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FX EA_snniper

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High FLyer EA

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Latest posts
How to use it? any manual? is it repaint? or how it goes in long run?

Bolinger band isnt a book. its a tool inside mt4. it count the trading inside mt4 as indicator

same here. i need experts and i try to get best ea to win over forex

i doubt it work. No experts are good in long run. thats the nature of forex

I have try it before. but its hard to use software on it. because its a bad delay between brokers an...

it must be someone that try it? why should i use signal when good eas is every where?

Im sorry but i dont have it. i also want it to try. It seems work good

How is it work? Is it any manual or settings to use? can you show any evidence?

i wonder if it works. Do you have any proof as backtests?

yes it works good i think. its right must be. I like to answer you but have no idea

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