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by b0mbercypher

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I will use this Ea in my account. Then i will tell what result its Ea is giving. Thanks for nice sha...

Thanks for sharing! Please share the strategy of robot. I think this robot works very slow. I need s...

This indicator is available in terminal already. I am uploading the image to find this indicator.

Best timing for scalping is M15 in which you can easily get 5 to 7 pips easily.

I want to tell you that do this business with confidence. Trust on himself when you open trade then ...

Can i do this business for life time. I want to know that this business can set your future if you h...

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How much time is required to learn Forex trading business. Many new traders ask this question? You c...

I rest when Saturday and Sunday comes. Because i spend my many time on terminal in watching market. ...

I do trading in this pair. Because this is common pair to do trading. Most of traders do trading in ...

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