TSSuper trendSTS EA : entry on tssupertrendsts arrows, filtered with nonlagzigzag_v2 indicator.
- TTF_Trend EA : entry long and short on ttf_trend indicator color change or if wanted on color.
- Turbomax EA : entry based on turbomax arrows, an indicator based on high/low, volume and bollinger bands.
- Turtle Method EA : we open trades on highest and lowest x candle breakouts, we close the orders on highest and lowest y candle breakouts.
- Tweezer Reversal EA : entry when the wick is bigger than x percent of the body, exit after y time out bars.
- Two EMA Cross Bar EA,

F - G - H - I - J :

- Fibo-Average EA : entry on fibo-average indicator blue and yellow lines cross.
- Fibo Swing Trader : we draw fibo levels on the highest/lowest bar between fibohour1 and fibohour2, we enter long/short on breakout of level1/2/3/4.
- FiboBars EA : we enter orders depending on the fibobars indicator's signals.
- Fibobars Like EA : we enter when price is under/over lowest/highest +/- fibo 0.38.
- FIFTY EA : entry based on rsi and zero level cross, filtered with envelopes upper and lower level.
- Fine Fractals EA : we enter on fine fractals signals, filtered with alf ultimate filter and we exit on slope direction line modified color.
- Firebird v63g ecn,
- First Strike Strategy EA : we open a buy stop and a sell stop 50 pips over under the first price on monday, we close the orders on friday.
- FixedFish EA,
- Flag Breakout EA : the flag (range) has to be bigger than xpips, on nbars, and not more than ybars ago; the retracement has to be smaller than maxretrace%.
- Flat and Non Flat Bars EA Modifed : we enter if the first/second body bar height is under/over or equal to flatpips/nonflatpips pips.
- Float EA : expert based on the float indicator with cross between high and low.
- Float Trader,
- Float+BBMacd Combo EA : we follow the signals generated by the bbmacd and filtered by the float indicator.
- Floor Trader EA : we enter on the price retracement and depending on the slope of two moving averages.
- Force MACD EA,
- Forex Asian Time System EA : we go long/short at specified time if momentum and cci conditions are met.
- Forex Bible EA,
- Forex freedom Bar EA : we enter when all mt forex freedom bar v2 indicator bars colors are blue or red.
- Four Hour Buzz EA : we enter buy and sell pending orders on each bar, we close one side when the other is triggered.
- FPM Fast Trend EA : entry based on fpm fast trend intraday color change, period parameter put as external.
- Fractal Channel EA : we enter when price goes outside the fractal channel and we close the orders when it goes inside.
- Fractal Level EA : entry based on fractal level red and blue line cross.
- Fractals and ADX EA,
- Fractals EA : expert based on new fractals and fractals breakout for renko charts.
- Fractals Scalper,
- Fractals Trendline EA : stop orders over/under the fractals support/resistance +/- margin.
- Frank_ud Modified,
- FT_CCI (+MA) Modified,
- FT_Scalp Parabolic MMR,
- FT Scalping EA : scalping strategy based on two block of moving averages and an ema.
- FTC System EA,
- FTLM-STLM EA : we buy/sell when the ftlm-stlm histogram and point become red/green, filtered by a higher timeframe.
- FTS MA Otlonenie Modified : modified version of the russian ea fts ma otlonenie based on ma deviation.
- FX Disparity EA : we buy gbpusd and sell eurusd when the gbpusd overlaychart is lower than eurusd and the gap is higher than x pips.
- FX_FISH_2MA EA : entry and exit on fx fish 2ma indicator's signals.
- FX Manager be.,
- FX Master System EA : entry on five day high low breakout, with forex freedom as signal, exit on opposite breakout.
- FX Revolution EA : ea based on fxrevolution indicator that uses bollinger bands.
- FX5 MACD Divergence EA : based on the famous FX5_MACD_Divergence indicator.
- FX5 Martingale EA : entry on fx5 signals, reentry in the opposite direction on stoploss, martingale enabled.
- FXUltraTrend EA,
- FXS EA : entry done one ema crossover, stoploss updated after each bar on previous low/high.
- Gann EA,
- Gann Hi Lo EA : entry on signal gann cross, filtered with a main gann, exit on opposite signal gann cross.
- Gann Hi Lo Price Cross EA : we go long/short when price crosses up gann and we exit on opposite heiken ashi ma.
- Gann MTF Trade Manager : manual orders are closed when the bar closes over/under the gann mtf indicator.
- Gap Trading EA : we enter a pending order after a gap.
- Gartley EA Fast Entry : based on gartley whith entry on the current bar, sl fixed on high/low of the red box, tp fixed on 23.6 fibo level.
- Gartley EA v2,
- GG-RiverFlow EA,
- GG-RSI-CCI EA : we follow the green and red signals generated by the gg-rsi-cci indicator.
- GG-RSI-CCI Sentiment EA,
- Gold-Dust EA Modified : we enter on a perceptron signal based on moving average.
- Gold Light EA,
- Gold Silver EA,
- Gold Silver Hedger : we buy gold lots 0.1 and sell silver lots 0.1, we close the two orders when the target 20 is reached.
- Golden Finger EA : entry on golden finger, filtered with ma and bollinger bands breakout, exit on bollinger bands.
- Green Pips EA : signals based on stochastics, heiken ashi, gp macd, gp major trend and booster mp2009.
- Grid Builder EA : we enter buy and sell orders when the price reaches one of the grid builder indicator's levels.
- Grid Hedge EA : we buy and open pending orders stop, limit long and short depending on price movements.
- GU TradingSystem EA : we follow the signals generated by the gann indicator, an sma, the trix, and the stochastics.
- Guppy EA,
- H1 Trender : entry and exit on new color of the !eztrender-swing indicator.
- HA Smoothed MTF EA : entry after x consecutive red/blue heiken ashi smoothed bars.
- Hama Lines EA : entry based on hama line ma5 and hama step histor, filtered with bps support resistance indicator.
- Hama MA Cross EA : we enter on ma crossover signals, filtered with heiken ashi ma.
- HaMa SRP EA : entry on heiken ashi ma signal, exit on partial tp, sl or opposite signal.
- Harmonic Trading EA : entry on harmonic patterns, filtered with candle sticks and trend filter on higher timeframes.
- Heatmap_RSI EA,
- Hama Stoch EA : we enter on ha count over/under ma, or on stochastic oversold/overbought cross.
- Hedge 3 pairs Modified : we buy/sell uch/eu and sell/buy ech if the diviation (eubid-echask/uchbid)*10000 is higher than mindev*1/-1.
- Hedging Robot EA : entry long and short at the same time, new orders at +/- spread, exit on profit distance, close all on takeprofit.
- Heiken Ashi and Line EA : hedge orders, buy and sell at the same time, profit closed on heiken ashi color change.
- Heiken Ashi EA v3,
- Heiken Ashi Hammers EA : hammer signals filtered with heiken ashi color change and a maximum distance between the signal and the filter.
- Heiken Ashi Ichimoku Kinko Hyo EA : expert based on ichimoku cloud, tenkansen, kijunsen and heiken ahsi real cross.
- Heiken Ashi MTF EA,
- Heiken Ashi Ma EA : we follow the heiken ashi ma indicator signals, there is a filter and a martingale that can be enabled.
- Heiken Ashi Standard EA : we follow the trend after 3 heiken ashi bars in the same direction and two candles in the opposite.
- HeikenAshiZoneTrade EA,
- HG Scalper EA,
- Hifi Arrows EA : entry based on the hifi arrows indicator, with different kind of signals.
- Hidden TP and SL Manager : EA to manage manual trades and hidden stoploss and takeprofit.
- High Low Candle EA,
- High Low v2 EA v2 : entry based on high low v2 indicator, a non lag zigzag.
- High-Low Pending Orders EA : entry stop orders over/under the previous high/low after a new up/down candle.
- High Low Strategy EA : we open long and short pending order over/under the previous high/low, x pips above/under.
- High & Low 8 Hours EA : entry on box breakout, exit on certain hours, limit of wins/losses per day.
- High-Low Range EA,
- High-Low Range EA bis : entry based on high-low range indicator, filtered with sdl-mam slope.
- HL Fibo Trader : we go long/short on certain fibo ratio of the last x cancles trading range.
- HMA EA : entry on hull moving average color change, red/lime to lime/red.
- HMA Power Modified,
- Hodrick Prescott EA,
- Horizontal Line EA : we draw manual horizontal line, bx for long, by for sell, we enter when price is crossing up/down the horizontal line.
- Horizontal Line Manager : this EA set the stoploss on the horizontal line, manually drawn by the trader.
- Hourly Candle EA,
- IB Spread Scalper : we buy and sell eurusd at the same time, we set sl and tp after 11 minutes in order to take the commission.
- Ichi-Dem-AC-AO EA : Ichimoku signals filtered with demarker, ac, ao, timefilter, exit based on kumo.
- Ichimoku EA,
- Ichimoku Scalper,
- IINWMARROWS EA : iinwmarrows signals, filtered with relative strength, rvi and stochatics.
- Instant Trendline Filter EA,
- Ilan16_PipStepRSI Modified,
- iLRegressionBands EA,
- iMAX EA : entry based on imax cross, possibility to filter with a second imax on a different timeframe.
- In & Out EA : entry based on vkw bands ibs, atr sl and tp, riskbookst and martingale with reverse on loss.
- InsideBar EA : pending orders on inside bar, three different way to manage the orders.
- Intraday MA EA : we enter long/short limit when fast ma goes over/under slower ma1 and slower ma2.
- iScalper : entry when the price movement is more than x pips within y seconds, close after z seconds.
- iTrendLinesBreak EA : we suppose that a retracement will appear on a trend lines break.
- JP Breakout EA : another breakout system with an average true range filter.
- JS-Chaos Modified : modified version of js-chaos that involves moving averages, fractals, pivot, ao, ac, and standard deviation.
- Jumping Stops EA : management of manual trades, with averaged orders, partial close, different breakevens.
- Jurik_Trend Envelopes EA : entry based on jurik_trend envelopes mtf alerts arrows.
- JurikFilter EA : entry based on jurikfilter_v2 indicator color change, filtered with this same indicator with different parameters.

Check out the StepChart_v7 indicator which can be used instead of famous Renko charts.

is any renko chart indicator with 50% offset to the previous candle.

This indicator is intended for use with Constant Range Charts: Range Bars or Renko Boxes, not standard candles - bars

    Constant Range Candles and Charts are also referred to as Range Bars (RB) and Range Bar Charts.
    Constant Range Candles / Bars all have the same pip range value from high to low.
    Standard Candles / Bars all have different pip range values from high to low.

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