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Can you explain more details about the robot try to recover the lost.

It sound interesting to me.

We always face the lost in trading.

If we have the robot that can recover the lost, it is great.

I trusted the Ilan robots many times but I failed each time. Ilan + Hedge + Recovery method would be great. For example there is a robot which try to recover losing positions called Stop Drawdawn on the MQL site. Thanks for mystic Russian robot's dynamic version.

This robot is really easy to use and simple. You have to use it just the market goes against you. It is try to save your minus floating orders. Then it shutted up itself. No new positon will open.


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How was the performance of this EA? Anyone can share?

Right now I am looking for the EA that suits my trading style.

My trading style is the combination of manual trading and robot.

Be aware of FBS broker and do not activate their bonus programs. at year 2016 I activated their 100% bonus on a 3000$ account. the rule was that when the amount of remaining equity after reducing open negative trades, reduced to 20% of initial money bonus will be removed. 
I even asked their support about calculations and she said that the bonus will be removed when the remaining balance is 600$.
so I had 3k , and activated 100% percent bonus and sum of funds ( credit + my money ) was 6K.  

I had a robot that used too much margin I set it to have around 2K of 6k active used margin.
at a day which I had a 2lot trade the remaining equity reached to 900$ of sum of trades ( 2100 $ used margin ) 
suddenly server removed the bonus and so the account got call margin. 
I contacted them that why the bonus removed at a wrong price ( 900 instead of 600 ) and they didn't accept that incident.

their website most of the times do not send the chat to their support to client emails after chat is finished.
also their STP accounts have hidden spread ( stop loss level > 0 ) so its not a good broker for scalping. and spreads are too much high that robot cannot trade at all with profit there.

so as a friendly suggestion stay away from its bonus programs and advertisements and 1:3000 leverage ! it's all something to steal your real money rather than being helpful.

nicklightspeed wrote:

I try to use this EA.

It has 12 strategies. Every strategy has it's own setting, risk and reward.

Anyone has the good setting of this robot?

Forex Flex ea is a scam EA and the owner of that ea is a scammer.
You will lose all your money soon or later.

Read reviews below: … eware.html

The good reviews you can find on the internet about this EA is written by the EA owner under fake user accounts and his friends.


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I try to use this EA.

It has 12 strategies. Every strategy has it's own setting, risk and reward.

Anyone has the good setting of this robot?

irfan6234 wrote:

Robot professional 2015 ea is best for hedge but beware it will continue to hedge until your account blow out

the best hedge robot i used was Recovery zone hedging, very profitable, the main problem is that it need a very careful money management and it can be 100% profitable, if you have a good capital like $ 30,000 or above you can make an living. 
the bottom line, big capital and small gains, for $30K account you can easily get a $100 daily, peace of cake!!!!!


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Best forex robot, it will trade a completely automated system. get to experience the joy of being in the Forex market even when you're away from your computer

This ea robot is dead. No way of using it again. Besides it was fake and did not delivered what it advertises.

Posts found: 251 to 260 of 2,065

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