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The strategy test is given bellow...
Strategy Tester Report
MA Reverse
Alpari-Demo (Build 220)

Symbol EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
Period 1 Час (H1) 2008.09.01 00:00 - 2008.10.31 22:00 (2008.09.01 - 2008.11.01)
Control points (a very crude method the results must not be considered)
Bars in test
2071 Ticks modelled
27425 Modelling quality
Missmathced charts errors

Initial deposit

Total net profit
8807.40 Gross profit
8807.40 Gross loss
Profit factor

Expected payoff

Absolute drawdown
4083.00 Maximum drawdown 5226.40 (85.07%) Relative drawdown
85.07% (5226.40)

Total trades
31 Short positions (% won) 9 (100.00%) Long positions (% won) 22 (100.00%)

Profit trades (% of total) 31 (100.00%) Loss trades (% of total) 0 (0.00%)
Largest profit trade 300.00 loss trade 0.00
Average profit trade 284.11 loss trade 0.00
Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 31 (8807.40) consecutive losses (loss in money) 0 (0.00)
consecutive profit (count of wins) 8807.40 (31) consecutive loss (count of losses) 0.00 (0)
Average consecutive wins 31 consecutive losses 0

image is also given

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2019 has been a breakout year for successful Forex robots, as many traders have accumulated a fortune using them.

As we enter in 2020, the demand for such automated trading software has increased by a lot and do you know why?

Because it REALLY works.

It is thus a good idea to take a look at the reviews on the Forex robot because it will help traders make better decisions-information when it comes to choosing the appropriate automated trading software like FIX API trading provided by SGTMarkets.

Forex robots can be described as automated trading software, execute trades on behalf of the trader, based on some predefined trading rules chosen by the trader him/herself.

It takes the help of the trading signals and trading algorithms to complete this process. Forex robot is always preferred by traders to their profit potential.

The purpose of the following article is to highlight the five most profitable Forex robots available today from the well-known developers and legitimate.

Therefore without any further ado, let's dive right in.

Here are the DEETS...


Forex Robotron is famous Forex robots that focus more on providing a user-friendly experience. The platform is capable of independent market research by analyzing current events, predicting their impact and make adjustments to trade accordingly.

Some of the useful features that already include a dedicated 24/7 support team, its user-friendly interface, and the script auto-trading.

As seen in the latest RoFX review also accept payment in various methods such as direct PayPal, direct bank transfer and even in Bitcoin.

2. Forex Robotron:

Robotron platform is another Forex robot that was developed and tested using a variable spread is a real, real tick of data and the real slip of Dukascopy with live results proved.

It works with both the GBP / USD and EUR / USD pair markets that have the lowest spreads and liquidity were great.

This robot began trading market, utilizing a tight stop loss with low risk, high accuracy, and consistency were great. This gives an average profit rate of 80%, allowing it to quickly build equity trading account.

As far as losses are concerned, Robotron not allowed to hit the full stop loss. This is not to anticipate changes in market direction and out of the trade-in advance.

With a strategy that is a reliable and user-friendly interface, Robotron can go consecutive winning streaks of more than 80 trades.

3. Econ Power Trader:

Econ Power Trader is another Forex trading robot that is reliable, developed by LeapFx. Offering compatibility with MetaTrader 4 and work well with a broker who offers spreads as low as possible and skid.

Using AINTT (Adaptive Intelligent Technology Trade News) along with tight stop loss. It made a huge amount of pips on winning trades which provide a favorable risk to reward ratio.

So-called news straddle trader, for strategic, identifies important news that could affect the Forex market and act accordingly.

4. Securza Forex Robot:

The Securza Forex Robot is one of the best options available for novice traders to enter the market. The settings can be done easily within 5 minutes. Supports multiple currency pairs, including EUR / USD and GBP / USD.

Average trading typically lasts about six hours with levels memorable victory of more than 50%. The development team also provides free updates to the money-back guarantee schemes in place.

5. FINWe Forex Robot:

The FINWe Forex Robot offers a high win rate of around 70% to the risk to reward ratio of almost 1: 1. It works with both the GBP / USD and the currency pair EUR / USD, executes nearly 15 trades every day.

Tests verified on FXBlue indicated that he had collected more than 200% in trading profits with monthly gains of 50% on average. It works best with the ECN account.

Why is it important to do a comparison with Forex Robot?

Forex Robots are usually based on a mathematical algorithm automatically shared with trading strategies.

Increased demand for Forex robot has also attracted many illegitimate companies to set up a Ponzi scheme masquerading as a Forex Robot. This poses a barrier to choosing a good Forex robot trading for a memorable experience.

Often, fraudulent companies set up websites promise to find striking images and great offers that make them hard to resist for a novice trader.

Some claims even supported by back-testing information has not been verified that give the impression that past customers have got more than their money.

Often times it is just a Ponzi scheme aimed at unsuspecting traders and this is how many people have lost their hard-earned money.

Thus, for the novice trader, it is always a good idea to do proper research before making a final decision by some flashy ads or promises of good luck.

Do not miss out on a check for testimonials or reviews from those who have used robots. There are few authoritative sites that provide detailed reviews of various Forex robots available.


Forex robots from developers and reliable companies can change the fate of every trader struggling to generate profits.

The above list of Forex robots are just a few of the most famous Forex robots and efficient in existence on the market today.

Be sure to research for them I hope you'll get one which will help you immensely in order to make profits in this online trading era.

Good Luck!

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For opening and closing respective orders at the first parabolic SAR signal this EA has made. its performance depends on the custom parameters or stop loss,take profit,trailing stop and lot size for opening trades.If the last time you were here this red note wasnt here please transfer the version obtainable at this moment. From this version onwards the trailing stop should be manually entered in your orders as i try and put a simpler trailingstop script.

Strategy Tester Report
pSAR bug
Btrader-Real (Build 225)

Symbol EURJPY (Euro vs Japanese Yen)
Period 1 Hour (H1) 2010.01.04 00:00 - 2010.01.20 23:00 (2010.01.01 - 2010.01.21)
Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
Parameters StopLoss=40; TakeProfit=70; Lots=10; TrailingStop=30;

Bars in test 886 Ticks modelled 198037 Modelling quality 90.00%
Mismatched charts errors 0

Initial deposit 10000.00

Total net profit 40705.62 Gross profit 93454.67 Gross loss -52749.05
Profit factor 1.77 Expected payoff 1507.62

Absolute drawdown 1741.78 Maximal drawdown 20393.39 (34.61%) Relative drawdown 43.66% (14046.28)

Total trades 27 Short positions (won %) 14 (64.29%) Long positions (won %) 13 (30.77%)

Profit trades (% of total) 13 (48.15%) Loss trades (% of total) 14 (51.85%)
Largest profit trade 7622.78 loss trade -4387.12
Average profit trade 7188.82 loss trade -3767.79
Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 4 (30453.47) consecutive losses (loss in money) 4 (-17453.31)
Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 30453.47 (4) consecutive loss (count of losses) -17453.31 (4)
Average consecutive wins 2 consecutive losses

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Underlyings for this EA are the daily opening (o1), the daily high (h1) and the daily low (l1).

Strategy Tester Report
dailyTrend [Premium]
AlpariUK-Micro-1 (Build 226)

Symbol EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
Periode 15 Minuten (M15) 2010.11.01 00:00 - 2010.11.05 21:45 (2010.11.01 - 2010.11.07)
Modell Jedes Ticksignal (präziseste Methode, die auf allen nächsten verfügbaren kleineren Zeitrahmen basiert)
Parameter autoTrading=true; Reversal=true; oneTrade=false; Lots=1; Trading_Time="GMT_Diff = Chart hh:mm - GMT hh:mm"; GMT_Diff=2; GMTstartHour=5; GMTendHour=8; GMTclosingHour=18; ProfitStop_TakeProfit_StopLoss="ProfitStop=200, OrderTP=50, OrderSL=0"; ProfitStop=10000; OrderTP=30; OrderSL=0; CCIfilter=false; MAfilter=false; HoldingHours_Risk="HoldingHours (hh)=4, Risk=1"; HoldingHours=4; Risk=1; TPsetupSL=false; CloseAllOrders=false;
Balken im Test 1472 Ticks modelliert 196283 Modellierungsqualität n/a

Ursprüngliche Einlage 1000.00
Gesamt netto Profit 883.00 Brutto Profit 1549.00 Brutto Loss -666.00
Profit Faktor 2.33 Erwartetes Ergebnis 98.11
Drawdown absolut 247.00 Maximaler Drawdown 675.00 (38.44%) Relative Drawdown 38.44% (675.00)
Trades gesamt 9 Short Positionen (gewonnen %) 3 (66.67%) Long Positionen (gewonnen %) 6 (83.33%)
Profit Trades (% gesamt) 7 (77.78%) Loss Trades (% gesamtl) 2 (22.22%)
Grösster Profit Trade 300.00 Loss Trade -384.00
Durchschnitt Profit Trade 221.29 Loss Trade -333.00
Maximum aufeinanderfolgende Gewinne (Profit in Geld) 4 (649.00) Aufeinanderfolgende Verluste (Verlust in Geld) 1 (-384.00)
Maximal Aufeinanderfolgender Profit (Anzahl der Gewinne) 900.00 (3) Aufeinanderfolgende Verluste (Anzahl der Verluste) -384.00 (1)
Durchschnitt aufeinanderfolgende Gewinne 4 aufeinanderfolgende Verluste 1

Nr. Zeit Typ Auftrag Volumen Preis S / L T / P Gewinn Bilanz
1 2010.11.01 08:09 sell 1 1.00 1.39698 0.00000 0.00000
2 2010.11.01 08:09 modify 1 1.00 1.39698 0.00000 1.39398
3 2010.11.01 12:09 close 1 1.00 1.39649 0.00000 1.39398 49.00 1049.00
4 2010.11.02 07:00 buy 2 1.00 1.39331 0.00000 0.00000
5 2010.11.02 07:00 modify 2 1.00 1.39331 0.00000 1.39631
6 2010.11.02 09:55 t/p 2 1.00 1.39631 0.00000 1.39631 300.00 1349.00
7 2010.11.02 09:55 buy 3 1.00 1.39655 0.00000 0.00000
8 2010.11.02 09:55 modify 3 1.00 1.39655 0.00000 1.39955
9 2010.11.02 13:09 t/p 3 1.00 1.39955 0.00000 1.39955 300.00 1649.00
10 2010.11.03 07:00 sell 4 1.00 1.40039 0.00000 0.00000
11 2010.11.03 07:00 modify 4 1.00 1.40039 0.00000 1.39739
12 2010.11.03 11:00 modify 4 1.00 1.40039 0.00000 1.40039
13 2010.11.03 16:15 t/p 4 1.00 1.40039 0.00000 1.40039 0.00 1649.00
14 2010.11.04 07:00 sell 5 1.00 1.41208 0.00000 0.00000
15 2010.11.04 07:00 modify 5 1.00 1.41208 0.00000 1.40908
16 2010.11.04 08:54 close 5 1.00 1.41490 0.00000 1.40908 -282.00 1367.00
17 2010.11.04 08:54 buy 6 1.00 1.41498 0.00000 0.00000
18 2010.11.04 08:54 modify 6 1.00 1.41498 0.00000 1.41798
19 2010.11.04 09:15 t/p 6 1.00 1.41798 0.00000 1.41798 300.00 1667.00
20 2010.11.04 09:15 buy 7 1.00 1.41818 0.00000 0.00000
21 2010.11.04 09:15 modify 7 1.00 1.41818 0.00000 1.42118
22 2010.11.04 09:31 t/p 7 1.00 1.42118 0.00000 1.42118 300.00 1967.00
23 2010.11.04 09:31 buy 8 1.00 1.42141 0.00000 0.00000
24 2010.11.04 09:31 modify 8 1.00 1.42141 0.00000 1.42441
25 2010.11.04 10:40 t/p 8 1.00 1.42441 0.00000 1.42441 300.00 2267.00
26 2010.11.05 08:09 buy 9 1.00 1.42151 0.00000 0.00000
27 2010.11.05 08:09 modify 9 1.00 1.42151 0.00000 1.42451
28 2010.11.05 10:19 close 9 1.00 1.41767 0.00000 1.42451 -384.00 1883.00

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Hi. I recently installed a renko indicator and noticed that with the right settings it worked great on the 15 min Gold chart. I would like FREE,(TRULY FREE!) EA that automatically trades this. Alternatively the information  to be able to build it,( this would be preferrable as I have ideas of how I would like it to execute which I don't think I'll find in a pre-existing EA.) It should of course be usable on eur/usd and gbp/usd, also on 4hr and Daily TF. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

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celiomelo10 wrote:

Can someone kind enough to compile this EA to be compatible for MT4 new build?

This is a compiled ea.

Only mq4 source code can be compiled.

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Can someone kind enough to compile this EA to be compatible for MT4 new build?

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How would you handle the worry of trading? Have you at any point had a craving for tossing your PC out of the window with a losing exchange? Or on the other hand, have you at any point felt the rapture of a triumphant exchange that is run and run? In the event that you have exchanged, you would perceive the worries of winning and losing. Winning and losing is distressing and enthusiastic. It can likewise be all around desolate, particularly as a retail broker or private speculator. Consider the impacts of trading on your body. The vulnerability of the markets is a consistent strain. Going out on a limb is additionally a weight on us. Along these lines, stress and trading go connected at the hip. The 'battle or flight' marvels is broadly perceived and we as a whole comprehend that focused on inclination. Adrenalin floods through the framework, we may feel wiped out and have a dry mouth as our body plans for a reaction. The issue for us as merchants is that 'battle or flight' reaction isn't constantly useful for us as traders. Actually, an alternate piece of our cerebrum is being used when we are in our 'battle or flight' mode. This territory is our Brain Stem and administers our survival senses. In any case, as a trader, we need to utilize our Neocortex part of our cerebrum as this is the place most of our increasingly created reasoning happens: arranging, considering, and defense.
You know the maxim, 'when you grin, the world grins with you?'. All things considered, when you win you feel unique. There is a book called The hour among Dog and Wolf composed by a previous Goldman Sachs dealer and neuroscientist, John Coates. He expounded on the diverse impacts of the triumphant and losing cycles. You will remember them:
Series of wins
Energized, grasping risk, feeling amazingly sure, higher testosterone
Losing streak
Risk evasion, dreadful, profoundly cynical, losing certainty
Both winning and losing streaks make perils for brokers. Along these lines, we have to work at dealing with our feelings so as to dodge limits of considerations and reaction to both winning and losing.
Certain things we can't change about trading, similar to risk. We should go for broke so as to exchange. Be that as it may, we have to dependably oversee it. You know Greg has this down when he continually reminds merchants to 'characterize and limit' risk. In the event that you are going out on a limb, you are going to put your body under huge pressure and your mind will flick into survival mode and settle on imprudent choices. My recommendation to you is to quit utilizing leverage. Your reasoning will improve as you do this. Build up an arrangement that you begin to pursue. Record it, do it every day and build up a day by day capability through day by day discipline. One key part of trading is to be equipped. As it were, simply exchange when you realize 100% what's happening. In some cases, the market is abnormal and complex. Not every fundamental account are clear. Thus, abstain from trading when you don't comprehend what's happening. Remain out. It is alright to state, 'I don't comprehend what's happening in the market'. Nobody has total dominance. The broker who gives a Global Trading account to all brokers covering a wide scope of the money related markets and fitting any venture sizes is FXLinked. There is no base store, smaller scale part choice and Islamic account swap free accessible, they have made the Global account to treat customers decently with one account that covers any trader and guarantee reasonable and measure up to treatment to every one of their customers.

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best softtware decompy but must up build for mt4. but its a old build decpompy

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Does anyone have a fix version corresponding to MT4 build 1160?

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