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That ea MT5 FOREX ROBOT is a type of arbitrage. I haved that crap but is crap and outdated and is not working on real market due to slipage.

No one will sell a profitable ea because is simple, you cannot sell a money machine, is priceless no?
But here on this forum are enough good ea's that with some good settings ans patience you can make  nice profits


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Thank you for your robot. Can you please tell me something more? Which time frame i need to use it? What setting i need to use?


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EA trading is alsonamed as automated trading that facilitates robot trading facilities to traders so that traders can even trade without even in the presence of him in front of computers. With the use of automated trading, trades will be executed automatically as per given orders.  So it is better towork with a reliable and trusted broker. And what you are saying is right; it is not easy to pay such a large amount of money.

i want to try this EA. Do you have any set file for this Robot? and which pair it works best .. Please reply to this need

EA Expert forex professional robot demo Robot Forex professional demo for trading automated Robot Forex professional demo for trading automated Robot Forex professional demo for trading automated

Stabilizator is the development of 2013 but today it is the actual EA that makes a profit. Stabilizator designed only for one currency pair AUDUSD, timeframe H1. In its strategy, this robot uses the martingale method, so the deposit is growing rapidly. But do not forget that the deposit loss is very likely, when used in this trading method.

Сharacteristics of Stabilizator
Platform: Metatrader4
Currency pairs: Only AUDUSD
Trading Time: Around the clock
Timeframe: H1

Recommendations for use the Stabilizator

Attention! EA is martingale with high aggressiveness. Its use in trade may lead to complete loss of the deposit. So be very careful and consider the following factors:

Always turn off the EA before the advent of news.
Stabilizator designed for AUDUSD. This is the only currency pair, where it shows significant results. Consider the specifics of its movement (pay attention to the news from China and commodity prices).
Stabilizator need an account with a leverage of 1: 500. This is a critical condition, or in moments of grid disclosure may cause problems.

In the archive Stabilizator.rar:

Experts - stabilizator.ex4

Try this:
Admin post over at ► Upload & Download Open Source Forex Robots

The best Forex robot for double your Forex balance in a few days.

Hello!! what kind of EA is that?
is that result a demo or real account?
what are the best parameters to configure}? the recommended equity.
What is theh max DD in test mode?
would really appreciate mor info, to get full details on robot


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While selecting and appointing any broker we traders shouldits capabilities and experience in handling risky forex trading as well as in handling money efficiently. In most of the times we rely on our trading platform and their facilities. So it is necessary to judge whether the facilities, like spread, leverage, bonus, EA trading, Robot facilities, tools and techniques, indicators, etc. are feasible and flexible enough to help you in this volatile forex market.

I have used Kelter Pro. It IS a long term profitable robot, and doesnt scalp, hedge, or use martingale..but just prepare for it to not do anything but collect dust for a week or 2 without a trade. and EVEN then it can go a year and trade at a 0-10% gain on a goofy year ..HOWEVER..over 5 bet a little bit that your investment grows depending on risk level..i use 10%, which is very high..5 years for 2000%-5000% is not unreasonable. just need a VPS and forget about it..

Posts found: 91 to 100 of 2,065

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