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Hi Misty, are you saying ASSAR lost your account? Can you elaborate on your experiences?
Am concerned with any Martingale type systems for they just allow losses top run ... how does magic robot overcome/avoid this?

If anyone could arbitrage the hell out of the brokers, there would be no business (if you get my drift). The only brokers i have seen allowing that are straight out SCAM, advertising an E.A and the broker they own, so they get the money you pay for the robot, the commision, spreads, and whole deposit you make. :lol: a round one sided business.

Having a brain is actually an edge. Robots will never be able to completely catch the "whole picture" of any instrument as the human can, nor use the discretion that can make the difference between "broke" and "profitable" . They can surely be of great help, but i have yet to see any robot that will not crash on the first regime change or outworldly context. :P


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spock45 wrote:

Does anyone has any expert advisor based in recovery loss hedge? They are based in haven´t stop loss and add the trades each x pips

You seem to describe a grid/hedge strategy, you can try the attached strategy.

You will need to test with at least a 10,000$ deposit, high leveraged account (try cent account, EURUSD). Use at your own risk (i am not the original author of the strategy, nor the robot).

ahmedraslan29 wrote:

What is the name this robot? Can you provide us with him and settings

I think 60% of large and high risks?

60% is a large drawdown. Even more if you are unlucky enough to catch it with your starting capital. You would need to make 150% to breakeven, this table sums it all up:

Hi Misty

I try to back test FX magic robot but I can not do that because global initialization failed.THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE POST.

I tested this live,

The problem is the management. The stops and trailing are visible to the banks and the broker therefore making it impossible to win because of the manipulations by the brokers and banks. You will have no chance at all. It's a great EA but it needs to be modified to hide all stops and trailing else it will lose.

This robot is just a modified version of XMT 2.52 Scalper. It's the exact same robot as ASSARV8, ASSARV9 and ASSARV10.

Got any idea how to setting this robot and what indicator best for using it ? Still losing the money and not so frequently open post too.

Hi all experts in mt4 programming. 

I am a newbie ftrader. I am not a coder but I managed to modify a free EA robot using my strategy. 
I have tested in my real micro account and found about 1.7 profit factor not grand but seems to be working for the past 1 week in GBPUSD,EURUSD, USDJPYand AUDCAD pairs. It failed in USDCAD though.

1. Any guide on how to add demo function codes like time limited use? 
2. How to protect EA mq4 file from being modified ?


Does anyone have this EA to share? I would like to test the Manhathan FX, I have seen on some websites that it seems to be a potential robot. Could you post it here in the forum? Grateful.

Posts found: 301 to 310 of 2,065

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