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If you want to use assarv8 by itself, you'll need to have spreads under 4 points and make sure assar v8 is on the 1m time frame for every pair you trade with. it seems to lose in the beginning or in the middle of a session but in reality, it makes money over the long run. It will take a week or two for you to see anything serious.



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I have ASSAR 10 on 28 charts for 2 days (recommendedsettings) and did not open trades. The chart, also does not show volatility like this in Blue Print, that's normal?


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XMT is one of the first versions of ASSAR. There was a group of traders that actually tried to better it. I do not know which version it is you have. It works well on Backtesting. The same than all the ASSAR versions that does not work. it is Broker sensitive or Spread sensitive.

I won't recommend Assar V10, and its a strong recommendation, read the threads and see for yourself why. 

People have written enough about their experiences here and you can draw your own conclusion as long as it is 'STAY AWAY'.

hmm  :|

zorbafx69 wrote:

I bought the ASSAR V10 and installed it on the platform yesterday with suggested settings. I have to say that he is constantly losing. Loss positions are larger than profitable ones. There are not many, but they are significant. One loss is 8, 9 profitable to go to zero. Since yesterday I am 10% lost. I am wondering what this EA has to do with the constantly showing youtube videos by Bader Alharbi.

I have the exact same experience, the tiny gains and for too many trades get wiped out and more by a single loss, net result, your equity keeps depleting and you won't get a refund most likely.

I have tried Assar V10 it and though it makes a large number of very small gains the huge losses just wipes them out and some, so overall, within days half the equity just got wiped out. 

Not recommended despite the hype the seller is creating!

Ni friend ,I amhappy to learn how to correct successve that I have an annual predpaid access any download to the file they are in order.I have a downloaded soubor assar v8,v9,tested on the backtest very good result,and then the real account file can not access the platform.Because the problem under ErrorDescription(int).What it means can explain why.

Hi Misty!

First of all thank you for your kindness. You offered assar v11 for free. I downloaded it and it trades indeed.
I have several questions if you could help me..

1. I have different results between MT4 account (no1) running on my PC and MT account (no2) running on my VPS (good vps, Beeksfx, collocated servers). The same broker. Trader's Way. The results on my PC are better! My PC is much stronger (I7, 8GB RAM) than vps configuration. What would be your advise?

2. I downloaded assar v11 for free. Why should I buy assar v10? (hidden tp, tl and sl maybe?)

3. Could I run both of them? (assar v10 and assar v11). Of course with proper risk settings

4. Do you trust Trader's Way? (you know where it is "regulated"..)

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,



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have created and EA kind of similar strategy with ASSAR but written in C# and can only run in cAlgo/cTrader. 

The public free version of EA can be found in youtube link below. Enjoy in making money. 


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,This Ea will drill your account seriously if care is not taking
I have used it on ecn, it smoke the account off, and what i found out is the LATENCY between the broker and the server.
All the assar EA must use good vps that execute within 1 millisecond and without that i think you will be loosing

Posts found: 71 to 80 of 630

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