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Hey guys,

Today i'm giving you a completely modified version of assar we have been playing with for the past 6 months. 


Formerly ASSARV82 ( Thanks to Stevey for educating this for us

We have finally found the most profitable and safest settings. 

You can trade through the news, spread spikes, anything you want. 

We are making this available for free because the mt4talk forum has given The ASSARV10 Team so much. So we decided we want to give back once again. This is a completely limited edition of this software. 

Do not expect to find this anywhere else. 

The download is only available to active members in the forums. 


Alright so just download the set files and EA from the link below. Copy ASSARV11 to your experts folder and copy the .set files to your sets folder. 

As always, 

Ronz Setup:

RoNz Auto SL-TS-TP v2.05 - expert for MetaTrader 4

Put ronz into a 1 minute chart ( EURJPY 1M CHART)

Load your Ronz .set file

ASSARV11 Setup:

Attach ASSARV11 to all of your charts under a 3 pip spread. (Whichever pair you want to trade)

Note: You will see ASSARV11 adding pending orders automatically soon as you load it into a chart. Don't worry, they disappear because ASSARV11 is testing the execution speed. When the real signal comes, you will see the pending orders will stick instead of being deleted. 

This is so far one of the best ASSAR version's we have in our series. 

The EA says " assarv10 " i forgot to change it to ASSARV11 in the comment section when it's taking trades lol. Don't worry, this is ASSARV11

Grab the template here: … UNpSVN1RWM

Happy Pipping!


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The best robots i've seen for beginners:



You will have very good profit and preset so you don't have to change any settings. Just let them run and make money very easily. Hope this helps, cheers.

Soon as i have some time to trade at 10% with this thing, i will know for sure if it's a big winner. My broker is currently because they have very tight spreads and they accept all usa clients. I have a great feeling SCALPER PALING JOSS is a big winner. I've been testing it and it goes with momentum into a big move. Conversely my robot ASSARV10 will go against any high volume move in 1 direction since it's a counter scalper. 

Scalper paling joss goes with the high volume instead of against it. After backtesting and forward testing live it looks very nice. So i'm gonna stick to it for a while. When i have the results i'm looking for, as always i will share with you guys here. I'm always live trading with real money on real brokers.


Here's my trades since today. I just started again after a few months. I was busy with ASSARV10.

I'm on tradersway standard account live trading. I set my risk to 10% and it's not bad so far. In the beginning i started at 3% then it was making $ so i raised it to 10%

Here's my settings at 10% risk

I think this is a great robot. It trades in the direction of the market at that very moment. It's very accurate.

Min Balance $100

Max Risk %10


Hi Misty, could I use the Ronz for other robots and giving similar functions as with the ASSARV10? I see that Ronz with the hidden SL/TP giving much much better performance for tick scalpers robots.

Yes this was designed for live trading. In the beginning i had sold the training materials. But decided against it and gave out the training materials for free. 

Here's the link

Recommended balance is typical and as follows:

Standard Accounts $100 Min deposit

Cent Accounts $50 Min Deposit

You should be using Ronz for management of all ASSARV9 trades. ASSARV10 is the same robot, without reversal. But containing hidden trailing, stops and news filter. Remember, the news will kill any robot that counter trades. You should have a news filter or just turn the EA off until 5 minutes after the release.



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Misty Horivak wrote:

You need to allow it to run for weeks at a time. Not just a few minutes or a day. ASSARV8 and ASSARV9 as well as ASSARV10 have better success over the long term. Keep your risk at 1% and allow it to run for weeks and months.

Thanks a lot for the information Misty. Could you kindly shed some light into the E.A logic? When i saw it working on a Youtube video the first thing that came into my mind was "latency arbitrage on a scam broker", but after reading this post i came to realize that it may not be the case.

The default settings are for a 6 digit broker. Included in the ASSARV10 package we send you, you will receive both .set files for 5 and for 6 digit brokers. The 6 digit broker settings are in double digits.

I tested this live,

The problem is the management. The stops and trailing are visible to the banks and the broker therefore making it impossible to win because of the manipulations by the brokers and banks. You will have no chance at all. It's a great EA but it needs to be modified to hide all stops and trailing else it will lose.

This robot is just a modified version of XMT 2.52 Scalper. It's the exact same robot as ASSARV8, ASSARV9 and ASSARV10.


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Vylance Tiong wrote:

Working not very well. win at first but lose at last. Need good setting. Capital reach high but finally use volume high and loss all.

You need to add external management. My EA ASSARV10 uses the exact same method but with more intelligent management of trades. No news trading at all and 1% risk only. 2/1 lock and trail settings. It's very good and you can find it inside my signature

ASSARV10 is an educated and optimized version of ASSARV8. After months of research we put it together and it's perfect.

Posts found: 41 to 50 of 125

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