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please any one give the true results with regard to Magic Robot


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Giulio Maver wrote:

thanks Giulio

giulio i suggest  you   i thank to misty for best ea is fx magix robot is helpful than assar 8

Omar Nastone wrote:

who can help me to get the best robot fx

hey if you are interested i can give you my free EA , it's earns minimum 5% for month and low drawdown , send me email if you are interested :

Omar Nastone wrote:

who can help me to get the best robot fx

on this site they are testing a lot of robots. so you need to test them and see if they are going to work for you.

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who can help me to get the best robot fx

Hi everyone,

Yes i started trading the fx magic robot live today. I started brand new because i've been testing other robots. I decided to let this one run for a week. If it wins i'll let it go another week...etc.

I deposited $20 and i'm trading these pairs on profiforex. 
You can use this in a demo or live. Doesn't matter.

I'm using the live updated version with news filter.

This version was posted by lllllollll a few pages back

It is the newest version with news filter. I've activated all pairs to USD sensitive news. All pairs will be disabled during high impact USD news.

Here's my set file

Hope that helps. Enjoy!

airloo74 wrote:
mthoang15 wrote:

Thank you for share this Forex robot to us,i had test it on EURUSD m15 and GBPUSD M15 with a great result so far, deposit 5,000 and lots 5

i am wondering if you have $5000 with one pair or 2 pairs ... which one?

I have test on demo with Lots 0.05,with FAST1:True Fast 2 : True ,Fast 3 :True

But for my real accouter I set for 0.01 Fast:TRUE Fast2: False Fast3:false  , it's much better cause you're not losing much money when the Big New coming out.... with trading EURUSD and EURGBP it's safe chart to run on --- ( since I'm trade with EURUSD/EURGBP Etc....You much know the New cause it can effect your trading )---


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NonnoJaco wrote:

Hi guys, this is the report of the week from the 11:00Am of 04 to the 17.00PM of today (07).
Standard settings (0.01 Lots just the lot increment 1.3, and not 1.5).
Only pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD M5, Broker ActivTrades leverage 1:400

Hi, first of all thank you for sharing the robot and the results with us.

Regarding the image of these results you say that you have it configured with the default setting but in the fast options 1,2 and 3; Which ones do you have activated?

Thank you and apologize my English

Posts found: 591 to 600 of 2,065

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