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Here Attached, Window Closer EA. When there are a gap between bars it trades to the counter trend di...

It works well with EURUSD and 15M. I think this is the copy of old version of WallStreet Forex Robot...

Hi, where did you get these files? Do they work without license? I assume you know where to put each...

Attached, here is the famous Aladdin7 EA. Some people say it is exactly the same as Wallstreet Forex...

I did traded with this EA for around 6 months. It opens like 5 trades at the same time. It looks lik...

Attached, TOProfit EA. It trades in big trend with pull back timing. Good win ratio but It has a rel...

Attached, PhiBase_PRO EA. This trades kind of long term like 2 week until it closes the trade. There...

Attached EA called Generic A-TLP v.9.02. It works in real account. Time Frame M1. It trades in the d...

Attached, the backtest of WallStreet and csakWSFR. I used only Open Price backtest, It should be dif...

I did not trade that long time with WallStreet or csakWSFR, so I am only saying based on the back te...

Attached, this is Forex Over Drive EA that trades in trend with pull back point. It has a big stop l...

Attached, here is another clone of Wallstreet Forex Robot called csakWSFR. This one has more tight p...

Here is something I found in web, Vergil Day Trader. This looks like clone of Wallstreet Forex Roblt...

Attached, this is I believe the latest educated version of WallStreet Forex Robot. It does not trade...

Attached, This version has a problem when restarting MT4, it disappears from the chart. Do you have ...

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