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I have thesame problem. After buying and installing properly AssarV10 have take no single trade the last two weeks.  I install Assarwith 7 symbols on a live account and not  a single trade.
I tried tomail the lifetime support  but no answer.
I think I amscammed
Is there someone where the EA works. And maybe is there someone who knows howto get the EA works .

Hey Misty, It would be nice if you post the "minimum broker requirements" and "best broker requirements" for all assar versions to run. This will clear some confusion for lost of people and will us newbies in choosing our brokers.Misty Horivak wrote:

Hey guys,

Today i'm giving you a completely modified version of assar we have been playing with for the past 6 months. 


Formerly ASSARV82 ( Thanks to Stevey for educating this for us

We have finally found the most profitable and safest settings. 

You can trade through the news, spread spikes, anything you want. 

We are making this available for free because the mt4talk forum has given The ASSARV10 Team so much. So we decided we want to give back once again. This is a completely limited edition of this software. 

Do not expect to find this anywhere else. 

The download is only available to active members in the forums. 


Alright so just download the set files and EA from the link below. Copy ASSARV11 to your experts folder and copy the .set files to your sets folder. 

As always, 

Ronz Setup:

RoNz Auto SL-TS-TP v2.05 - expert for MetaTrader 4

Put ronz into a 1 minute chart ( EURJPY 1M CHART)

Load your Ronz .set file

ASSARV11 Setup:

Attach ASSARV11 to all of your charts under a 3 pip spread. (Whichever pair you want to trade)

Note: You will see ASSARV11 adding pending orders automatically soon as you load it into a chart. Don't worry, they disappear because ASSARV11 is testing the execution speed. When the real signal comes, you will see the pending orders will stick instead of being deleted. 

This is so far one of the best ASSAR version's we have in our series. 

The EA says " assarv10 " i forgot to change it to ASSARV11 in the comment section when it's taking trades lol. Don't worry, this is ASSARV11

Grab the template here: … UNpSVN1RWM

Happy Pipping!

Jirarot Sangounsak wrote:

Is this your developer name?

Joshua is part of our sales and promotion department. That is the account we use to receive payment for ASSARV10. Obviously you are not paying the wrong people, we have listed our paypal account on our website.


If you guys have any serious questions i'd be happy to help. Beyond that, just go poke around the threads and throughout my website as well and you'll get all the information you need.

Here's some links that will help you.

The Original ASSAR Research. This is where we started in our research to create ASSARV10:



ASSAR V8 FOREX EA Discussion:

ASSAR V9 FOREX EA (Trend Breakout Edition) 2017 Expert Advisor Discussion:

Our Youtube Channel … Y3CHVNOH1A

The Official ASSAR Website:


shppanda wrote:

Can you help me

You'll need to go through all of my posts inside of this thread. I have already explained this many times.


The ASSARV10 website is owned by the assarv10 team. A group of traders, designers and programmers.

We are selling ASSARV10 because we have educated and added many different features to it. If you even bothered to go to our website you will see exactly why we are selling it instead of asking ignorant questions here.

All of your questions can be answered in the first post of every single thread started for ASSARV9 ASSARV10 and ASSARV11.

The major difference is the functionality between the three. I will note this here for you:

ASSARV9 is a trend scalper. It trades in the direction of any major movement in the forex market in that moment.

ASSARV10 is a counter trend scalper with news filter, hidden stop losses, hidden take profits, hidden trailing stop settings.

ASSARV11 is a counter trend scalper with more functionality from the EA settings. From there you can choose to modify the volatility settings as well as trailing types, etc.. You have lots of internal functions displayed within the settings. However, assarv11 does not have hidden orders or hidden trailing

Hope that helps,


Hey guys,

First off. ASSARV11 is not a commercial product. The ASSARV10 Team has given this to the forum as a gift and we will not be modifying any of it's internal structure or hard coded functions.


The ASSARV10 Team is Now Accepting Paypal!

Grab the most famous Forex EA in the world! ASSARV10

Only $99 When You Purchase Through Paypal!

Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel! 

mgrzegorzak wrote:

Ok Misty, the backtests looks really amazing. But I don't get it, what's the catch man? 
You are giving away a system that could make you a millioner in few months? Too good to be true smile
So how good is it forward tests?

I've forward tested all of the assar series of software. They all trade based on the same breakout/volatility principal. The only thing i changed with this is the way it sets pending orders. This gives us freedom to trade through high impact news data and practically any situation in the forex market.

The way ASSARV11 is setup is to execute a pending order exactly 2 pips away from price. So we have enough room to confirm the direction. If the market moves away from our order, ASSAR will trail by 2 pips and expire after 3 - 5 minutes. This gives us the freedom to trade through any market condition without the extra features as in ASSARV10, such as hidden trailing and news filter.

Basically so we don't trigger any trades prematurely. Until the markets are ready to move in our direction. 

2 pips is a good distance.

I'm selling ASSARV10 complete with news filter and hidden everything.

ASSARV11 is completely free without news filter, however the stop and take profits are hidden. The trailing is exposed directly after you have locked profit. This is based on Ronz Rules. I have a Ronz v2 that will hide the settings but i am not giving it away for free. I have given all the tools you need to manage your account very safely as well as build consistent profits to hit your capital goals so you can withdraw your account in the end. 

The ASSAR series is not for a quick hit and run. These are for building capital in your account so you can eventually withdraw. Like a hedge fund. 

I also recall someone asking for the MQ4 of this, i've attached it here. Seems to compile and operate properly. So have fun!


Posts found: 31 to 40 of 125

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Assarv10 → ► → Search results

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