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PZ Harmonic Scanner

by Adeyemi Damilare Abdul Afeez

IceFX TraderAgent pro

by roshan5999

Forex Tips EA

by ezippydekza

Very interesting free EA

by Deleted User


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i think that EU will go up and finish down trend EU is making a correction on its down trend so it ...

The Crossover Moving Average Mirror user, completed with Sound Alert.

The indicator shows a messsage then the price crosses the lines, titled the "Support" and "Rezistans...

The EA gets two points and keeps on hedging between this two points. The size of the hedge is under ...

The bulls are beginning to make a bit of a go of it. The recovery following Monday’s sell-off has co...

As a very basic set of rules. a) Gray: MA close to OBTR: Look for a breakout or trend continuation....

The expert advisor idea is to find the strongest and the weakest currency pair. For example, if the...

The strategy of trade - the breakdown of the maximum / minimum of the selected time period. To compe...

I think a dealer with a right mind-set concerning forex won't be discouraged by losing a trade as a ...

For opening and closing respective orders at the first parabolic SAR signal this EA has made. its pe...

Mt4 is new platform for me so i have few more question about this i am using demo account and i want...

Parabolic SAR for current Time Frame (White Line and Yellow Line) and Next Available Time Frame (Aqu...

Hi there. This is very good Ea and it works "play with" stage now and I though I would make it ope...

This is 10 point 3 enhanced v003 Base on 30Min USDJPY

hi i need suggestion from the expert i want to know what kind of indicator do you use for tp and sl?...

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