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Hey guys, i'm testing a new strategy. It's very high risk since i'm using the 1h TF it gives lots and lots of trades. I've made a video of my setup so you guys can see what i'm doing. I'll start video part 2 when the market starts moving more.

The ASSAR Team

I think a video showing how to setup the ASSAR EA and showing it running after the setup would save a lot of time...

If you guys have any serious questions i'd be happy to help. Beyond that, just go poke around the threads and throughout my website as well and you'll get all the information you need.

Here's some links that will help you.

The Original ASSAR Research. This is where we started in our research to create ASSARV10:



ASSAR V8 FOREX EA Discussion:

ASSAR V9 FOREX EA (Trend Breakout Edition) 2017 Expert Advisor Discussion:

Our Youtube Channel … Y3CHVNOH1A

The Official ASSAR Website:


Verapan Ruampatanakit wrote:
Misty Horivak wrote:
Verapan Ruampatanakit wrote:

Hi Misty 

How much is the commission on each trade? Looks to me like from what their website says, you have $20 commission min on each lot. ASSAR reads commissions as well as spread. If it's too high, you won't have trades.


Is this ASSAR EA just another XMT scalper with modified settings? From what I see posted on the next it appears to be the case? Has anonegot it working thus far?

Misty Horivak wrote:

Hey guys,

Here's my trades for today so far:

it is hardly possible to do a backtest in the M1 Timeframe with a modelling quality of 99,9 percent. usually you only have 25 percent in the M1 TF. if you want to achieve higher quality you have to use tickdata of an external provider. but even then i assume the maximum is about 90 percent.

Mostly everything got canceled but most likely i avoided some bad trades. I'm +$1 today. Let's see if the market starts making some moves, maybe get more trades. Commissions don't seem to be a problem. I decided to lower my stop loss to 2 pips inside of ronz and it's making money with no problems. Only a few losses, but the gains were enough to put me in profit.

Here's my settings for ronz now

PS. The spreads are very low at tradersway, so i set ASSAR to max 1 pip spread. 10 points.



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I have tried the Assar 8 on the strategy tester but when i try to run it on the live account on demo it does not take any trades?

Does anyone have same issue?

any resolutions?

Hello Misty. Assar opens up a high priced position. The current price is 0.95573 and EA opens the buy stop with a price of 1.91158. What could be the reason ?
2017.08.28 08:25:27.277    ASSARV11 USDCHF.m,M5: open #8303586 buy stop 0.03 USDCHF.m at 1.91158 ok

Billyrey CresBill wrote:
techlover wrote:

to download the assar Ea or any other Ea , u must frst reply to 10 posts and share the download link i

yes Iwould like to try the EA. an you share it? I would appreciate it.

So do i. I just join Member still cannot download anything. I read alots of topics. they are very interesting but cannot download to test it. Hope will get one day.

Posts found: 111 to 120 of 630

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