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There is not one single indicator on earth that will make you a millionaire from the forex market. There is also not a single trading bot (robot) that will make CONSISTENT gains in all markets. Indicators confirm not dictate.
However to make some decent returns in the financial markets, including forex, we have to have a process thst incoporates a trading plan. This includes good money management, looking at the trend in the higher time frame, good entry strategies based around price action and support and resistance levels and good exit strategies based around support and resistance levels and partial profit taking. Market volatility should also be in there as traders can’t make money from an instrument that does not move for days on end. For stock traders the market, sector and sub-group direction are also very important.

I Wish You Happy Trading

ibo.jimmy wrote:

I think I found the v3 of this one ... go ahead and try it first .. since I have not try it yet on real account
currently trying it on demo account ... I hope it the same ea ...

Best regards,


does the EA has SL ? you should not use an EA that has no SL, it will crash soon or later (believe me i've tried)
creating a working EA WITH SL is harder meaning your EA will be better quality

of course it is meaningless to put a SL of 1000 or more because it will never be hit. you need the SL hit sometimes then it's a healthy robot


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To avoid scams, don't pick an Expert Advisor that isn't tested by an independent website. It is best to filter offers for EAs by looking at stats on independent sites such as myfxbook or forexpeacearmy.

Robots don't perform well in all types of markets (trending, volatile, range-trading). To obtain good results, it is not enough to simply choose the best robot. You also need to understand how it works in order to change the settings according to the type of market you're interested in and your risk tolerance. If your objective is to buy a robot to let it run on its own without any supervision, you will probably lose your money after a while. The perfect robot that runs well in all types of markets does not exist!

I Wish You Happy Trading


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Seems to me a good alternative, I would see it in a backtesting or a strategy in mt4
if you have robot and you tested it and got best result. please upload and shear here.


Timeframe: 5mins or larger time frame

Platform: cTrader/cAlgo

Google Drive Free EA (closed code) Share link: … sp=sharing

For Full version with complete source code of the EA it cost 20$ USD, small fee for my hardworking and sharing the complete functionality of my EA: email me at for further details.

EA Features:
Dynamic Stoploss
Auto breakeven protection
Auto Target profit
Capital x 30% for automatic lot sizing
Auto Adjustable of maximum number of entries for both BUY/SELL

Free Copy/Mirror trades for those who are lazy to run the EA and wanted to copy the trades on their demo/live account

Starting capital: 30USD for 2 Buy/ 2 SELL entries with only 2 pair (AUDUSD/EURUSD), above 100USD 4 pairs

Indicator: Envelop 50 period

Sample: Platform View

How to install?
1. Load your ctrader/calgo platform
2. Login into your account
3. Double click the downloaded EA 
4. Set your timeframe to 5 mins
5. Select the pair to apply the robot
6. Click Play

For those who are interested to mirror their account both demo and live account for free message me or email me at

For those who dont have ctrader/calgo account:
Click here for Tradersway cTrader ECN account type at 
For other broker OctaFX

Public statistic record url: … 00/2271013

Sample Historical trades:


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I'm afraid of a robot that uses Martingale, it's a danger for low investment bills.
I have laughed several forex robots with this type of strategies and the high impact news destroys the account

if you have robot and you tested it and got best result. please upload and shear here. i need robot which is tested and working great. sorry for bad english

in first time thanks for shearing us. can this robot but and sell automaticlly? and can it set sell stop and take profit?


Hi Takmorvarid

Thank you for sharing

did you try the robot on M5 or M30?
Do you have MyFXbook?
if so are you will to share it?

Posts found: 181 to 190 of 2,065

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