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I totally agree with Misty, before jump in test it first. I have created EA on cTrader platform not in MT4 written in C# from scratch inspired by ASSAR strategy. If anyone interested try to create demo at Tradersway with cTrader ECN account via then do the mirror into my account to see its function what ever my account will do it will trigger into your account as well.

The best part this can be mirror both live/demo.

You may find my strategy and its performance see

Here is the output for 2 days running the EA continuously. Over 1.6K pips in 2day running.

It totally different version of ASSAR and it is created from scratch by me. If you want you could mirror the trades you could used demo or live account to mirror it and once it works for you I will make the EA available in public. Just search FXSirhC200 at and click on Start Mirroring and thats it what ever my EA do it will do into your account. The good thing of ctraders you could mirror the demo strategy into live account, and currently I make it available for free.

Here is the output as of today.

EA started at Aug 18 and keep running 24hrs and it gone 1.580K Pips total and gained 150% in 2days.

Pair breakdown by volume:


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solod morning... i think the EA test in demo account and after in real accountio'm leraning after one year and it's very difficul.. sorry for my enghils, i want test ASSAR v11... thank you very much


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XBars MA Scalper  I like its workI am very happyI am very happy  I am very happy Thanks for the good stuff
It worked really well.You have to try.
doesn’t start its trail by locking in profit. It just moves the visible 20 pip stop loss by 1. It will step the SL by 1 so for every 1 pip the SL moves to 19, 18, 17.. etc. The banks and brokers can see this and it’s like a sitting duck. While you are sitting there waiting for it to lock in the profit it’s already made, The market turns and you never lock in profits.

i kindly would test the ea but i have tom write more posts. i tested assar V9 but for me it was not profitable. maybe it was the wrong settings.

Hello Misty,

Thanks for this incredible share.

I want to ask if you could add a little option in order to increase safety.

So, can you put an option with the free margin :

For exemple : if free margin is under 500 % the expert won't open new trades.

Since, ASSAR is a multi-currency expert, it will add a suplemmentary safety net, and so we can put the expert on all currencies.

If you could do this, please can you add an extern settings, so the user can put the setting he wants.

Not really urgent here, but i want to know your opinion about his.

Thanks Misty !

artibe21 wrote:

Mr Author ASSAR. On what basis EA determines when to open an item. Is this an algorithm written by you or is this a standard graph.

The Ea uses Envelope Indicator with setting of 3 and 0.07 for getting decisions for direction of trades and ea manages pending orders placed 2 pips further from price and waits to see the pending order activation.

Mr Author ASSAR. On what basis EA determines when to open an item. Is this an algorithm written by you or is this a standard graph.

Friend, which version are you using? I know it's the Robot Assar, but which version? Can you make this robot available here for us to download, please?

Congratulations on the results!


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techlover wrote:

to download the assar Ea or any other Ea , u must frst reply to 10 posts and share the download link i

yes Iwould like to try the EA. an you share it? I would appreciate it.

Posts found: 131 to 140 of 631

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