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SZ_Scalper free

by Holger Bläsner

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new member is here

by ShakEel Ashiq


by Lau Fran Albuquerque

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HELP? The MT4talk EA Downloader Chrome Extension not working? V:3.0.2

Topic: HELP? The MT4talk EA Downloader Chrome Extension not working? V:3.0.2

If you experiencing a problem with the MT4 EA Downloader extension please read below.

IMPORTANT: Log-In to Chrome Browser and log-in to the Extension!
Login to your Chrome Browser: You must be logged into your browser with a same email address that you used on your chrome store purchase.

Login to the extension: You should be logged in automatically but if not, please click on the extension browser icon and click to log-in to the extension to check paid license. You must log-in with the same email address that you used on chrome store to buy this extension.

Please follow the 2 points below.

1) You have to go to your chrome settings and must be logged in to your chrome browser with a same email address that you used to buy the extension at chrome store.

2) After you install the extension click on the extension icon you see the blue link "Login to google to check the license" click on that blue link and login with your google email and password. A same email as you used on your purchase at chrome store when you purchased this extension.

You have to use a same email address on both option. And make sure a same email address that you used on chrome store to purchase the extension.

Please see screenshot below:

Refresh all pages: If you just purchased the extension and cannot download files, please refresh all the MT4talk pages that are currently open!

Works in PC only: The extension only working in Chrome Browser on desktop and laptop computers! (NOT working in Tablets or Smart Phones)
Do NOT remove the extension: If you remove the extension or if you log out from your Chrome Browser the download will not work!

Do not use Proxy!
If you are using any proxy extension or  visiting the forum from a website which using proxy to hide your location then you may have problem with downloads. You need to visit the forum from chrome browser without using a proxy to hide your identity!

Check if you have a right version!
If you cannot download files or if there is any error, always check if you have the latest version. Current version number is 3.0.2
If you have older version, remove the extension from your chrome browser, go to chrome store and reinstall the new version.
As long is you have a valid subscription, you can remove and reinstall the extension any time.

You must install the extension right in Chrome Store!
WARNING: This extension only works if you install it right from the Google Chrome Store.
If you trying to install any illegally downloaded version in developer mode, it will NOT work for you + after a few try, you will get blocked out from MT4talk!  

NOTE: If you have any illegally downloaded copy (not from chrome store) installed in developer mode, you must remove and install a new copy right from the Google Chrome Store to be able to download files! 

Check your subscription payment!
If you have monthly membership, check if the current month subscription has been paid! If your monthly payment fail for any reason, you willnot be able to download. You must have valid paid license to use the extension!

If you still have problem, here is what you can do.

1) Remove the extension from your chrome browser.
2) Log-out from the forum if you already logged in.
3) Delete browser cash and cookies.
4) Go to chrome store and login with a same email adders that you purchased the extension.
5) Download and install the extension again (you can remove and reinstall as long is your membership is active)
6) You may have to click on the extension browser icon and click the blue link to "Login to google to check the license"

Need further help?
If you need further help, you can contact the Forum Admin at:

1) You must provide your valid chrome store order number.
2) You must provide your country!
3) You must provide the exact time of the purchase.
4) You must provide a detailed explanation of the problem.
5) You must provide a screenshot of the error. (example: Screenshot the topic where you cannot download files from)

Please note: All email must written in English and  if you failed to provide any of the above information, you will not get answered.


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Highly Recommended by MT4talk Forum Admin!

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