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Profit Leveler

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It's not hard to figure it out. If you guys are having problems with the EA sending orders. Check your lot sizes and also check your stop and take profits to see if they are too big or too small. This is normal with this EA because it has lots of bugs. It is not an educated robot. It needs fine tuning but it still works soon as you figure out how many digits in your broker. If you go too high it won't trade. If you set your stops and or take profits and or trail too high or too low, it will give out error codes. Because it's invalid lot size or distance.

I was +10% today but then i opened up another set of assar on the 1h and 4h and they all took trades together. That was kinda stupid so i'm never doing that again. Lost my entire 10%. The ea took the same exact trade on all the time frames lol. Screw that then, if the market isn't moving, Just wait it out. No big.

If you are taking only losses. Set ronz to lock in 1 pip after 2 in profit. Trail after 1

Settings in a 6 digit broker would be

lock in


For 5 digit brokers, take out the zero's

Hi can anyone suggest me robo, iam new to forex. anyone send me

thanks for your ea share its really good robot i think yes


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hi...i'm new here..still can't download anything to bypass?coz i know nothing about robot and i'm here because i want to learn something new..please help master!!


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Does this robot use martingale stretegy?

and stop loss and tp auto?
thanks for sharing

most if robot use martingale .
if one day marekt is good trend lucky it's good.
but bad day i will lose all money..


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I've posted all of my findings and all of my set files and configuration already throughout the past 3 - 5 pages of this thread.

The problem with backtesting and demo testing that most people don't understand is that you have to compensate for time loss, no actual trade execution, you can't use dual ea's in the tester. etc.. You just have to compensate for all of the things that happen when you actually go live. Keep your eyes open and look at what happens when you are live trading. 

Are your trades too big in low liquid hours ? 

How often does the robot win? 

How close is your stop loss

The tester does not use spread in the history. Even if it says it does, it does not. I can put a 2 pip SL and only get hit 30% of the time. So we have to account for that as well.

Are you trailing and how fast ? 

Are you locking in profit as a jump stop or trail ?

on and on and on... etc.. etc..

You need to ask yourself these questions. Then you can backtest and trade live, safely and easily.


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ductrancor wrote:

My name is James - a programmable robot enthusiasts forex ! thanks all

Mine is Alife.
Do you know a good ex4 for MQ4 decompiler?

ductrancor wrote:

robot now has the highest price up to much - and it can do what

The difficult thing is to find a reliable robot ...

robot now has the highest price up to much - and it can do what

Posts found: 781 to 790 of 2,065

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