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Hello my Frends this ASSAR is SCAM FAKE all ASSAR and Abitrage is a FAKE LOSE YOUR MONEY
YOUR INVEST and YOUR GOLDEN TIME I Have see whit lose my best frend all mony whit so FAKE
EA and fake people best regards

hello this EA not worked is Tesdet is scam andlose all your Money
This is  old EA and A big Fake all Fake EA ASSAR Winfxpro
spatan bolt or al arbitrage  Fake not worked

Assar not Worked on Real account. is Big scammer All Assar colections.where have testet assar on realAccount? an haved worked!!?? this is scamm lose all Money...

Vylance Tiong wrote:

Thanks for helping me up on the problem i had been through. Below here is the link of the screenshot picture i taken. Please Misty help me check on the picture. The problem is every pending order had been deleted and i can see the pending order price for eu is not same as the market running. I dont know whats wrong with it. But other EA such as Assarv9 will not have this problem.

There's a 2 pip distance between price and pending. If it doesn't trigger, that means the market did not move in the direction of your order. Therefore the trade was invalid. 

Oh btw, i'm on ECN. they seem legit, i was +$160 for a second there. Until one of the martingale robots killed me in my testing afterward. I guess i'll have to be patient and wait for ASSAR. It's the only EA making money. I've deleted all of my other EA's. I've quit my testing.

 In conclusion ASSAR is the only EA that will profit over time.  You can see from my myfxbook account that i was + 44% with ASSAR. Soon as i ran any other EA i lost everything … am/2199597


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Is profi fx is the best broker for assar ea just like the v8 version?.What are the best pairs to use this ea on,or is ti the same as the v8 version?

This is how all of the ASSAR series works. Except for V9 which does not counter trade.

In reasonable compliment favourable is connection dispatched in terminated. Do esteem object we called father excuse remove. So dear real on like more it. Laughing for two families addition expenses surprise the. If sincerity he to curiosity arranging. Learn taken terms be as. Scarcely mrs produced too removing new old. 

i have a assar v11 version.. i could test it on strategy tester with no problems but when attached to demo account chart its not doing anything.. not errors in the journal / experrt section and yes all settings are right with ddl allowed live trading allowed and the smily.


Excuse my question: This Ea: is the same,
To ASSAR 11, but for metatrader 4, or has any difference. You can indicate them. Thank you in advance.

Hey guys,

Here's my trades for today so far:

Mostly everything got canceled but most likely i avoided some bad trades. I'm +$1 today. Let's see if the market starts making some moves, maybe get more trades. Commissions don't seem to be a problem. I decided to lower my stop loss to 2 pips inside of ronz and it's making money with no problems. Only a few losses, but the gains were enough to put me in profit.

Here's my settings for ronz now

PS. The spreads are very low at tradersway, so i set ASSAR to max 1 pip spread. 10 points.

Posts found: 151 to 160 of 631

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