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chalie3333 wrote:

i have a qustion what is the update version of this fx magic robot ea and this isthe newst update version.

i saw only difference between update and normal version
take point is 30 tp in old one
update one use 40 pip for tp
and news on update one.

I still try on demo which one is more useful with 40 pip tp both of them

hello  see that many of you robots and precisely this is what i am looking for a reliable robot ready to make big profit had you robot boards for mt4

many thanks for your explanation.
At the moment I'm testing FX magic robot on 15 and 5 mins TF, and I got some more interesting results on the 5 min. The fact that you're using the same TF confirms my impressions and increases my confidence.

At the time I closed my trades on Friday, but as you rightly suggested if there are no meetings or particularly significant macroeconomic events I think that the system should be able to recover without too much effort.
I will try to test both situations in the next weeks.
Thanks again for your kind support.


wingino wrote:

HI Misty,
could you help me please?
Which TF are you currently using? 1 min (post #1) or 5 min (post #116 if I am not wrong?)
Another favor: do you leave your positions opens over the weekend or do you close them on Friday evening in order to prevent any Sunday gap?.
Many thanks for the fantastic work you are doing and sharing.

I'm using the 5m for FX magic robot. It was recommended that you use the 1m. But it depends on your broker and liquidity conditions. Stuff like this. So pick the TF that's best for you and your broker.

You can leave your trades open as long as you want. The EA is a martingale so it will recover them. But you might take some DD so we try to avoid crossover, news and weekends.

Hope that helps



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Concerning the Telolet Robot E.A. the only issue is that is  Short Selling Robot and is not able to be a Buy Long one.
Most of the pairs during bullish trend becomes a huge loss for a long term.
I don`t suggest this robot even if free, it needs to be implemented and improved.


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Robot isn't placing any trades, who can help me out with the problem. Thanks in advance.


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hanibalnos wrote:

hello people, I will put here a robot that already won a lot of money with him before the Greece crisis, after the market was complicated and I was afraid, I wonder if anyone could change it, I tried I could not put my idea is to put it's an order to balance, since it works to correct. I hope someone helps.

Thank you for share..

chalie3333 wrote:

i have a qustion what is the update version of this fx magic robot ea and this isthe newst update version.

Use the version from the first post. It's safe and verified working. 

I cannot be responsible for anyone using any file uploaded into my thread by any other user other than me.

I would highly recommend using the robot from post #1 


I saw a similar thread regarding EA Tester robot outside of MT4 platform. It's a dead thread I think. It looked dodgy in my honest opinion. I need to see genuine reviews and testimonials about the generator.


(6 replies, posted in Binary Options Trading.)

If possible, I would like to see the testimonials of this robot tester. It is the first time I have come across this tester so I still have doubts the first time I have seen it.

Posts found: 631 to 640 of 2,065

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