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by b0mbercypher


by b0mbercypher

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Latest posts
Hi Misty, great share. Good to see that you have developed the EA so further. I am not so active her...

If you are trying to promote your website, then there is a sell section in this forum. This section ...

Scalper expert M15 for all the currencies to be tested with the demo included in the zip file Giul...

I'm done helping any of you. I wrote you a message in the other forum. But this is one of the reas...

Great Job Misty. I will give this EA a try and let you know the results.

where put them on terminal-mql-preset? This is why 95% of the traders lose money. If you don't kno...

iHi Guys, hi chris.... i am very impressive.. you make it.. but i am so sorry where you get wor...

hello Misty, i think there's a bug in the EA, my settings is Fast 2 true, fast 1 & 3 False, for the ...

hey foolish do backtest with 99.9% data and see how kill your account sooner or later kill your acco...

Ending my week, I made $2 last night. Not bad at all for it being a friday and almost no market move...

looks like 1:2 (risk:reward) EA but wow 3 yrs of patience really was worth it.. i saw withdraw half ...

Sure misty, I have been trying to get the Keltnerpro EA up and running. This EA has been in the mark...

Hey Guys,  i am sharing the Keltnerpro EA and trying to get this EA to work. This is one of the long...

I understand there is a difference between backtesting and live. But is it only about execution spee...

Hi Everyone, Nice to see some new martingale, although i never ever will trade martingale after losi...

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