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FBS - Online broker on the forex market

Topic: FBS - Online broker on the forex market

Year since: 2009
Headquarters: Belize
Company registration: FBS Markets Inc., Belize
Regulation: IFSC Belize (IFSC/60/292/TS/15)
FBS is offering a trading insurance plan.  If you read the details closely, you will see the plan increases spread by 1 pip.  It appears that in order to collect $100 for losses, the trader must have already payed in at least $120 in spread markups.
Gift T-shirts

You can get a free T-shirt if:
the sum of your one-time deposit exceeds $500
there are 2 lots traded (200 lots for Cent accounts).
T-shirt with VIP embroidery is available to order only after one-time deposit of $ 1,500 and 2 lots traded.


Re: FBS - Online broker on the forex market

Forextrading is essentially the buying of one currency and the simultaneous selling of another. Trader can 2 types of trading account types with my broker Circle Markets. One is Standard and the second is Pro Trade, as well as an institutional one. All account types offers variable trading spreads and micro tradeable lots. They are offering major currency pairs to trade with. I am really very lucky to get them as my broker.


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