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The Expert Advisor allows manual traders to close positions at breakeven or at a certain profit level (in points) from the breakeven point. The EA does not open trades on its own! However, it manages any orders with a specified magic number or without it and moves them to breakeven as soon as the profit from a breakeven point reaches a specified level in points.
Breakeven point is very important in trading process. Our Expert Advisor considers all symbol parameters when calculating that point, including swaps, spread, order opening prices and their volumes. This is not an easy task in manual trading, and it is better to entrust such a calculation to a breakeven trading robot or a script.
The EA displays the current profit in a specified direction and a calculated breakeven point as a line. Text colors and sizes are set in the settings.
When working in one direction, the EA can delete pending and limit orders after closing the market ones. This feature allows you not to sit at the terminal all the time. The EA notifies of trades being closed by an audio signal.

IceFX TraderAgent is a next-generation trading assistant with a user-friendly graphical interface. It is not
an automated trading robot (EA) and does not make independent decisions, but it helps your professional work in the
manual trading. All important information is displayed on the chart, so that one opens
position, allows an advanced management: with the mouse or the pointing device, it is possible to adjust
easily the stoploss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) levels with the drag-and-drop method. After that TraderAgent will work
for you as a position management solution.
Moreover, a not insignificant aspect, it allows a management of the trading risk, defined as the software calculates
automatically the quantity of trade (lots) at each new position.
Installation in the MT4 proceeds for the files provided, simply drag the EA onto the chart, allowing
the execution of dynamic libraries (DLL).


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In today's digitization era; automation of trading is verypopular and various EA trading or Expert Advisor trading platforms are developed. The other name of EA trading platform is automated trading platform where a trader gets the unique opportunities to trade without direct involvement since all the transactions will be executed as per his given instructions and robot will execute all his orders whenever these orders reach to specified values.

I don't mean to over-generalize, but most new traders aren't interested in the systematic approach you are trying to have when it comes to selecting amongst so many available options.
Robots are a dime a dozen and many of them are worth exactly that.
Unless you automate a system you know intimately and you are able to use manually, the chances of hitting a home run using robots are slim to none. Precisely because there are so many variables at play.
Either you trade a robot that is locked down to a specific trading style for a timeframe and/or instrument, or you're gonna loose countless hours basically trying to polish a turd.
Personally, I'm more interested in the trading ideas behind said robots.
The rest I can code myself as I see fit.

this an robot  for the meta trader 4 is a very strongly


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Can you please describe the trading idea the robot you mentioned was based on?
Even if no one has that robot, maybe some traders will find it useful to try it.


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Hi everyone ... I have buy a vps linux with 1€ a month for trading with robot 24/5 ... And i want to tell you how install mt4 on ubuntu...
First to all install wine 1.6 from terminal, open it and check option Running program for Windows 7... After (from your windows ) zip the directory of your broker mt4 and send to your vps throught e-mail attacment... Extract and enjoy!!!!


this EA has several errors and expects help...after BE stops opening new positions...and maybe new ideas ?and perhaps new ideas for expansion...very welcome

leematie341 wrote:

Omen is a trading robot which is 95% accurate. It's very profitable tool.

Why did you open a forum topic if you not attached a EA file?

This forum is for to attach file.

Posts found: 21 to 30 of 2,065

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