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@10_20_buy_mm.mq4 Forex free EA - (Tested with over $1,000,000 profit)

Here is @10_20_buy_mm.mq4 and its free Forex robot. You can download, test it and let us know how work is for you.
We have tested many EA on FxPro you can test with that broker also.

@10_20_buy_mm.mq4 7.86 kb, 97 downloads since 2015-04-20 

Daily MT4talk Artificial Intelligence (AI) Forex signals for manual trading.

  • NEW! Daily MT4talk Artificial Intelligence (AI) Forex signals for manual trading. Earn approximately 10% to 50% profit per day.
  • Receive the daily Forex signals from MT4talk, then execute your trades, establish the recommended Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL), and relax. Your tasks for the day are complete. With these signals, you are guaranteed to achieve an average daily profit!

We release the signal every morning between 6 am and 7 am (GMT+1). Typically, we enter the trade right before 8 am or sometime around 9 am but we always notify you when to open the trade.

By default, we always recommend setting the Take Profit (TP) at 500 pips and Stop Loss (SL) at 300 pips.

We believe that the results of Forex signal users are the best way to demonstrate proof of profit.

See the latest earnings from MT4talk signal users.

MT4Talk Signal - 2023.12.01 - 12.44% profit
Incredible AI Signals! 2023.12.01
I've made 30%+ today. 2023.12.01
Bad day today, only a 14.36% profit overall. :)
Profit from MT4Talk Signal - 2023.11.30
30/11 third day of profit!!!
Made a great profit today! AI Forex signals result 30.11.2023
29/11 another day of profit with MT4talk Artificial Intelligence AI
MT4talk AI Forex signals result 29.11.2023
AI Signals 28.11. / 29.11.2023
Profit from signal
Made a reasonable profit today!

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MT4talk EA Tester
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Hi, thanks for sharing.

I made a lot of changes and tested this Forex robot on a real STP account!

Please look at what I got.

We tested on: FXOpen Broker!

IMPORTANT! Use the below button to open an FXOpen wallet to get leverage up to 500!
WARNING! If you are not using the below button to open a new FXOpen wallet, then you may not get leverage up to 500!


If you are using this Forex robot on any other forex broker, then you may have to find your own settings, because provided settings not working with all brokers.

We tested on super-fast Forex VPS! It's highly recommended for 24/5 automated trading!


Deposit: $500
Leverage: 1:500
The test time: 5 months.
Total trades: 101
Average trades per month: 20
Total profit: $1,024,261

I tested on the real account!


Note: We made this test for you, to give you a starting point. You should always make your own test.

Have a good trend and the biggest profit!

For detailed test information, please download the files below!

@10_20_buy_mm mod1.ex4 24.12 kb, 119 downloads since 2020-03-19 
EU h1 d500 p1M @10_20_buy_mm mod1.htm 105.33 kb, 113 downloads since 2020-03-19 
EU h1 d500 p1M @10_20_buy_mm mod1.set 541 b, 111 downloads since 2020-03-19 
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- We are testing robots on FBS Forex broker!
- We are testing robots on FXOpen accounts!
- We are testing robots on LQDFX accounts!

emma_s (MT4talk Staff)
emma_s (MT4talk Staff)
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@10_20_buy_mm EA

The EA works by opening buy or sell trades based on your chosen parameters. You can set your Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, control your lot sizes, and even enable Money Management for risk-savvy trading.

How this EA works:

Download the .mq4 file.
Set up MT4 on your device.
Open the 'Navigator' panel, right-click on 'Expert Advisors,' and select 'Open Folder.'
Drop the downloaded OSIRIS mq4 file into this folder.
Restart MT4.
Go to the 'Tools' menu, choose 'Options,' and then 'Expert Advisors.' Make sure 'Allow automated trading' is enabled.

Adjustable Parameters:

This parameter allows you to add a custom comment to the trades executed by the EA, making it easier to identify them in your trading history.
Suggested Setting: Customize this field with a brief and meaningful comment that helps you differentiate the EAs trades from other trades.


Slippage refers to the maximum allowable difference between the expected price of a trade and the actual executed price. It helps prevent trades from being executed at significantly unfavorable prices in volatile market conditions.
Suggested Setting: Keep the slippage at 3 pips for most trading conditions. Adjust it higher if you encounter extreme volatility.


This parameter defines the price level at which the EA will automatically close a trade to limit potential losses.
Suggested Setting: Set a Stop Loss of 20 pips for a conservative risk management approach.


Take Profit specifies the price level at which the EA will automatically close a trade to secure profits.
Suggested Setting: Use a Take Profit of 10 pips for quick gains.


Money Management is a toggle feature that, when enabled, allows the EA to adjust the lot size of trades based on the account balance to control risk.
Suggested Setting: Enable Money Management to benefit from automatic risk control.


This parameter determines the fixed lot size used for trading, providing precise control over the size of positions.
Suggested Setting: Use a fixed lot size of 1 for consistent trading.

Risk Percentage (risk):

When Money Management is enabled, this parameter sets the percentage of the account balance that the EA is willing to risk on each trade.
Suggested Setting: Set a risk percentage of 2.0% to ensure a balanced risk-reward ratio.


This is a toggle option that allows you to choose between the old and new Money Management code.
Suggested Setting: Stick with the old Money Management code for reliability unless you have specific reasons to switch to the new code.

These suggested settings aim to provide a balanced approach to trading, combining risk management with profit potential.

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