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Sorry, I am mistaken. I am using V11 version... So I need to use Ronz.
I am using IC Markets. I have plenty opening trades.
Becaus IC Markets is 5 digits (but here in forum it means 6 digits - how much you can see digits).
So if need you have to change settings in Assar. I don't know what is default settings for V10, but V11 defaut settings suits for IC Market.
So in settings you have to write for example TP - 800(points). It will means 80pips. If broker would be 4 digits it should be written TP 80 poins (the same 80pips).
So it could one of the reason not opening orders. The next reason you should turn on AUTOTRADE button on MT4. And you have to see HAPPY FACE on your charts (top right corner).
So you need check settings for TP, SL, TRAILING, SPREAD. If need to change.
Then maybe check RISK settings.
I am using risk 1%, lot set 0.01. Max 0.1. 
This week I am trying different TP, SL and TRAILING. On last 3 days quite good results with SL 7.5 or 8.0 pips (not points). Lock Profit 10 or 9 pips. Profit to Lock 9 or 7.5 pips. Trailing Stop 1pips.
With those settings I have finally profit on wednesday and thursday. At this moment Friday also still in profit. 
I will try to write post about this week trading results on another post (post about V11 version). Will write maybe on weekend after will close market.


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welcome Akashah khairuddin,

greetings know from me, there will be a lot of knowledge that we can learn from this forum.

happy to get to know you, I know some malaysia traders who have been successful.

Dear Traders,

I am happy to announce that, 50$ is given as bonus for all Existing and New clients !

Withdrawal Conditions are as simple as 123. Just 2 lot requirement !

Max profit withdrawal is : 500$

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I am forward testing the V11 on a global prime demo account right now. They seem to have a pretty good reputation and good spreads.

I'll be happy to post a myfxbook link if that helps!


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I input Assar V8 to my Meta4 (IcMarkets broker) and I see "unhappy" face. So what could be wrong? Deposit 300 euru. Risk 1 (default). what other settings need to check for "happy" face?
Ok, I found the reason. Now everything OK.

this week not so good with this trading this Indicator....I'll kept this indicator in test for this week..
-Wish you guy a happy trading weeks

--Also I have a Ea that I had pay for,it really good ea to have i'll show you my live accouter running this ea... it's myfxbook … or/2193853

 I really trusty running this ea, cause this ea has been running 2 years now on Live accouter  ,


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Hi Tiago,

Very happy to have you here. I've been trading for the past 7 years and i'm currently involved in algorithm development. What are your major skillpoints?

Hello everyone on this forum, my name is Anthony and I greet you and bid you happy and prosperous trading.
Firstly am here to continue my education in trading and to also contribute by initiating discussion, submitting ideas, publications, indicators and EA's. I have been trading for a couple of years and mainly doing it via voracious reading and studying everything I can. It's a steep learning curve but a very rewarding one, even though there are frustrations and setbacks. But isn't that the case with anything worth doing!
Am keen to improve my programming abilities, so if you are a programmer - aspiring or guru - say hello.
Best wishes to all in this forum.

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nicklightspeed wrote:

Obvykle sa snažím najprv použiť akékoľvek nové EA na malom účte. Či to funguje budem používať väčšie účet.

Ak má niekto skúsenosti s touto EA ho môžu zdieľať tu.

I have the experience with these EAs and also the recommended settings. I was very happy with the results. What I'm suggesting is that you first have the tests and all possible settings. What is very important in dealing with counselors is to first understand how they work. If you do not know how a particular counselor is working, it's just a waste of time and it's like playing a roulette. And patience is important. Sometimes I feel when I read the papers that we want to be millionaires in one night. This does not work. Working with consultants is just like a manual business. It's about patience. Give the consultant his time and he will reward you. If anyone thinks that you just need to copy the subroutines to MT4 and just look at it as an account, it's a big mistake. Not one counselor is not bad, the problem is a PC problem with a stool.

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Posts found: 21 to 30 of 420

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