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This EA is and in what format the file, or ex4 mq4, and works in which deadlines?

Version 5 & 6 of the Scalper EA I have are in.EX4 format, dont have them in MQ4, sorry


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Gribbit wrote:

Alright Everyone
Here is everything you need to get this working.
The scalper EA by itself was never going to work like in the You Tube video

The Scalper_v5 on the original post had a time stamp in it so it stopped working after that, copy in the file it has been removed - goes in the Experts folder
Scalper Wicks EA is an EA - goes in the Experts folder
Scalper Wicks is a script - goes in the script folder, so you can either use the EA or the script to generate the offline charts
The PDF sets up everything different from the video, but must be valid (not tried it yet) it's 3am in the morning where I live, next week

For you noobs, the offline charts only work during trading hours they do not work on the weekends and they cannot be used in the strategy tester.

The way it works is a s follow.
Put the files in "experts" folders
Restart your MT
Open a USDCAD or USDJPY 1m chart.
Drag the Scalper Wicks EA to the chart
Set the inputs
Leave the rest default
Now click on "File" -> "Open Offline"
Find the USDCAD or USDJPY 5m Chart and Open
This is where you must attach the Scalper_v5.ex4
Lot=0.0 to use MM with Risk Setting
2.0= 2% of your trading balance per trade, so that 0.2 lots for $1000 account. This also equals $1.51 per trade as commisson @ $7/ standard lot

You must also untick the offline charts box on the Common tab in the offline charts properties. Right mouse click on the chart.  Otherwise the EA will not place trades

I have been running this now for about 45 mins, drawdown is getting bigger,  was getting close to stop loss on a couple of trades, has recovered again.  I'm running 1 4Min offline chart and 1 2 minute offline chart. Smaller TF offline chart may be better, test it yourself.

+$35.54 after commissions Account Leverage 1:500

Hey Bro,
Thanks for sharing Mq4 file.. do You have V6 or V7 MQ4 files for both EA files. (there are 2 files for EA to attach on 2 charts)
I also need a latest Decompiler if You can arrange,, I will be grateful..
kindly reply.. Thanks alot...

Hello everyone.

I found this great EA for trading the XAUUSD pair or Gold. The name of the EA is called Actiongold EA. I found the .ex4 file on a Russian website no .mq4 file unfortunately. I also did a google search for the EA and it is actually being sold on mql5 website for 899.00 USD . I saw the backtest report for this EA there and the results look great. I conducted my own back test and the results are very similar to that on the mql5 web page. I will include screen shots in attachments to this post including the EA.

I am unable to trade the EA in a forward testing environment because the EA is provided for by mql5 and they must have a special lock on the EA or something. Can anyone educate this EA below so that we can use it on live accounts.

Thank you MT4 Talk masters

Here Are the Attachments:

FAP Turbo v5.2 Expert Advisor

Free Download FAP Turbo v5.2.rar :
Fapturbo Guide.pdf
fapturbo  gbpchf.set
fapturbo eurchf.set
fapturbo eurgbp.set



if it is .ex4 file it is not able to view source code you mut be owner of this file and encrypt with password...

if it is mq4 file you could open datafolder of metatrader and view it with programm of metatrader...


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Dear Experts, I have been searching for an EX4 to MQ4 Decompiler or converter. Please can anyone help with a working version of that piece of software?

I am learning mql4. So im searching for mq4 source code to study. But most of the eas and indicator shared online are ex4 files. Is there any way to decompile ex4 to mq4. I found some paid services in some websites. How do they do it? Is it really possible?
Please share any tutorials..


Hello Im Irshad. 20 years old from Sri Lanka..Started trading forex 2 years ago. And stopped it after losing a lot of money in first few months. I am back now. I failed the last time because of emotion. (fcuk i dont want to think about it ). So I think the best way to trade forex is using an EA. I dont want to follow others eas (ex4) blindly. Now  I am an undergraduate software engineering student. ( First year ) . So I have a good idea on programming.

These are my goals.

Learn mql4 and practice to build eas and indicators.
Build my own system or ea (This will take months)
Trade with less human emotion

I am doing really good with my studies in college. So im not in a hurry.

I found this forum when searching for mq4 source code to study mql4.
I am not looking for any profitable eas, systems or anything. Just looking mq4 eas/indicators with source code to study.

Wish me luck.


I have 2 EAs in EX4 format, they only work on demo accounts, how can I convert them into mq4 format so they can work on live accounts without any restrictions?

Posts found: 31 to 40 of 62

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