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Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper (Free Series) Discussion and Downloads

Topic: Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper (Free Series) Discussion and Downloads

The strategy of Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper V10/V11/V9/V8 is scalping on tic-basis, where the EA opens BUYSTOP or SELLSTOP orders when price breakouts occurs based on the indicator. The indicator is either two “Moving Averages”, “Bollinger Band” or “Envelopes” for the last 3 minutes. Any of the indicators can be used as decided from the external settings. These settings you will find in the mql4 file you received when you first purchased ASSARV10 or downloaded ASSARV11.

Download ASSAR V8, ASSAR V9 and ASSAR V11 here:

Copy and paste this link into your browser address bar

This forum is for trading with live accounts and discussing only ASSAR.


For all indicators, “a channel” is calculated. And how wide this channel will be is decided by "VolatilityLimit" in points, which by default is calculated and adjusted dynamically, but also can be set to a fix value. If dynamic, it calculates this value as a multiplication of the average spread during the last 30 tics, and the value of the "VolatilityMultiplier".

How much the breakout should be in percentage of the band-width is set by "VolatilityPercentageLimit" in percentage of the channel width.

Volatility Settings: (You can find these settings inside of your mql4 file)

This is actually a part of the trading settings, but covers more specific settings for how the scalping should be done.

VolatilityMultiplier / 10 * RealAverageSpread, where “VolatilityMultiplier” is set as below, and “RealAverageSpread” is the average value of the spread during the last 30 tics + any broker commission. So for instance, if the spread is 16 (1.6 pip) and commission is 0, then “VolatilityLimit” will be 200 points (or 20 pips), since 125 / 10 * 16 = 200.

VolatilityMultiplier: A multiplication factor to be used if the above “UseDynamicVolatilityLimit” is set to TRUE. Default 125. Before you change this, please make sure that you make some calculations according to the formula above based on different spreads so that you fully understand how this value changes.

VolatilityLimit: This sets the sensitivity for when trading will start, based on the size of the volatility (how much the prices has moved). It’s the distance in points between the highest price (known as iHigh) and lowest price (known as iLow) during the current bar. If the price moves more than this, an order will be opened in the opposite direction. If you set this level to too high, there will be fewer trades, but it could also increase the winning rate. If it’s too low, it will start to trade more often, but the winning rate could decrease. Note: This is one of the most important parameters to change if you want to adjust the robot for any other currency pair than EURUSD and don’t want to use “UseDynamicVolatility-Limit”. It can be as low as 50 (or even lower) or as high as 500 (or even higher). A value around 180 (18 pips) seem to be a good average.

UseVolatilityPercentage: Normally the Volatiliity (the difference between iHigh and iLow during the current bar) must be more than the VolatilityLimit in order to trigger a trade, disregarding of how much the VolatilityLimit is. If this is set to be TRUE, then this difference must exceed with a minimum percentage known as “VolatilityPercentageLimit” (see below). For instance, if “VolatilityPercentageLimit” is set to 60, then the Volatility must exceed the “VolatilityLimit” with at least 60%. So if VolatilityLimit is 180 then the Volatility (the difference between iHigh and iLow) must be 180 * 1.6 = 288 points.

VolatilityPercentageLimit: A factor used if the above “UseVolatility-Percetage” is set to TRUE, and measured as percentage. For instance, 60 means 60%. Otherwise not used. Set this to a whole value representing how many percentage more you want this to be (see explanation above under “UseVolatilityPercentage”). The higher the value, the fewer trades but most likely also stronger signals.

Only one order is opened at a time, and an opened BUYSTOP / BUYSELL order is treated differently from an opened BUY / SELL orders as follows:

An open BUY-order is modified with a new StopLoss (SL) and TakeProfit (TP) if its current “TakeProfit” is less than the “current Ask price” + “Commission” + “TakeProfit” + “AddPriceGap” AND “current Ask price” + “Commission” + “TakeProfit” + “AddPriceGap” – “existing TakeProfit” is larger than the “TrailingStart”.

An open SELL-order is in a similar way modified with a new SL and TP if its “current TakeProfit” is greater than “current Bid-price” - “Commission”

“TakeProfit” – “AddPriceGap” AND “current TakeProfit” – “current Bid-price” – “Commission” + “TakeProfit” – “AddPriceGap” is larger than the “TrailingStart”.

The SL for the modified BUY-order is changed to “current Bid-price” – “StopLoss” – “AddPriceGap”, and the TP to the “current Ask-price” + “Commission” + “TakeProfit” + “AddPriceGap”.

And for the modified SELL-order, the SL is changed to “current Ask-price”

“StopLoss” + “AddPriceGap”, and TP to “current Bid-price” – “Commission” – “TakeProfit” – “AddPriceGap”.

Open BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP orders are either modified or deleted. They are modified with new SL and TP as follows.

An open BUYSTOP order is modified if the “current Ask-price” + “StopLevel” + “AddPriceGap” is less than the “OrderOpenPrice” AND the “OrderOpenPrice” – “current Ask-price” + “StopLevel” + “AddPriceGap” is greater than “TrailingStart”.

An open SELLSTOP is modified with new SL and TP if “current Bid-price” – “StopLevel” – “AddPriceGap” is greater than “OrderOpenPrice“ AND “current Bid-price” – “StopLevel” - “AddPriceGap” – “OrderOpenPrice“ is greater than “TrailingStart”.

If the conditions are not met for the BUYSTOP or SELLSTOP order, then they are deleted.

The Official ASSAR Website:


Message from Forum Admin: Joshua Allison is a same person as Misty Horivak! This person is banned because she cannot provide decent support to her Forex robots.  When people asking for help she calling people stupid, idiot and all kind of names.

Here is a respond from Misty: also see : smile

Re: Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper (Free Series) Discussion and Downloads

Trading on the foreign exchange can be daunting when you haven’t done it before for monetary gain. While most of us have used it without even thinking about it (exchanging money for a trip abroad or buying something from a foreign market) without researching the world of forex trading it can be a highly confusing concept. So what are the benefits of forex trading and is it really worth it? Let’s take a closer look.

The great thing about foreign exchange trading is the accessibility for everyone to get into. A lot of stock exchanges demand large sums of money to get into in the first place and this is still true of trading on the forex market however if you are planning to trade currencies then you need a relatively small amount to get started. With a minimum of around $100 to start trading currencies, it is easy to set up in and you can build capital fairly quickly.

Of course it’s not just about the ease of getting into it, it is very easy to stay on top of trading and you never need to worry about looking for a buyer. Currencies are always in high demand and buying and selling is incredibly simple in these cases. More than this, the markets are open 24 hours a day and, unlike other stocks trading markets, you are able to use this to your advantage throughout the day. You don’t need to worry about your location wreaking havoc on your ability to trade with other countries as your markets are always open, as are theirs.

The ASSARV10 Team offers a platform that allows you to trade quick and easiy with no fuss, By taking advantage of the best times to trade for you. this is one of the most advanced technologies on the market and ensures you will come away with a profit. This is an absolutely perfect way to get onto the forex exchange, especially if you are relatively new to the concept. By using a system that understands the foreign exchange market you will not only be able to make money out of using this broker, but you’ll learn a lot yourself and have a greater understanding of how the market works.

Forex investing is scary to begin with, especially if you don’t have an understanding of how the markets work. The benefits of using online trading means you are able to keep complete control of when you are buying and selling and are able to very easily keep up to date with the latest developments. So head over to for a quick and easy introduction to making money on the forex exchange.

Message from Forum Admin: Joshua Allison is a same person as Misty Horivak! This person is banned because she cannot provide decent support to her Forex robots.  When people asking for help she calling people stupid, idiot and all kind of names. Do not buy Forex robot from Misty or whatever is her name!


Thanked for the post: SkynetLabs, mburken1337, altoidbrothers, Misty Horivak, tomncher6

Re: Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper (Free Series) Discussion and Downloads

When you trade it is easily to lose yourself to your emotions, you make a bad trade and suddenly you are stuttering at your monitor throwing your hands up in the air. You strain your eyes looking for the trade to make the most profit and jump on it because your only thought is to get your lost money back! But that trade was not part of your overall market strategy and suddenly your well crafted day trading rules have been thrown out the window! You don’t want to fall into that hole of negative trades just because you made one mistake, all you want to do is watch that sweet profit come tumbling into your account.

This is where the Assar Automated forex trading scalper comes in, it removes the emotions and psychological influences of identifying a trade. No more picking a currency because you like that country, the automated software follows the parameters to the bone and never loses track of the overall goal: profit. Automated software consistently makes the correct decision because it has been made to win and make your life easy, it will exploit the settings you have inputted and follow the settings that you have installed without wavering from them.
Automatic Execution: only profit!

Even the most experienced trader will sometimes make a trade based of some sort of gut feeling and not go with the logic of the market conditions. If you stick to the Assar automated trading then you don’t have to ever have a lapse of judgement or fall into the pitfalls that are human feelings.

The automated trading makes price discrepancies apparent in real time and immediately jumps on them so you can never miss a currency speculation tactic, the information is processed in seconds and trades executed immediately. The Forex markets will all be at your fingers and it reads all sorts of financial charts with ease, it breaks down the spreads and the lows and the highs, letting you just making daily profit every day of the year. If you want to be a serious forex trader, then automated software is the only way to go. 

Enjoy life without being glued to your computer!

No one wants to give up all their hobbies and never leave their house! You want to enjoy life and go play tennis when you want. Day and night you can be trading without even watching your computer, never miss a trade ever with this amazing piece of automated software. No need to be studying charts all the time trying to speculate about the Forex market, because the automated software does everything for you and allows you to relax. It does not need any human supervision, you just need to be there to pick up the profits and spend that money! And the cream of the crop allowing you to live that dream life with the house by the beach? Well with this software you can manage multiple accounts at the same time, which just is not possible manually.

Message from Forum Admin: Joshua Allison is a same person as Misty Horivak! This person is banned because she cannot provide decent support to her Forex robots.  When people asking for help she calling people stupid, idiot and all kind of names.

Here is a respond from Misty: also see : smile

Re: Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper (Free Series) Discussion and Downloads

I have talked about how mastering and choosing a predetermined trading strategy will allow you to build up your portfolio and triple your income within two weeks.

But What I can guarantee you without fault is that your strategy won’t work forever, the rain of profits will at some point come to an end. It may take a few weeks, it may take a few months or if you are lucky it may take a few years but I will bet anything that at some point your strategy will be put in the dust. This is for the fact that you cannot always stay ahead of the market and that market forces always change.

 If you want to become a millionaire in the profitable world of Forex trading then you are going to need more than one trick up your sleeve to be the best online trader that the Forex market has ever seen.
Fresh ideas, new strategies, everyday is profit.

If you want to stay ahead of the pack and sustain your profitable edge always making those gains, then you need to keep coming up with fresh ideas and diversifying your trading skills. Don’t worry you won't need to change the whole way you see the foreign exchange market, just need some tweaks to keep you always above the crowd. Well luckily for you I have three tips right here to make sure your profits keep growing and your money keeps stacking up so you can buy that mercedes benz that you have been looking at all these years.

1. Try looking at different times

Just because someone told you to be a day trader and that would be the best way to dominate the Forex market doesn’t mean you need to look at short time frames all the time or stick to shorter time frames every day. Some of the best day traders check out longer time frames and that way they see the whole direction of the market and not just the day. Maybe even speak to some swing traders so you can add it into your repertoire of techniques.

2. Try trading other pairs

So you are a master of trading AUD/JPY and know it like the back of your hand? Well what happens when it all goes wrong, why not be always stacking the profits by learning another pair in advance now? If you are a master of AUD/JPY then you must know the aussie dollars well, so move in on AUD/EUR or AUD/USD so you can maximise your ability to predict the Aussie FX market.

3. Use Automated Trading software

Automated trading software may be frowned upon by some online traders but if you really want to capitalise on the Forex market you need to be having a robot reading those charts for you day and night. You will not throw yourself into a silly trade because you misread an entry signal, the Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper V10 will make sure it trades only profitable currency trades for you. This allows you to concentrate on a different FX platform and maximise your potential profits.

Message from Forum Admin: Joshua Allison is a same person as Misty Horivak! This person is banned because she cannot provide decent support to her Forex robots.  When people asking for help she calling people stupid, idiot and all kind of names. Do not buy Forex robot from Misty or whatever is her name!


Thanked for the post: SkynetLabs, mburken1337, Misty Horivak, tomncher6, altoidbrothers

Re: Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper (Free Series) Discussion and Downloads

Ever wondered why you were not making daily profit and gains in the Forex Trading market? It is probably because you were reading the charts wrong and following the wrong strategy, there is no place for free riding and gut feelings in the world of Forex trading: you need to be cutting edge and follow your strategy to the end no matter what happens on the way. You need to ride through the lows and wait for those amazing highs to sell sell sell, we always like seeing our profits grow don’t we? Here are some of the best Forex Trading strategies that work that give you the best entry signals and the most gains possible.


Scalping is the way of the day trader, short and sweet trades where you only hold for a couple minutes maybe even just seconds to gain that little profit. You need to keep your eyes glued to the EA charts and follow the market like a hawk because a scalper seeks to beat the bid quickly and skim just a little bit of profit. It is a hard trade style to pull off in the market of Forex but if you you want to be ahead of the game and be that metatrader you always wished you could be then this is a style you may want to consider. Just stick to the charts and follow the profits.
Day Trading

As the name highlights these are trades that you will exit before the end of the day, you will never be long term holding when you apply this strategy. This gives you the best chance for the trade to be successful and the less chance for the Forex market to take a dive in the other way. Your trades may only last a couple of hours, so you will want your price bars set to just one or two minutes.

Swing Trading

This is for traders that have nerves of steel and who can read Metatrader charts so well it is as if they were born to trade in the Forex markets. You have to hold your position for several days and only look for the profit short term price patterns. You will have your charts set to look at bars every half an hour or maybe even an hour, if you miss the first swing of highs, well don’t worry it always comes back around in the end.

Positional trading
This is for the long term holders the bag grabbers and the currency whales, following the long term major trend changes. Your goal is to seek the maximum amount of profit in just one trade, therefore you will typically just look at the end of day charts.

 All that too much work?

Can’t find a strategy that sits well with you and does it all sound like too much work to study the Forex market to become the best online trader? There is a perfect strategy for you to dominate the foreign exchange market and that is with the best automated software on the market which you can find here.

Message from Forum Admin: Joshua Allison is a same person as Misty Horivak! This person is banned because she cannot provide decent support to her Forex robots.  When people asking for help she calling people stupid, idiot and all kind of names. Do not buy Forex robot from Misty or whatever is her name!


Thanked for the post: Misty Horivak, tomncher6, SkynetLabs, mburken1337, altoidbrothers

Re: Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper (Free Series) Discussion and Downloads

Another happy customer provided me with his latest trade results and asked me a few questions. I think this is great when our clients actually respond to us and tell us how well they are doing.

Message from Forum Admin: Joshua Allison is a same person as Misty Horivak! This person is banned because she cannot provide decent support to her Forex robots.  When people asking for help she calling people stupid, idiot and all kind of names.

Here is a respond from Misty: also see : smile

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