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Forex Robots & Forex Indicators

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Upload & Download FREE Open Source Forex Robots!

Over 10,000 Forex robots are available to download in this forum.

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Upload and download Forex Indicators

Only open source Forex indicators allowed to upload.

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New Forex traders start here...

Please introduce yourself to other forum members. Tell us some information about yourself...

Subforums: Forex BonusesForex Tutorials.

I'm learning MQL4

If you are learning how to create an Expert Advisor, you can ask for help in this forum. Show your code or ask for help or you can post MQL4 Code Tutorials.

Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading is great for beginners and very easy to understand. If you have been using Binary options trading in the past, please share your experience.

Manual Forex Strategy

Share your manual forex strategies with other forum members.

  • 173 topics
  • 488 posts
  • Last post: Sunmoon EA 02-25-19 13:05:42by

Can you code an EA for me?

Forum members may request NEW Forex Robots in this forum. Also EA programmers have chance in this forum to make money by creating new forex robots.

Forex News & Daily Forex Outlook.

Share current forex news and daily forex outlook with forum members.

Ask the Forex Expert

Are you new in forex trading? Is there anything in forex you don't understand? Ask the experts! Expert traders may answer your questions in this forum!

Forex Hedging

Talk about forex hedge or upload your best hedging EA to this forum!

In Forex, hedging is a very commonly used strategy. To hedge, a trader has to choose two positively correlated pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD or AUD/USD and NZD/USD and take opposite directions on both. Hedging is meant to eliminate risk loss during times of uncertainty and it does a pretty good job of that.

Forex Reviews

Talk about your good or bad experience. Don't be shy, tell the truth about brokers.

Subforums: 4 & 5 Digit Forex BrokersBest & Worst Forex BrokersQuestions & AnswersWorst IB Program

  • 397 topics
  • 1,136 posts
  • Last post: FBS Forex Review 11-30-18 01:19:13by crootster

► General Forex Talk

Talk about any Forex related topics. Share anything that related to Forex trading.

Subforums: Ask Professional Traders

Forex Scalping

Talk about forex scalping or upload your best scalper EA to this forum! Help other forum members to earn money with forex scalping!

Forex Scalping is a day trading strategy as it involves opening a certain position, gaining a few pips, and then closing the position. It is one of the most basic and resourceful trading strategies. The main aspect of Forex scalping is quantity. It is not unusual for traders to place more than 100 trades a day.

► Forex VPS

Talk about Forex VPS servers.

  • 89 topics
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  • Last post: looking for VPS 03-13-19 13:58:31by woodya22

Forex Martingale

Talk about forex martingale or upload your best martingale EA to this forum!

Martingale from a Forex trading approach, it is nothing but a process of cost averaging, where the exposure is increased (doubled) on losing trades. Despite the risks posed by Martingale trading method, there are a good number of followers to this trading strategy.

Forex Platforms

Talk about Forex platforms.

Subforums: MT4 - Meta Trader 4Mirror TraderSuperTraderCTraderXTrader

Forex Signal

Buy/Sell Signals. Share your forex signal or share your thought, should we buy or sell today?

MT4 Scripts

Please share FREE open source MT4 scripts. MT4 script is used to fulfill analytical and trading functions.

Did you win or lose today?

Share your trading results. Upload a screenshot, statements, etc...

Forex E-books.

Please share FREE open source Forex Ebooks that you have a ready read. It can be very useful for other forum members. If you are new to Forex Trading, Forex e-books are good to learn from.

InstaForex Broker

Talk about InstaForex.

FxPro Broker

Talk about FxPro Forex broker.

Forex Learning Center

Talk about Forex related keywords and meanings. Are you a new Forex trader? In this forum you can learn about words that you was not sure about what means. Also you can learn about Forex.

  • 170 topics
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  • Last post: Metatrader 01-07-18 11:02:24by adabang35

The Scam / Fraud Reports

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Broker Scam Warnings

Are you a victim of a broker fraud? Didn't you get your earnings? Didn't you get your affiliate commission? Open a new forum topic with your story!

Report Other Fraud / Scam Websites!

Are you a fraud victim of any website? Report fraudulent websites in this forum! Open a new forum topic for each report and please be detailed as much as you can. Also, upload proofs!

Recommended Forum Topics!

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EA_PropatternFX_V3.1- ( tested with over $30,000 profit)

Trillion Dollar Pips - (tested with over 4,000% profit)

Forex Luxury EA- ( tested with over $164,000 profit)

EA- CSBL- ( tested with over $69,000 profit)

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Renko scalper- (updated over $80,000 profit)

EA-Budak-Ubat-v1.51- (updated over $47,000 profit)

ea hokky- (updated over $459,000 profit)

Winner Fx Pro v2 - (updated over 15,700% profi)

need good setting- (updated over $78,000 profit)

Best Things In life Are Free - (tested with profit over 800%)

Renko EMA Robot v9.1 - (tested with over 1,300% profit)

Turbo Scalper EA- (updated over $360,000 profit)

af global - (tested with over $84,150 profit)

Grid Master EA- ( tested with over $283,100 profit)

EA- ( tested with over $20,700 profit)

EA's collection number 2- ( tested with over $39,000 profit)

EA FIBO- ( tested with over $15,300 profit)

EA MiFx V2.2- ( tested with over $293,700 profit)

No Sleep EA! Tested with 8900% Profit!

profit box v7- (updated over $34,700 profit)

Super Hacked Pro EA - Updated over 211,400% profit!

Found EA fix system EURUSD M30- (updated over $29,300 profit)

Moby-Dick v2.7_2- (updated over $150,000 profit)

Hello to you I have EA the profit- ( tested with over $20,500 profit)

Super Scalping EA - (tested with over 1,800% profit) 

Sofy Robot - ( tested with over $100,000 profit)

EA Laba-Laba- (updated over $7,500 profit)

new robot - (updated over 47,500% profit)

super profit EA robot for eurusd gbpusd-(tested with over1000% profit)

EA's collection number 3 - (tested with over 2,200% profit)

forexthaipop EA - updated - over 42,800% profit.

Cobweb EA - (tested with over 3,000% profit)

frorex line 7 ea - (tested with over 1200% profit)

AF SCALPER - updated - over 13,000% profit.

EA Combo (tested with over 2,900% profit) 

Mart EA - (tested with over 1000% profit)

Expert Advisor - (Envelopes - tested with over $93,000 profit)

SuperWinForexThai - (tested with over 3,500% profit) 

EU Profit - (tested with over 1,700% profit)

Test this Monkeypips v120 - updated - over 2,900% profit.

1 min scalper - (updated over 2,500% profi)

EA 5 Digit - (updated over 20,000% profi)

5 minute scalper - (updated over 3,400% profi)

robot antares - (updated over 1300% profit)

EA ej (Forex Robot) - (tested with over 3,800% profit)

Stochastic Oscillator EA Basic - (updated over 2,300% profit)

New Robot - (updated over 9,200% profit)

EA hobeet - (tested with over 2,400% profit)

ThunderBird Ea - (tested with over 1000% profit) 

AFGlobal Expert Advisor - (tested with over $84,150 profit)

EA Trump_s Golden Dream - (tested with over 1000% profit) 

Good EA (updated 148 000% profit)

EA free - (tested with over 1,600% profit)

Forex Robot! Updated! - - (tested with over 37,000% profit)

Dieser Roboter läuft Sehr gut - (tested with over 2,100% profit)

THE BEST EA IN THE WORLD - (tested with over 1,600% profit)

EA Tengri 1.4A MARTINGALE - (tested with over 1,300% profit)

New Forex Robot - (tested with over 3,300% profit)

El Bosonaro profitable Renko EA - (tested with over 1000% profit)

EUREKA V7.2 - (tested with over 5,200% profit)

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