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this only start thanks for this site Pivot Points EA

Can you not seem to make any profits in the world of Forex Trading? The answer is right in front of you even though you may not have thought of it and that is the use of an automated trading strategy. Why switch to an automated strategy? Well the human nature is just not geared up to deal with trading in general we let emotions get the better of us. Automated trading software is free from any possibility of emotions causing a mistake and will only trade in the most beneficial way possible. Making you mad amounts of money every hour. Read our guide below to find out about what automated trading is in the FX market and how you can make the most profit ever. We answer some of the common questions that surround automated trading software and then look at what is known as the best software for online trading.

What is automated trading?

It is to simply put it Forex automated trading is the technique of trading large amounts of different foreign currencies by use of a computer program. The software picks up on a various sources of analyses and prediction algorithms to ensure that the trader is always given the beneficial trade: so basically it tells you when you sell and when you should buy.

How does it know what to do?

Most automated trading software can follow its set of predetermined parameters that allows it to read the Forex market perfectly and always make you money, it has been put together by expert traders who know the FX market inside out due to their experience of online day trading. But you can also educate your software to become even smarter. You can provide it with your own trader strategies and it will follow them correctly never deviating from its one and only task which is to make you money. You can provide your ea, for example; with a set of signals that you have come up with from your analysis and it will ensure that all your trades will be made without any decisions being put off by human psychology.

But is that not cheating and illegal?

Not the use of automated trading software for day trading is completely legal and allowed by any Forex broker or platform. Remember that a trader could do what your robot can do so it is not actually cheating, it is just trading in a way to make no mistakes because it does not have emotions and always stays disciplined.

So what is the best software to use?

This is entirely up to you. You decide your risk and your rewards. Are you a day trader or are you a scalper? What preferences you prefer determine the type of forex robot you should be trading with. So keep that in mind. You will need to learn about your own habits and your personal goals in life. You cannot just think you will load up a swing trading robot and you'll make money in minutes. Because that's not how swing trading works. Just as an example. So if you consider what your goals and aspirations are then you will be able to achieve your greatness. You will formulate a plan and understand exactly how to execute it. Discover what you really want in life and set out to get it. You do this by understanding exactly what you want out of your life and when you want it. From there it's all down hill.



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After many months of testing. We have finally perfected Bananapips into a stable and consistently profitable EA. You can find the original source thread for Bananapips by clicking here. As you can see from the original forum thread that there is very little success from anyone using this software.


We at The ASSARV10 Team have hacked the Bananapips strategy and turned it into a consistent money machine!


We are calling this hack Assar Ultra©™.


Check out the video below for the highlights! 

We have optimized a .set file and have zipped both Bananapips and Assar Ultra©™ .set file for you. You can download Your Assar Ultra©™ Package Free by clicking here!

One word of warning. Do not trade Assar Ultra with GBP!


This is a very high risk scalping robot or ea. We are giving it away free because of it's strategy. The strategy is to open as many trades as possible in both directions of volume/volatility. Take care to only use this robot with a standard account of $1000 minimum or a cent account with a minimum of $100 balance/equity. You will need 1:500 leverage minimum. 


The ASSARV10 Team

Assar Ultra©™ is Absolutely FREE with no strings attached, and no limitations at all. We do not have the code for bananapips but we have hacked up a .set file called Assar Ultra©™ that will fully optimize bananapips to consistently profit over and over again. 

Then, the plan is to put that EA to work :)  and to produce cash. As I said, I'm at the begining and what I was investing in was to build a strategy... because (for now) I can't invest money.
If the coder thinks that my strategy worth building that EA and is producing profit....then I'm gladly waiting for him to repay me by sharing it's work ...or by making an offer ...depending on his conscience.
The strategy refers to opening a transaction (in M15 - DAX) when a cross is formed by 2 MA  (1 is LSMA/34,1500 and the other is LWMA/25,H) . The order shoul be open by the 2nd candle from the cross. I couldn't find an EA untill now because none had the option to select as the 2nd MA the LSMA. I did find this forum where the topic says: Request a new Robot with your own strategy. 
I don't know if this request should refer to a paid EA or to a free one. I don't want to sell this EA... Please explain what are my options.

You've come to the right place to download and use trading robots.
What's your trading style?
Can you please describe what kind of robot are you looking for?

i am new member i need a robot to help for forex haha haha haha

Your account has to be a ECN or a Zero spread with leverage at least 1:500 and keep the Stop Loss around 250(25pips). It has trailing stop for profits.

A balance at least 100$
Special Note:

"Dear Traders,Please don't rely on it to make you incredibly wealthy(NO HOLY GRAIL). Even when you use any EA,there is a risk involved as per Forex Market Conditions which we can never ever change."

"No More martingale methods involved"

This is fully automatic expert advisor with a specific strategy of opening orders

90% Winning percentage with safety features

Tested with live pair to use EUR/USD

You can start with a Minimum Balance of 100$

Your broker should be (ECN type) no requotes broker with best trading conditions

Guranteed profits daily from 3$ to 10$ with the minimum lot size(0.01)

Not a scalper..This will open trades with strategy aligning and lock your profits.

You may try this on your demo at least 1 week and start earning with confidence.

Your satisfaction is my motto and I will be available for any installation support.


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hello, i post this robot for scalping. Allpairs with USD.
Time Frame - 15M, 30M, 1H

Expert “Robot Forex 2015 Profesional” analog of EA “ILAN”
Currency Pairs – GBPUSD
Timeframe – M1
Strategy – SCALPING

Posts found: 11 to 20 of 2,065

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