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Stevey wrote:

So set a GBP buystop/sellstop with medium SL and watch the cash flow in? big_smile

I agree with Mohamed, ASSAR produces some decent trades. Just don't set the SL too narrow / too wide!

Good luck stevey,

You already know i've worked very intensely trying to get assar to work properly but it will get killed at any random data or any big moves.

So far the fx magic robot looks good. i'm gonna make a new thread. if you guys want to join me, then come on in. if not it's cool. i still wish you good luck with assar.

Best Regards


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wingino wrote:

Thanks a lot Misty for the upgade and for sharing this new EA!
I've noticed that the .txt warns the user to shut down the EA before news announcement

Hi there,

No problem. I'm happy to help you guys. In the newest update which i have posted here, you can allow it to trade through news data. I've had it running through the draghi speech and i still doubled my account. It's a great EA. Yes it's martingale but it's not an instant hedge and it seems to work fine.

Eventually with ASSAR you will wipe your entire account. It's inevitable because you are using a counter trend robot.

I will make a new thread for FX Magic Robot


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Misty, something fishy i discovered on magic robot "live accounts" all are trading EUR/GBP ONLY  possibly because that pair ranges mostly, so tp is to hit one day or another with a taste of maringale noticed in results starting from .01 lot to i seen .80 lot! anyhow..they publishing live accounts with EUR/GBP only so potential buyers can be fooled by the "green tp's" n rush to order EA. I spilled the beans, the sellers r sharp but not sharp enuff to fool me. Only thing that convinced me is this EA is good for ranging market/pairs. Set it n forget it with 1K n you'll earn a good 1K monthly not bad for setting n forgetting.

Misty, your results... u tested EA on diff pairs n all went well, so that seems nice lets c how long it works out, martingales scare me, tbh. however they can be best utilized if withdrawls take place time to time.

This EA does well in ranging market (asia session can be expoited perhaps) btw.. brexit article 50 is around the corner deadly volatility expected, i advise all to stay away from GBP. It can be 500 pip drop/rise or 1000, accounts will be blown. 


Good robot,can work great if risk will be minimum aff course smile


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Hey guys, 

Back again. Just letting you know, i tried assar again and lost another $25 within 20 minutes. I completely shut it off and deleted it. It's far too risky because of the large lots and counter trades. So i'm on the other EA i was talking about. I decided to switch from the cross grid to the fx magic robot. It's very amazing. Here's the EA and also here's the sales page so you can see the results. I've cross checked the results from their page to the market feed and it's all legit. 

I'm currently in recovery from ASSAR damage.

Enjoy wink

sales page


(2 replies, posted in New Forex members start here!)

Programming a robot can be a little complicated without notions of programming. Write me to my email and see if we can find a solution:


(6 replies, posted in Binary Options Trading.)

what's the name of this bot? I have not seen the podium find the robot you say. Tell me and I look for it


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Deposit which is optimal for this robot?
How much you can work?
How to behave on high volatility?


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GoodBoyFX wrote:

I am sorry to hear about Misty's 80% loss it's devastating sad( i feel terrible, she's been so helpful through out but its juz the nature of EA's they work until they don't...

I hope we can smart-use this EA.. so far Soul is killing it, keep it up man.. let us know as you learn something new..

I already know its a counter-spike EA. Spikes are not always fake you know.. and also news spike it can be deadly with this EA

Yeah i know exactly why it was losing. I lost because of the NFP/Unemployment data on friday. You definitely cannot trade this thing during the news. Also during the crossover from asia to london. It's a nightmare because of the counter trading. 

I'm going to try again but after i test another EA, it's a grid EA with micro martingale type of thing. I'll let you guys know how it goes. It seems to be recovering all of it's losers. I've also added an additional robot so it'll add more trades and manage those as well.

Good Luck!


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I understand exactly what you mean. Thanks for the insight. I lost during the news and asia / london crossover. 

I'm going to try this again, because i was winning before the news came out and i was winning prior to allowing the robot to run through the cross into the london open.

I'll just shut it down for big news and at the crossover. Thanks for the update !

Just to let you guys know, Stevey who claims to be a programmer has an updated version of assar. v82-v2 which is a very great alternative to this. Hope he posts it smile

Posts found: 751 to 760 of 2,065

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