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Banana Pips

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Big Breakout EA

by Md Billal Hossain

Renko EMA Robot v9.1

by caballoblanc

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Welcome to TREND_SEEKER's profile

  • Regular Member
  • Real name (enter your full name): Hamza Mahmoud Mohamed Hamouda
  • From: Armenia
  • Registered: 04-30-16
  • Last post: 02-10-18 10:34:16
  • Posts: 27
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01-02-18 17:23:00
Replied to: 2000 pips daily
10-06-18 09:09:55
Replied to: Scalper_v5 (free)
12-31-17 01:14:52
01-08-18 20:27:55
12-14-17 03:55:07
01-08-18 20:30:01
Replied to: ASSAR v8
10-01-18 13:29:53
Replied to: Assar_03_EA
12-14-17 05:08:30
Replied to: XMT-SCALPER v2.522
05-19-17 05:40:51
Replied to: Assar_03_EA
12-14-17 05:08:30
Replied to: 2000 pips daily
10-06-18 09:09:55
Replied to: Scalper_v5 (free)
12-31-17 01:14:52
05-10-16 03:26:07
05-10-16 03:26:07
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All good in the backtest and losing in real money why that ?

Don't waist your time with such EA All lose`s on real account

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