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(3 replies, posted in New Forex members start here!)

Im trying to create a Bot.  Suggestions? 

I know that Importantly, before creating an EA, you need to chose which currency pair or instrument you want to use and then set some basic trading strategy parameters like “stop loss” and “take profit”. Then, if you are creating your robot manually you’ll need to have clear logical trading rules in place for entry and exit.

does somebody has been test it? m1 scalper is looks like a scalper robot that generating good result on it? maybe you must have 99.9% backtest tick by tick

John Jotham wrote:

Please I could use an explanation on 8, 9, 10, 11. I do not understand that part of the agreement.

Any information would be appreciated greatly.

You can trade with the free bonus and if you lose you lose InstaForex money and not your own money.

If you win then after 10% winning you have to deposit 10% and you can continue trading.

Example: If you start with $1000 free bonus money and you win $100 which is 10% of the bonus, then you have to deposit $100 which is also 10% of the bonus amount. So you can continue trading with $200.

IMPORTANT: The free bonus is very good to test a new Forex robot or any Forex robot you want to test and if you make money with the free bonus then you can continue with your own money and the amount you did win from the bonus. If you lose with the robot then no worth it to deposit.

Make sense? 


(2 replies, posted in Ask the Forex Expert!)

Robots are made by programmer on the basis of given strategy.  And there is no strategy that work in all type of markets. You need to up date your strategy according to the market situation. When you use someone else robot, you are just blindly following someone. Robot is good if you can make it yourself as I do. I am trading with FXPM where they have enabled robot trading.

Can you not seem to make any profits in the world of Forex Trading? The answer is right in front of you even though you may not have thought of it and that is the use of an automated trading strategy. Why switch to an automated strategy? Well the human nature is just not geared up to deal with trading in general we let emotions get the better of us. Automated trading software is free from any possibility of emotions causing a mistake and will only trade in the most beneficial way possible: making you mad amounts of money every hour. Ready our guide below to find out about what automated trading is in the FX market and how you can make the most profit ever. We answer some of the common questions that surround automated trading software and then look at what is known as one of the best softwares for online trading: ASSAR V9 (Trend Breakout Edition) 2017 Expert Advisor

What is automated trading?

It is to simply put it Forex automated trading is the technique of trading large amounts of different foreign currencies by use of a computer program. The software picks up on a various sources of analyses and prediction algorithms to ensure that the trader is always given the beneficial trade: so basically it tells you when you sell and when you should buy.

How does it know what to do?

Most automated trading software can follow its set of predetermined parameters that allows it to read the Forex market perfectly and always make you money, it has been put together by expert traders who know the FX market inside out due to their experience of online day trading. But you can also advance your software to become even smarter, you can provide it with your own trader strategies and it will follow them correctly never deviating from its one and only task which is to make you money. You can provide the ASSAR V9 (Trend Breakout Edition) 2017 Expert Advisor for example with a set of signals that you have come up with from your analysis and it will ensure that all your trades will be made without any decisions being put off by human psychology.

But is that not cheating and illegal?

Not the use of automated trading software for day trading is completely legal and allowed by any Forex broker or platform. Remember that a trader could do what your robot can do so it is not actually cheating, it is just trading in a way to make no mistakes because it does not have emotions and always stays disciplined.

So what is the best software to use?

Undoubtedly one of the best software accessible to us at the moment is the ASSAR V9 (Trend Breakout Edition) 2017 Expert Advisor which you can find out and download here. It reports profits of its user being tripled within a few hours and providing you with entry signals so positive you will never make a loss again. Make money today simply and easily from the safety of your own home.

Forex new trader can use demo account to test their limit and trading skill without depositing any real money. Now I am trading with CapitalsTrade. It is a regulated and licensed broker in Vanuatu. At first I used their demo account to know about forex trading. Now I am using both real account and demo account. Now demo account help mo to test new trading tools like forex robot, signal.


(3 replies, posted in New Forex members start here!)

hsaliba420 wrote:


I am new to Forex trading too like you but as I am doing my due dilligence and research, I saw a post somewhere that Arbitrage robot is not good. Is this true? Or is it profitable and cana novice like me use it. If you get a good reference let me know too.

Hello friends as I was searching for the good strategy few people were told about triangular arbitrage in a same broker . In many places it was told risk free trading . Is there anyone who can help us to understand this strategy easily


(451 replies, posted in ► Upload & Download FREE Forex Robots)

i also will try it. With a push of a button, the forex robot runs continuously, making trades signaled by mathematical algorithms applied to past price history.thanks

saeedsws81 wrote:

EA  very good robot  hedging strategy  for 5000 usd use lot 0.01  for 10000 usd use 0.02   pairs EUR USD / EUR GBP / USD JPY 

70  TO 100 % profit monthly


There is a myfxbook link to the robot here … om/1891254

But it stopped updating sometime in July 2017.

I will try a demo on my own.

EA  very good robot  hedging strategy  for 5000 usd use lot 0.01  for 10000 usd use 0.02   pairs EUR USD / EUR GBP / USD JPY 

70  TO 100 % profit monthly

Posts found: 81 to 90 of 2,065

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