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Assar V11

by bongs33

Trendline Idikator

by an84ma

very easy ea

by an84ma

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05-15-18 16:40:13
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Latest posts
What's the minimum account balance to start trading with this EA? Can it work on small accounts of l...

What is the essence of this post? No link to download EA and no link to videos. Or am I missing some...

Hi, I've tried severally to get your EA to work even on the backtester but it just won't place any t...

My broker average spread for EURUSD is 1.1 pips and 2 pips for the GBPUSD. Account leverage is 1:100...

You were supposed to upload your scalping EA here but I dont see anything. I dont see the purpose of...

Hi everyone, My name is Michael and I suppose I am the newest member in here. I am a Nigerian and a...

I hope that it can perform like the videos I watched on YouTube. The EA's performance was simply awe...

What's the point in giving is a video to watch with good EA performance but no EA to download. Doesn...

The TF and huge SL is a big red light for me. I prefer to work with the smaller time frames and mini...

Hi, Do you have and recommended settings and time frame for this EA? You help will be much appreci...

So many potentially good EAs in this forum. This being one of them. Can't say for now until I run bo...

I'll download and run my own tests. If it's any good, I'll report back here.

I've just finished watching the EA on YouTube. Yes the performance is incredibly awesome. I'll run...

EA looks very promising. Will download and test it. I think I'll try this one on my real account.

the ea have more lost rather than win... this is a red light for me, dont know about other. but than...

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