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Obviously it does work and it does open trades. If we were scamming everyone, you would hear about it quite a bit more than just a few places by a couple of people. 

If you could process a thought, maybe you would understand that forex scams get reported very heavily online to the point where that business will shut down. We are not a scam. We are still running strong and we don't get any complaints from people who understand how the forex market works and how scalping works. 

We have documented everything we have done. We started from nothing and ended up with ASSARV11. You can see all of our training materials and all of our research into developing these robots by going into any of the links we provided on our website and in the forum.

People were complaining that ASSAR V8 does not take trades either. You aren't the first one to complain. Directly after that i proved that ASSARV8 does work. I proved that on multiple occasions. Then i proved that ASSARV9 and ASSARV10 work. I've shown live videos and my trade history. You have no real complaint.

The Original ASSAR Research. This is where we started in our research to create ASSARV10:



ASSAR V8 FOREX EA Discussion:

ASSAR V9 FOREX EA (Trend Breakout Edition) 2017 Expert Advisor Discussion:

Our Youtube Channel … Y3CHVNOH1A

The Official ASSAR Website:


One year back test of the expert advisor assar 9 is open just 10 trade.
if you have a good set please share it.

I would recommend Amazon VPS. they are kind of expensive, but if you don't login to it always it stays cheap. Also, i think fxmagic robot is actually a good robot, but it's still a martingale piece of shit. Therefore my ASSAR scalpers are the best commercial robots in the world.

Hey Misty, It would be nice if you post the "minimum broker requirements" and "best broker requirements" for all assar versions to run. This will clear some confusion for lost of people and will us newbies in choosing our brokers.Misty Horivak wrote:

Hey guys,

Today i'm giving you a completely modified version of assar we have been playing with for the past 6 months. 


Formerly ASSARV82 ( Thanks to Stevey for educating this for us

We have finally found the most profitable and safest settings. 

You can trade through the news, spread spikes, anything you want. 

We are making this available for free because the mt4talk forum has given The ASSARV10 Team so much. So we decided we want to give back once again. This is a completely limited edition of this software. 

Do not expect to find this anywhere else. 

The download is only available to active members in the forums. 


Alright so just download the set files and EA from the link below. Copy ASSARV11 to your experts folder and copy the .set files to your sets folder. 

As always, 

Ronz Setup:

RoNz Auto SL-TS-TP v2.05 - expert for MetaTrader 4

Put ronz into a 1 minute chart ( EURJPY 1M CHART)

Load your Ronz .set file

ASSARV11 Setup:

Attach ASSARV11 to all of your charts under a 3 pip spread. (Whichever pair you want to trade)

Note: You will see ASSARV11 adding pending orders automatically soon as you load it into a chart. Don't worry, they disappear because ASSARV11 is testing the execution speed. When the real signal comes, you will see the pending orders will stick instead of being deleted. 

This is so far one of the best ASSAR version's we have in our series. 

The EA says " assarv10 " i forgot to change it to ASSARV11 in the comment section when it's taking trades lol. Don't worry, this is ASSARV11

Grab the template here: … UNpSVN1RWM

Happy Pipping!


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This is good ea and working good live trading and it works good on EURO/USD currency pair..
see the backtest report..

Hey Misty, It would be nice if you post the "minimum broker requirements" and "best broker requirements" for all assar versions to run. This will clear some confusion for lost of people and will us newbies in choosing our brokers.

Hello Misty. I had error in the assar v11 file after compile. Would you mind to check on it.
I can't figure how to correct it.

I am very Interested in the V11 I had v10 and tested live forward on small cent account and it was making some wins but then started losing money, because the profit lock and trailing stop wasnt working properly with the optimized settings for v11. Ill be excited to test RONZ with ASSAR v11 once I can download after my 25th forum post. I'll let you know how the testing goes once started.

nyamkhuu007 wrote:

Hi there.
ASSAR V11 expert
There is no trade in high-end packaging
need help. Need any other configuration?
Is there any chance to post tutorials again?

The spread is too high. It says it right on your screen.


I want to know which broker would be best to use with ASSAR as it looks like its very sensitive to the broker you are using with.

Please advice and thanks in advance.

Posts found: 101 to 110 of 631

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