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If you are new to the forex world, a good way to quickly be updated on the happenings in forex trading is to join a forex forum. A forex forum allows you to interact with traders, all of whom are at different levels of experience. These forums also allow you to ask questions and learn about the best techniques to be a good trader. Here are some of the forums you can consider joining:

Forex Factory Forum

This forum first appeared in 2004. It is designed around the trader to ensure that he or she gets as much information as they can to help them become a successful trader. This is currently the most viewed forex forum online. The forum is open to traders from any part of the world. They are allowed to share their views, hold debates, learn from others, teach others, and even talk about past trading experiences.

MT5 Forum

Users of the MetaTrader platform use this forum. It gives users the chance to benefits from the expertise of others in the community with the focus being the MetaTrader platform. While this forum is dedicated to MT5, it is common to find discussions around the MetaTrader4 platform and forex trading in general.

DailyFX Forum

DailyFX is a news and research site. It offers news about the forex world from all parts of the world. You will find reports from analysts about the latest changes in the forex world. These analysts also provider traders with a technical analysis of what is happening in the trading world. DailyFX also provides a breakdown of the main market movers and detailed explanations regarding technical, political, and economic factors that cause changes in the market.

The DailyFX Forum is offered in French, German, English, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, and Italian, just to mention a few. It is a very active forum and features 24 sub-forums. These forums are placed under categories such as Trade the Market with Analysts, Traders Lounge, Analyst Research, FXCM Account, Support, and Automated Trading.

Forex TSD Forum

Instead of showing the various categories on the home page, Forex TSD Forum places to the busiest and latest discussions on the home page with a link to the sub-forum. This ensures that traders do not run the risk of posting questions in the wrong section or missing important discussions. The main draw of this forum is that it covers many different discussions. Its busiest sections are those on Harmonic Trading and MT4.

Babypips Forum

BabyPips, one of the top educational sites in the forex trading world, runs this forum. This forum is mainly focused on beginner traders. However, experienced traders might find some discussions that are of interest to them. This is especially so if they visit the Analyst Arena section. The forum is divided into various sub-forums, with each one focusing on a specific section such as day and swing trading strategies, fundamental analysis and technical analysis, and automated trading.

ForexPeaceArmy, EliteTraders and many more.

If you are new to forex trading, pick a forum that you feel is best suited to your needs and start growing your knowledge.

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Sistema que permite realizar trading manual de sclaping o swing trading

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FXNuke - collection of 3 Forex indicators for day trading, scalp trade and swing trade.

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Hi traders,
my goal is to build a successful EA portfolio from 4-5 EA-s with different trading strategy.
(scalping, breakout, fibo, pullback, news, swing etc.)

All who already have experience, or have some useful tips are invited to actively participate in order to
PUT TOGETHER a HIGH OPTIMIZED EA PORTFOLIO with different trading strategy.

I just started to test some EA-s using ONLY a small $ 1000 account.
(when the EA blow an $ 1000 account, then I'm not interested)


1) EA must survive 3 YEARS with the default set, if not then ends up in the garbage. This way can be avoid those EA-s which have too huge DD. (Not interested an EA-s with 80% DD even if they make 3000% profit in a year)
2) EA must be profitable without optimization and the DD must be below 40% for 3 years.
3) Martingale and grid strategy can be max 20% of all EA's trades.
4) Try to avoid EA-s with equity curve points straight up then it’s the first sign of curve fitting. Ugly looking equity curves are preferred which clearly show the DD period.

Looking forward to your feedback and your EA suggestions with long live-test and exact strategy description. (incl. pairs time-frame and set files)

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pipcard3 wrote:

Hello My name is Darius. I want to ask if somebody have test Infinity Scalper Indicator. is that good for scalping? Scalping Day Trading Intraday Swing Trading What is the best for forex trading?

This EA is good. I using it myself  --->

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Hello My name is Darius. I want to ask if somebody have test Infinity Scalper Indicator. is that good for scalping? Scalping Day Trading Intraday Swing Trading What is the best for forex trading?

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<iframe frameborder="0" width="220" height="140" src=""></iframe>

hi every one i provide zhao signal 
using scalping n swing trade for major pair
so really need fast execution broker n low spread n low comision 
stop level maksimum 1 , better 0
per month only 30 usd

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guys, i have a new indicator to share with you guys here..a free indicator obtained from other source(forexfactory again), credit really needs to be given to the thread owner of forexfactory called mladen... as far as i am concerned, this is an very useful and indicator for short term players/scalpers( if you choose lower TF like M1 or M5) . and you could also flexibly adjust it to higher time frame if you prefer to be mid or trend swing player.

so lets see how does it work.

the blue side is considered as short term overbought(time to sell.. while dull orange is considered as short term oversold(time to enter)..

 ,you could get delivered better result in sustainable long term.

this nonlag inverse fisher RSX indicator is also another NON REPAINT INDICATOR.

wish you guys can use this indicator helping you making more profits from now on.

all the best

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sometime ,big swing also can happen on m1 ,but naturally you hardly have chance to eat the whole fish

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please dont hesitate to let me know ,thanks ya..

so let me post an EA or indicator which i think is useful so far. you need to strictly follow the rule of MAKING CUT LOSS in order to make sure your profit running.. 

but honestly sometime it is hard to follow rules all the time when seeing big swing (psychological burden to see paper loss)


again. must strictly follow the rule.. my steps are as below:

1.there are two different symbols constantly appearing on chart from time to time,
i.) arrow 

2.) when arrow appears on the chart, no matter up or down. make sure you set your profit level ,minimum to 5 pips if possible ,while cut loss point i will usually set BELOW THE 'X' LEVEL ,

3.)X level will be around 10 pips difference from arrow  ,so i will make sure my cut loss point is less than 10 point ,usually i fix based on ratio 1:1 which means my cut loss point will be around 5 or 6.5pips OR when the NEXT ARROW appear BEFORE hitting the cut loss point,which ever earlier..

4.)usually out of 10 signals provided ,there will be around 2-3 losing trades , which means the percentage of winning is around 70-80%, usually the main problem is we too greedy and forget to follow the rules 

5.)regarding the time frame, it is all up to you guys.. my preference is on M1 which is my usual trading time frame as i prefer to use this indicator for SCALPING PURPOSE. if you guys dont want to trade so frequent, you can just choose high time frame,

6.) currency pair ,i prefer to trade EURJPY, and it works quite ok so far( provided you stick to the rules and it fulfill your risk appetite, JPY pair having high fluctuation most of the time ,especially during UK,USA timezone

so you guys can go and try this out. and remember to follow rules , that is very important, because no matter how good is the indicator or robot, if you cant follow rules, eventually you will end up with trouble,i believe you guys surely know this better.

so download the EX4 file attached below.. all the best.

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