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Hi Newbies!

I just thought i would contribute to the cause. I've made countless articles and i've trained thousands of people in the forex trading game. I have no problems teaching people or helping with any issues you have. However, please do not ask the same questions over and over and over. This will get you nowhere. I was once a newbie myself obviously. I started paper trading around 2008 trading oil and stocks. All i had back then was the wall street journal and CNN. I know exactly how you feel. You think you found something that will help you make big money very fast. Or you think you found a new career for yourself that is all yours to own. You will be your own corporation and trade accordingly. Personally i just needed money and i found a way to get it like right now. And it appeals to my techy nature so i love this game. Make sure you do your research before you start trading in foreign exchange. This is a very dangerous game and you should be aware of the risks of live forex programming.

I will tell you the truth that most people will not tell you. Yes forex trading is not a " get rich quick overnight " business, But at the same time, forex trading is most definitely a " get rich quick overnight " business! How weird does that sound?! lol. Well it's true! The reason people will tell you that you won't get rich overnight is because those people are trading with an investor frame of mind. The type of investor that will take 1% or 2% in profits per month for a year and then finally cash out. The safe players. Those are the type of people who swing trade and trade long term. So obviously it's not a " get rich quick overnight " business for them. 

Now on the other hand.. cool  There are other people who say you definitely CAN get rich overnight. The type of guys and girls who are willing to risk it all for a big payoff. This is most definitely a gamblers point of view but it's not completely impossible. On the Contrary! You seriously CAN make millions overnight easily! I've seen it and our team has proved it in countless videos in youtube and here in the forums. So don't think you can't get some serious cash very quickly. You Can! That's what makes this game so intriguing. I am one of these people. And so is my entire team. We've gone to great lengths to find the most profitable strategies and the most profitable robots for trading in the markets. We've made thousands of dollars and we are continuing to make more. So yes, stick to it and shoot for the stars!

So lets do this! Ask me anything you want and i will answer you as fast and as detailed as humanly possible. My goal here is to help you understand exactly how this works and what it takes to make a profitable trader. 


After many months of testing. We have finally perfected Bananapips into a stable and consistently profitable EA. You can find the original source thread for Bananapips by clicking here. As you can see from the original forum thread that there is very little success from anyone using this software.


We at The ASSARV10 Team have hacked the Bananapips strategy and turned it into a consistent money machine!


We are calling this hack Assar Ultra©™.


Check out the video below for the highlights! 

We have optimized a .set file and have zipped both Bananapips and Assar Ultra©™ .set file for you. You can download Your Assar Ultra©™ Package Free by clicking here!

One word of warning. Do not trade Assar Ultra with GBP!


This is a very high risk scalping robot or ea. We are giving it away free because of it's strategy. The strategy is to open as many trades as possible in both directions of volume/volatility. Take care to only use this robot with a standard account of $1000 minimum or a cent account with a minimum of $100 balance/equity. You will need 1:500 leverage minimum. 


The ASSARV10 Team

Assar Ultra©™ is Absolutely FREE with no strings attached, and no limitations at all. We do not have the code for bananapips but we have hacked up a .set file called Assar Ultra©™ that will fully optimize bananapips to consistently profit over and over again. 

Trading on the foreign exchange can be daunting when you haven’t done it before for monetary gain. While most of us have used it without even thinking about it (exchanging money for a trip abroad or buying something from a foreign market) without researching the world of forex trading it can be a highly confusing concept. So what are the benefits of forex trading and is it really worth it? Let’s take a closer look.

The great thing about foreign exchange trading is the accessibility for everyone to get into. A lot of stock exchanges demand large sums of money to get into in the first place and this is still true of trading on the forex market however if you are planning to trade currencies then you need a relatively small amount to get started. With a minimum of around $100 to start trading currencies, it is easy to set up in and you can build capital fairly quickly.

Of course it’s not just about the ease of getting into it, it is very easy to stay on top of trading and you never need to worry about looking for a buyer. Currencies are always in high demand and buying and selling is incredibly simple in these cases. More than this, the markets are open 24 hours a day and, unlike other stocks trading markets, you are able to use this to your advantage throughout the day. You don’t need to worry about your location wreaking havoc on your ability to trade with other countries as your markets are always open, as are theirs.

The ASSARV10 Team offers a platform that allows you to trade quick and easiy with no fuss, By taking advantage of the best times to trade for you. this is one of the most advanced technologies on the market and ensures you will come away with a profit. This is an absolutely perfect way to get onto the forex exchange, especially if you are relatively new to the concept. By using a system that understands the foreign exchange market you will not only be able to make money out of using this broker, but you’ll learn a lot yourself and have a greater understanding of how the market works.

Forex investing is scary to begin with, especially if you don’t have an understanding of how the markets work. The benefits of using online trading means you are able to keep complete control of when you are buying and selling and are able to very easily keep up to date with the latest developments. So head over to for a quick and easy introduction to making money on the forex exchange.

The strategy of Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper V10/V11/V9/V8 is scalping on tic-basis, where the EA opens BUYSTOP or SELLSTOP orders when price breakouts occurs based on the indicator. The indicator is either two “Moving Averages”, “Bollinger Band” or “Envelopes” for the last 3 minutes. Any of the indicators can be used as decided from the external settings. These settings you will find in the mql4 file you received when you first purchased ASSARV10 or downloaded ASSARV11.

Download ASSAR V8, ASSAR V9 and ASSAR V11 here:

Copy and paste this link into your browser address bar

This forum is for trading with live accounts and discussing only ASSAR.


For all indicators, “a channel” is calculated. And how wide this channel will be is decided by "VolatilityLimit" in points, which by default is calculated and adjusted dynamically, but also can be set to a fix value. If dynamic, it calculates this value as a multiplication of the average spread during the last 30 tics, and the value of the "VolatilityMultiplier".

How much the breakout should be in percentage of the band-width is set by "VolatilityPercentageLimit" in percentage of the channel width.

Volatility Settings: (You can find these settings inside of your mql4 file)

This is actually a part of the trading settings, but covers more specific settings for how the scalping should be done.

VolatilityMultiplier / 10 * RealAverageSpread, where “VolatilityMultiplier” is set as below, and “RealAverageSpread” is the average value of the spread during the last 30 tics + any broker commission. So for instance, if the spread is 16 (1.6 pip) and commission is 0, then “VolatilityLimit” will be 200 points (or 20 pips), since 125 / 10 * 16 = 200.

VolatilityMultiplier: A multiplication factor to be used if the above “UseDynamicVolatilityLimit” is set to TRUE. Default 125. Before you change this, please make sure that you make some calculations according to the formula above based on different spreads so that you fully understand how this value changes.

VolatilityLimit: This sets the sensitivity for when trading will start, based on the size of the volatility (how much the prices has moved). It’s the distance in points between the highest price (known as iHigh) and lowest price (known as iLow) during the current bar. If the price moves more than this, an order will be opened in the opposite direction. If you set this level to too high, there will be fewer trades, but it could also increase the winning rate. If it’s too low, it will start to trade more often, but the winning rate could decrease. Note: This is one of the most important parameters to change if you want to adjust the robot for any other currency pair than EURUSD and don’t want to use “UseDynamicVolatility-Limit”. It can be as low as 50 (or even lower) or as high as 500 (or even higher). A value around 180 (18 pips) seem to be a good average.

UseVolatilityPercentage: Normally the Volatiliity (the difference between iHigh and iLow during the current bar) must be more than the VolatilityLimit in order to trigger a trade, disregarding of how much the VolatilityLimit is. If this is set to be TRUE, then this difference must exceed with a minimum percentage known as “VolatilityPercentageLimit” (see below). For instance, if “VolatilityPercentageLimit” is set to 60, then the Volatility must exceed the “VolatilityLimit” with at least 60%. So if VolatilityLimit is 180 then the Volatility (the difference between iHigh and iLow) must be 180 * 1.6 = 288 points.

VolatilityPercentageLimit: A factor used if the above “UseVolatility-Percetage” is set to TRUE, and measured as percentage. For instance, 60 means 60%. Otherwise not used. Set this to a whole value representing how many percentage more you want this to be (see explanation above under “UseVolatilityPercentage”). The higher the value, the fewer trades but most likely also stronger signals.

Only one order is opened at a time, and an opened BUYSTOP / BUYSELL order is treated differently from an opened BUY / SELL orders as follows:

An open BUY-order is modified with a new StopLoss (SL) and TakeProfit (TP) if its current “TakeProfit” is less than the “current Ask price” + “Commission” + “TakeProfit” + “AddPriceGap” AND “current Ask price” + “Commission” + “TakeProfit” + “AddPriceGap” – “existing TakeProfit” is larger than the “TrailingStart”.

An open SELL-order is in a similar way modified with a new SL and TP if its “current TakeProfit” is greater than “current Bid-price” - “Commission”

“TakeProfit” – “AddPriceGap” AND “current TakeProfit” – “current Bid-price” – “Commission” + “TakeProfit” – “AddPriceGap” is larger than the “TrailingStart”.

The SL for the modified BUY-order is changed to “current Bid-price” – “StopLoss” – “AddPriceGap”, and the TP to the “current Ask-price” + “Commission” + “TakeProfit” + “AddPriceGap”.

And for the modified SELL-order, the SL is changed to “current Ask-price”

“StopLoss” + “AddPriceGap”, and TP to “current Bid-price” – “Commission” – “TakeProfit” – “AddPriceGap”.

Open BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP orders are either modified or deleted. They are modified with new SL and TP as follows.

An open BUYSTOP order is modified if the “current Ask-price” + “StopLevel” + “AddPriceGap” is less than the “OrderOpenPrice” AND the “OrderOpenPrice” – “current Ask-price” + “StopLevel” + “AddPriceGap” is greater than “TrailingStart”.

An open SELLSTOP is modified with new SL and TP if “current Bid-price” – “StopLevel” – “AddPriceGap” is greater than “OrderOpenPrice“ AND “current Bid-price” – “StopLevel” - “AddPriceGap” – “OrderOpenPrice“ is greater than “TrailingStart”.

If the conditions are not met for the BUYSTOP or SELLSTOP order, then they are deleted.

The Official ASSAR Website:


The ASSARV10 Team's Youtube Channel Has Moved! Check it out here: … MjxHwgPRZA

More Info:

The Original ASSAR Research. This is where we started in our research to create ASSARV10:



ASSAR V8 FOREX EA Discussion:

ASSAR V9 FOREX EA (Trend Breakout Edition) 2017 Expert Advisor Discussion:

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for the Latest updates!

The Official ASSAR Website:

lHello, are there anyone who bought ASSARV10 or ASSARV11?
Hello brother, I have bought 5 robots with high price. But all the robots making loss, dd is very high, some are not working. Brother, can u help me please to get a profitable ea (100% per month) with low DD? Please help me brother, I lost all of my money in forex.

Hello I am new here
I want to ask What's different between ASSARV11and ASSARV10
P.s I have no previous experience in forex
Can I use your ea to make some profit

ASSARV10 is good in backtest.Very true and agreed what you said but as you know world is squeezing day by day now its enough squeezed making difficult for us to live on this Now i m planning to move to another planet for this i require huge money. Somebody told me that forex is trillion dollar business, i m trying to look for trillions but it looks i will give what i have already has.
so any advice

Hi tkrivickas,

How were you able to get ASSARV10 trading in a live account? Which broker are you using?

Also how come you are using RonZ when V10 has a builtin hidden SL & TP.

I've tried testing live in real accounts with Profiforex and IC markets for about two weeks but the EA never took one trade.

Can you please post your settings. Also did you have to do something different to what has been posted about V10 on this site?


what is the difference between assarv10 and v11. which is better ? please give me the complete details and how to download the demo version to test it.

Posts found: 1 to 10 of 125

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Assarv10 → ► → Search results

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