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have created and EA kind of similar strategy with ASSAR but written in C# and can only run in cAlgo/cTrader. 

The public free version of EA can be found in youtube link below. Enjoy in making money. 


Timeframe: 5mins or larger time frame

Platform: cTrader/cAlgo

Google Drive Free EA (closed code) Share link: … sp=sharing

For Full version with complete source code of the EA it cost 20$ USD, small fee for my hardworking and sharing the complete functionality of my EA: email me at for further details.

EA Features:
Dynamic Stoploss
Auto breakeven protection
Auto Target profit
Capital x 30% for automatic lot sizing
Auto Adjustable of maximum number of entries for both BUY/SELL

Free Copy/Mirror trades for those who are lazy to run the EA and wanted to copy the trades on their demo/live account

Starting capital: 30USD for 2 Buy/ 2 SELL entries with only 2 pair (AUDUSD/EURUSD), above 100USD 4 pairs

Indicator: Envelop 50 period

Sample: Platform View

How to install?
1. Load your ctrader/calgo platform
2. Login into your account
3. Double click the downloaded EA 
4. Set your timeframe to 5 mins
5. Select the pair to apply the robot
6. Click Play

For those who are interested to mirror their account both demo and live account for free message me or email me at

For those who dont have ctrader/calgo account:
Click here for Tradersway cTrader ECN account type at 
For other broker OctaFX

Public statistic record url: … 00/2271013

Sample Historical trades:

Rightnow, I am working with Circle Markets broker who have multiple platforms to select from whether to do with Meta Trader 4 or cTrader. Their customer service team is also skilled and provides excellent support when traders experience difficulties when trading. However, I believe we should always go with one we are most comfortable and feel happy with. I am very happy that I got the right platform to trade with.

Do you know how to turn the MT4 EA's out from the MT4 to Ctrader. It can be exe file or something else. If you say I would be greatful. Thank you for your work.

I totally agree with Misty, before jump in test it first. I have created EA on cTrader platform not in MT4 written in C# from scratch inspired by ASSAR strategy. If anyone interested try to create demo at Tradersway with cTrader ECN account via then do the mirror into my account to see its function what ever my account will do it will trigger into your account as well.

The best part this can be mirror both live/demo.

You may find my strategy and its performance see

Here is the output for 2 days running the EA continuously. Over 1.6K pips in 2day running.

Hi my EA written in C# using the cTrader/Calgo platform, you might be interested to look at how it performed.

See the trading stats at … 00/2222902
and mt4talk for thread forum

The ROI since the EA were started

Hi All, I have created cTrader version of this written from scratch. You might check it stats in myfxbook link … 00/2222902

Here is the link for mt4talk

The trade mirror stats:

Trade execution:

Total pips it closed since the account were created and the EA were started.


Trading Type: Automated
Account Management: Yes
Can be mirrored? Yes
Trading Strategies: Scalper
Trading Method: Trade reversal once channel has been reach.
Number of trades per pair: Max 4 per position
Timeframe: 5mins or larger timeframe


Complete Trade Statistics: … 00/2222902

Trading Platform View:

Equity Chart:

Trader sample history:

Sample Execution Snapshot:

Trade volumes and total number of pips it closed since it was running:

Myfxbook stats:

llllllllollllllllolllllll wrote:
jooes wrote:

i search a funktional EA fpr MT4 or MT5 or CTRADER.
Ctrader ist the best plattform, but i found not good eA`s !?!?

Can i Help me ?


ONE OF REASON why many trader in world use metatrader for trading, is people can test strategy with metatrader and can't test with CTRADER

Try Calgo you could test EA on it and do some testing, find below my sample EA coded similar to ASSAR.

I call it FXSirhC there also another EA created for Calgo/Ctrader you could search in youtube fxclicker, both FXSirhC and CFApolregz are doing the same function only the indicators are different.

The good thing in ctrader even you used different broker all indicators can be used as it put on all the same directory. Even the template can be used to all Ctraders broker, the best part is the it is fast execution trading.

Posts found: 1 to 10 of 98

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