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FreshForex is the best forex trading broker with the best trading condition for the trader. As a client i am very happy to trade with them. They provided me No deposit bonus which helped me to check their real account trading conditions and performances, On my first deposit they provided me 101% welcome bonus which helped me to open a bigger lot for my trading orders, they also offered me swap free accounts, Lower spreads, error free executions and better customer services. They also dont charge any commission  on any transaction done in the broker.

Here's a nice trick:

> go to the menu: File...Open Data folder
> go to the config folder
> lookup all *.srv files
> select the file for the server that you are connecting to (most likely the filename would read:  [SERVERNAME].srv )
> open that specific .srv file with Notepad
> look at row 1, and scroll to the right .... soon you will see the server name and then the IP address (followed by :portnumer )

Do a ping to that server address.

And you're Done! 
So no need anymore to be asking the broker (I have found they are not always happy to give out the IP addresses, in order to avoid spam)


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Happiness is an attitude.
We either makes ourselves miserable or happy and strong.
It is your choice.You can't make someone else's choices 
so you shouldn't let someone else make yours.
Follow your heart.

JEB2K11, you don't say which indicator you are referring to.
I'd be happy to download and test but unfortunately I have still not acquired download rights.
I think I need 25 posts. Hopefully I will be there soon.
When I do I will report back here

Hello, I will be happy if you send me your EA and I will test it on ma demo account and let you know the results. If it is profitable, we can discuss about money. My address is Thanks in advance.


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On weekly EUR/USD chart (the optimal, though not over-optimized, setting) this EA will trade about 8 times a year on average.The good news for traders who want to be happy to offer you a new version

Misty Horivak wrote:


Hi everyone,

I've managed to modify the settings of ASSAR and get it to reverse trades. So we can take trend breakouts. No more counter trend trading as in the original version taking counter trades after the envelopes breakout.

As you know, the ASSAR EA is a lite version of XMT. I've taken XMT and modified it to reflect the strategy of ASSAR except i've reversed the trades and optimized the default settings.

You will no longer have to turn off the EA during the high impact news. We are trading a breakout strategy which works perfectly for news data and trending moves. If you have a losing trade, it will be 20 pip. Very minimal.

The risk settings are set to 1% so you will trade .10 for every $10 on profiforex cent accounts.

You can trade this EA on ALL the pairs.

Ronz goes into 1m TF

ASSAR on 15m TF

TP Trailing after 10 pips in profit. Ronz set to lock in 6 pips and trail by 5

Remember to put Ronz on one 1m chart and Assar into all the pairs on the 15m TF

Happy Pipping!

thank you

Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 are two totally different products !

Tip - use a (non US rule) broker to safe you $$$$$$

Metatrader5 is setup to get a bigger marketshare

    Additional Markets via MT5 stocks NASDAC NYSE

metatrader5 uses The United States No Hedging Rule
What is this No Hedging rule?

The NFA is an organization in the US that safeguards market integrity on the Futures, Forex, Swaps, etc. markets.

The No Hedging rule is NFA Rule 2–43B: Offsetting Transactions which states:

Forex Dealer Members may not carry offsetting positions in a customer account but must offset them on a first-in, first-out basis. At the customer’s request, an FDM may offset same-size transactions even if there are older transactions of a different size but must offset the transaction against the oldest transaction of that size.

This rule is also sometimes called the FIFO rule (first-in-first-out) and it was adopted in May 2009. Prior to that you could hedge your transactions when trading Forex in the US.

    MQL4 vs MQL5

Many years people where happy and used to trade their way with
their own Expert Advisors.

So You paid for somebody to transform your trade ideas into a great Expert Advisor
but now suddenly in MT4 it does not compile anymore.

The trick was to force everybody from 4 to 5

Metatrader 4 users do not like to be told shit
to be forced into US rules

Old metatrader Expert Advisors need to be rewritten to compile to the new >600 build compiler
this is no biggy just annoying to rewrite it all in to the new MQL setup

If you need help with old EA MT4.exe (until compiler 503) to be rewritten I can help

Hi. I would like to share this Dollar Loonie pair chart analysis for today 6/8/17. Let's see how this one develops, happy trading mates!


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I have a very good steal, contact me that I can share with you, and you will make lots of money and will be very happy, see you soon friend.

Posts found: 111 to 120 of 420

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