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Metatrader 3 was very much a platform of its time. It was not as versatile as later models and for that reason has fewer reasons. It is still used by traders who want to use it as they are happy to be making reverse trades. It may not be top of the range any more but Metatrader 3 still has its supporters.


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Once you own a Metatrader 4 account, you will understand why so many traders use it. If you are unsure if the Metatrader 4 account is the one for you, you can download it and trial it for no charge. The producers are happy to do this as they know how impressed everyone who trials it will be.

Forextrading is now accessible to everyone via online forex brokers, which allow trading with almost any amount of money and on a very large variety of international currencies. To involve with currency trading here I am using Circle Markets. I have had plenty of research and spent good time to find this trusted broker. They represent the word reliable correctly and practically. Any trader can be very happy to trade with them.


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There are so many brokers online, yes, but it’s only a few who can match fbs inc. This broker is renowned and good at what it does. has created a trading platform that several people are happy about. There is usually a welcome deposit given to any person who becomes a member of fbs inc. If you are looking to trade Forex successfully, therefore, choose this broker.

Do you own a forex bonus account that you aren’t happy with? If so, make sure you read the terms and conditions set by each broker who provides welcome no deposit bonuses before signing up with them. This will prevent your from opening another forex bonus account that doesn’t meet your needs.

Hello guys,
There is a very easy way to verify not only the licence of a broker, but the complains´s history of the broker, which is way more important.

You just go to the bottom of the page on the website of the broker, there got to be, there must by law be the regulator and its licence number, if not, get away from there fast, checking if you`still have your wallet or virginity, well the second maybe not, but anyway. The next thing to do is to get the number and name of the regulator(s) and call or email (better call) those regulators, saying something like: Hi, You know I want to invest in this broker and I want you to tell me if this is a broker regulated by you and if it is, the historical complains this broker had received in your organisation. 

Now, if you call you do not need to eat nails or lose your hair, but if you emailed them... Seat tight and wait.

Sadly, many people think about this too late, when they already had invested money in the broker they are trying to check.

Another thing that I think helps a lot, is to trade with brokers which work by this two major figures:

FCA regulate.
ECN markets deals.

I hope this information is useful to you guys, I work for HYCM, a broker with 40 years on the field and my experience is around 10 years on the market and yes we have all of that.

Happy and secure trade guys!


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gilfx : does the EA shows a little happy face at the upper right corner of the EAs? if not then you have to check "DLL" and "allow trading"

Thank you for your reply Jeff.  I would be quite happy with a 99% gain.  I am presently testing the Cobra EA.  Can be very good, but sometimes a large DD which can get risky.   I like gains, but sometime too much risk for me.  cheers


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Good morning I have this expert in test with 4 other demo accounts you can use on any cross if you want some info please email me at I'll be happy to give you all the info you want

test expert

server MaxFXdemoserver

n. 21597

pass AoiU1988

regards Giulio

There is not one single indicator on earth that will make you a millionaire from the forex market. There is also not a single trading bot (robot) that will make CONSISTENT gains in all markets. Indicators confirm not dictate.
However to make some decent returns in the financial markets, including forex, we have to have a process thst incoporates a trading plan. This includes good money management, looking at the trend in the higher time frame, good entry strategies based around price action and support and resistance levels and good exit strategies based around support and resistance levels and partial profit taking. Market volatility should also be in there as traders can’t make money from an instrument that does not move for days on end. For stock traders the market, sector and sub-group direction are also very important.

I Wish You Happy Trading

Posts found: 41 to 50 of 420

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