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ichimoku EA new with 3 orders type

In the Western World it is solely known for its “Graphic Environment”, due to the fact that authors have not translated the original manual into English, German, nor Spanish. However, Ichimoku is also integrated by three other theories that improve and enhance the indicator:

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Hi all, This is my first post. 

Let me comment on my newly installed ASSAR expert advisor. 

I am new to MT4 and Spot Forex as my trading came mostly from binary trading. After losing a lot of money on what is apparently a very well disguised scam I see the potential in the spot forex market. 

There are a few issues that came up though, the nomenclature of stop sell stop buy and the like. There were also a few other things that were foreign to me and the layout of MT4 is very well designed if I had an idea of how to use the more advanced features. I have a ECN account and contacted support to help with my understanding why +8, -15, +7 in my account still have -14.43! The math doesn't seem to add up unless I am missing something like what draw down is? So to say, Binary is much simpler to comprehend in a basic environment when compared to the complexities of Spot Forex. 

So It goes to say the more advanced and technical creates opportunities to manipulate the data. In this case the data is money. I wanted to try Spot Forex and looked at products such as Kore EA with an average of 48% per month on live testing accounts. I felt that was an acceptable return and then I got greedy. I wanted more and with Spot Forex I considered the possibility of earning for the first time something more like what I should be able to make to live comfortably. Maybe build another level on the house to make the place where I live more desired to the neighbours while stimulating the local economy. I live in San Francisco so it goes to say the area is very expensive with hopefully no end in sight to the increase of housing prices. Assar wasn't on my radar at the time but after watching some alluring and captivating possibilities with Spot Forex I wondered. I began considering the possibility of this being a wisiwig. I became invested in the possibility and wanted more just like how I wanted Binaries to be ITM.

The video is very disruptive as anyone has watched some of their bait videos. Now not to make the developer sound bad or great but if you have watch the video it is quite readily apparent everyone whom into the money will salivate with delight and get emotional with delight. This is to say , shown me the money! 

I wondered why with any business analytics a swot analysis was performed and increasingly asked where are the competing products to support the basis of this level of profitability. As with any great product the Assar could not relatively be a stand alone product in the field of Spot Forex as great products stand only upon the shoulders of giants. There had to be a lineage of the ideas that developed it and made it come to live. 

I began loading the video and found myself one week into my first monthly trial. There were happy thoughts and thoughts of doubt. There couldn't possibly be a way this Assar works and yet in theory it works perfectly in a perfectly free market without intermediaries its possibility is the essence of the supply and demand economy. So I have put in my work into the Assar. I watched the videos 5 times now each time being more careful to detail then the past. I installed the software to my broker with the broker recommended. I looked for support via the online google hangout. I was very pleased with the installation and ran into few errors in the learning curve. 

Alas it was time to run the ea live in demo moment. I was very sceptical. Making two million in 90 minutes with 76.05 deposit on any broker with spreads is a no brainer - it couldn't be done. The videos demonstrate otherwise and to that end I am competing with wisiwig. 

Fast Forward to Day 3 - I devised a strategy telling myself that I would nonetheless reinvest the money if I were to make over a million to target or gov properties trust to sustain the market economy and support the infrastructure repatriation by devising the strategy of reinvestment. That is to say, the possibilities are limitless if the conditions were to be proven true. I would put it on my pipte and smoke it with dreams of grandeur. I try and truly hoped for this divine strategist to provide what is the God EA with my plans to dig a trench and reinvestment to fight the throe of hyperinflation. This is a good strategy I thought to myself as I debated to turn on and run what would be the climax of a weeks worth of work. Time is an enemy as going forward there's no way to turn back. The fork in the road was established and it was upon I to come to conclude if dreams are made for me to reach or God in Urantia knows well enough humans are the only way humans keep each other oppressed. It was the time of decisive action and I mulled over a few days thinking of what the effects of turning the dream into pleasure or nightmare into scam land.

The time and moment I turned it on It was immediate that the EA was devised to have some element of deviation from the videos. Elements of deviations came into the mind - was this person keeping secret the settings? does the theory of hyperinflation scare the poop onto their pants? has it come to realisation the swot analysis indicates the privilege resides in becoming a gatekeeper? is it this team approached by terrorist recruitment to fund destruction of American interests? The list goes on. Without a true known knowledge of the motivation for producing the videos and being on google hangout I only were able to come to the conclusion that he is there as if the oracle to neo in the movie Matrix.

There wasn't any flare or excitement and the EA has yet to make a trade with the parameters of 1:1000 leverage, ECN spread under 4.0, and with the base amount in demo 50,000. There were thoughts into meddling into the settings myself and where the developer might doublespeak into "educate" the possibility of existence. In other works to produce the intellectual stimulus of such a product possibility frontier however its final conclusion is that until more people come forward with the actual evidence of such a production possibility I may only assume the likes of Google, Apple, FANG stock are the only incorporation that holds their secrets to the trillion total money washing and hyperinflation hedge. That is to say the knowledge of its existence is the adam and eve story of the moment in the garden of knowledge - it was meant to not known and our knowing but not doing is a warning to all those whom come.

By: Jimmywah

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Hello all traders ,. i get on internet .,
    this  one  good as know all element mix on this , ew ,fib,trande line ,tp 
so have try it 
im happy if good can get profit for you all traders ., advance or new

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Hi All,

This is probably one of the more elegant automated systems I've seen.

Team Aphid -  signal company which existed around ten years ago initially came up with the system idea, if memory serves they had a ranging element to the EA which had fibonacci retracements between the blue and red lines.

Hopefully when I reach ten posts I will download the EA and update you all as to it's profitability.

The settings for ATR and Factor in the videos above seem quite tight, allowing a lot of noise to interfere with the results.

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Most people’s experience in the Forex Market is relatively short and in no way profitable. They hear about the currency market and think it is an EASY WAY TO MAKE A lot of money in a very short space of time. Now, I am not saying this can’t be done, because for some this is true, but for the majority it’s certainly not the case. Let me explain in more detail …

In the early stages of most FX trader’s careers, the first forex trading decisions generally come from tips and recommendations from brokers, alert services, forum threads or sometimes even mutual novice trading friends. Then, at some point, traders decide to study the market and attempt to find the perfect system or method to trade with. I am sure you can relate to the following statement; for many traders, the Forex market and it’s nuances truly become an obsession that takes up countless hours of searching on the internet and books, forums and DVD’s , in the hope to find the holy grail Forex trading system, which they eventually find out, simply does not exist.

Traders develop or buy a system and start trading way to soon. Sometimes it is profitable, but when it has a few losing trades (which is normal), they change the system, read a new trading book, etc. or go back to looking for tips and advice, back to the forums, back to Google, searching for more information. After some time, and after more losses and frustration, most give up and stop trading altogether. Or, they go on the analyzing merry-go-round, keep paper trading and never get any financial success from their trading; this is the case for 90% of newbie and intermediate traders.

A few realize that the trading method they are using is not the actual problem and the most important ingredient in their trading is actually themselves. In addition, they soon realize that a sound set of trading rules is essential to trading profitably. But if the rules are not followed, they are of no value, and an average trader will have difficulty making a profit with a good trading system. Ironically, a good trader who has skill and a good mind can make a profit with even an average system. Put simply, even with a perfect system, the human mind can stop it from MAKING MONEY!

Statistics from surveys of US traders indicate that once a trading methodology is developed by a Forex trader, then 80% of the effort in trading is actually trading skills (that includes things like Forex trading psychology and Forex money management).

When the trading system is developed and trading skills are learned, a person starts finally trading properly. Most traders encounter a setback at some stage; either the market conditions change or they don’t follow their rules. However, if good money management is followed, this is not a serious problem. Often, even after winning for several months, after a small set back, many great traders stop trading to evaluate what has happened. This is often a mistake, and is again, the ever-present emotional element which plays in the back of our minds every day we trade. It’s a mistake to interfere with the consistent day to DAY TRADING routine, even in the face of losses, the trader has to press on and believe in what they are doing.

Here some common traps that traders fall into, this is where the real decision about the trader’s future is made:

1. They stop trading all together
2. They find a new system, read a new book, and do another course. This can go on forever and successful trading will never happen.


They can evaluate what really happened. Mostly it will be that market conditions had changed or they didn’t follow their rules.

The forex traders who go on to achieve greatness:-

(a) Monitor the markets and start trading again but trade small amounts and don’t force trades, they then resume trading normally once they get back on track.

(b) Wait for market conditions that suit their trading style.

This is an important process to go through. Most traders go through this experience 2 or 3 times before they develop the skills to achieve their trading objectives.

Trading success is a result of consistency, discipline and patience and most importantly self belief… When you have a forex trading plan that involves clean price action strategies, and that is built on practical workable parameters and it suits your personal and financial requirements, and you stick to it, then your Forex trading will become more enjoyable and more profitable.

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An element of volatility crept back to the chart of Dollar/Yen yesterday. because the news about Russian troops on the Ukrainian border filtered through there was first a spike lower (yen strength) so a spike higher (dollar strength) only to settle back to where it had been originally. So where does this leave the chart? Neutral yet again and searching for direction, sadly.

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Many traders blame their selves after they lose in Forex, that isn't right for any trade, we tend to lose trading we don`t ought to blame anybody even our selves, instead we must always take time to find out Forex fine, as a result of blaming our selve won't bring the lose back to U.S.A.. Losing is an element of commercialism too it build U.S.A. perceive the place we tend to ar going wrong. therefore no one ought to blame him selves for losing.

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