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I agree with the mayority. the best platform for me is mt4. i don´t like mt5

the same i prefer eur/usd, and use CAD with both, and the worst for me is JPY,

Do you think that scalping method is the option?, i don´t know, if do you have good results please s...

the best time for me is when the market has more volaty and i find these condition in the middle of ...

the best for me is avatrade, it is easy for withdraw the money, and only take 3 or 5 days.

hi, i´m from Perú. I have 3 years in forex, but I think that I need to learn a lot. but if I find so...

thanks for the page live forex signals, it is easy to follow it. is it usefull for new traders

somebody used the scalper v5? is it good with real money?,

forex have a lot of indicators and these take time to understand how to use the main. also the robot...

I will try with this EA, I hope it´ll be good. In these case I will share my comments

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