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(4 replies, posted in Ask the Forex Expert!)

Some I found from torrent site is in the pack with warning from antivirus.

If anyone know about decompiler from EX4 to MQ4, Please inform me too.

I still not yet found the decomplier for ex4 to mq4 that work.  Some I found in the pack with the warning from antivirus.


(4 replies, posted in Ask the Forex Expert!)

Hi everyone, may i know how to decompile the EA file with protected/broken EX4 File??because the new version EA is not allow to decompile by ex4 to mq4 decompiler already. Anyone know and willing to share it?^^

Hi,  I previously tried to convert ex4 to mq4 with some app. But this is very difficult. there is some ex4 in a coded language that can not be converted.

I found this site coincidently. I would like to share the link. Some of the zip files and others .mq4 file. I don't know how to turn them out to proper .ex4 files. I hope you enjoy.

To protect your mq4 file you must compile it into an encrypted ex4 using the editor (never share a mq4 file). You may be interested on mq5 exports if you are truly worried about protection (it is said to have better security).

And as for the demo function i cannot help you, but i believe there is a specific function to detect wheter it's a live account or demo, ask a programmer. You can also check it out on the FxDreema application (i have seen it there).

Hope that helped smile


(21 replies, posted in Forex Tutorials.)

In order to know the EA's formular, you need the .mq4  file, which is a source code of MQL4 language. You can not read function(or formular) from .ex4 file.

y want to change file from ex4 to mq4. Is there a sofware to change it. Please share that sofware for me. Thanks very much for your help

Bhasskar Joshi wrote:

or Advice

You must compile mq4 first..because i see there is need ex4 you must compile the mq4 file to ex4 file....

Are you going to post ex4 or mq4 or not or just teasing us?

Posts found: 11 to 20 of 62

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Ex4 mq4 → ► → Search results

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